Best Electric Smokers

Cooking has always been more than just a must do. When people are cooking just to eat, you can feel that their meals are without any special flavor, every day the same meal is on the menu. Cooking should be more than that, it should be yummy and special. That is why people are combining different kinds of food, to match the unmatchable. The most special way to prepare food, in my opinion, is smoking it. Just imagine having the best steak ever with that beautiful smokey flavor you can get only by smoking meat. What makes this so special is that you can’t get that smokey taste that easily. Or can you? All you need to prepare food like that is a smoker. Now, when it comes to smokers, my opinion is that electric smokers are the best option. Besides the absence of wood and charcoal, there are many advantages for best electric smokers.

An electric smoker should be a mandatory part of every home because smoking meat can provide you the perfect meal for every occasion.

Just like cooking is an art, picking the best electric smoker is also a challenging task. You know that electric smoker can provide you numerous possibilities because it is a product made for every meat smoker enthusiast. But, what are possibilities which suit you and your expertise best? How can you choose the best electric smoker for you?

How to choose the best electric smoker?

Today’s market is filled with different brands of electric smokers and most of them are really good quality. They can be the same quality but, the one model can be awful for you and the other perfect. To avoid buying the wrong electric smoker, think about that. What do you need from a smoker? Have you ever used an electric smoker? Do you want to smoke meat, vegetables or fish? How about, where will you put it? These are just a few questions you can ask yourself when you are choosing the right electric smoker.

Here are things you should consider when buying your electric smoker:

Where will you put it?

Electric smokers come in different shapes and sizes, with many additional features, that is why this question is my number one. Before buying a smoker, decide where will you put it. Do you have a permanent space for it, or will you put it away when you aren’t using it? Do you plan to smoke meat outside or inside? If you don’t have a permanent place for your smoker I suggest you choose best electric smoker with wheels. That will make transportation easier and you can always put it back when you are done with it. The same story is with smoking outside. If you want to smoke one day outside and the other inside, the electric smoker with wheels is your best option.

Do you have experience with electric smokers?

Electric smokers are different from traditional smokers which use charcoal or wood. If you have been using traditional smokers don’t expect the same results in the same time with electric smokers. If you want fast results I recommend to invest in some high-quality smoker because most good quality smokers need more time to smoke than traditional smokers.

If you are completely new in the smoking meat world, I suggest you buy an electric smoker with the transparent door so you can see what is happening inside. Those smokers need more time to smoke meat but that is actually an advantage for rookies. In that case, you can monitor your meat and intervene at the right moment.

What size do you need?

It depends on what are you preparing. If you have a big family, I suggest you use the big electric smoker, which has more than two racks for preparing meat. There are many models with plenty of space for preparing meat, all you need to do is to find your best size according to your size. But remember, if you want to have meat for the large number of people you will have to buy a bigger electric smoker. Electric smokers which are bigger in size tend to be more expensive and most of them aren’t acquired with wheels for easier transfer. Also, bigger electric smokers are usually heavier and take more space. Choosing the right place for your electric smoker will help you decide which smoker is the best for you. There are smokers which are tall and narrow and there are electric smokers which are low but wide. Choose the best smoker regarding the place you meant for it.

What do you plan to cook?

Most of the electric smokers are suited for all food, but if you are planning to smoke specific kind of food, like fish or only meat, look for electric smokers with special options for that. You know that you don’t need the same temperature to smoke fish or the big steak. Also, if you aren’t sure about preparing food you can always choose electric smoker that has huge temperature range. That way you can smoke fish and expect the same level of quality as smoking steak. There are smokers with plates to put vegetables in it, so there isn’t any special rule about smoking food in the best electric smoker on the market. All you need is food and a will to smoke it.


This category I have already covered with past categories, but it is good to repeat again. Electric smokers come in different sizes and you can choose anything you want. For example, the first criteria can be the size of the electric smoker and the quantity of food to smoke in it. Besides that, you can always think about the door on the electric smoker. If you are an inexperienced cook I suggest you get the door with a window on it. It doesn’t have to be the window on the whole door, (which isn’t a bad idea because you can see how the entire meal acts). You can get the best electric smoker for you with just a small window and the top of the door if you like. One thing you have to have in mind. The bigger the window, more heat will go through it. You can compare insulation of a good quality metal and for example, tempered glass. Another great feature most good quality electric smokers have is a temperature remote control. If you don’t have the time to smoke meat you can always put the specific temperature and your meat will smoke practically itself. It is a great feature, but for if you have to test the smoker and if you know the recipe very well.


A good quality electric smoker isn’t cheap, but it is one of those products you know when you buy it, it will last. You know that you aren’t going to buy a cheap furnace to warm yourself during the winter. You will buy a good quality one. The price shouldn’t be crucial information, but you shouldn’t overlook it either. See all other things you are looking for in best electric smoker for you and when you know which things are important to you, then look at the price. Sometimes, the perfect electric smoker for you has everything but one thing, and you see the reviews are perfect but the price is rather high, I think that is the risk you can take because, with that kind of electric smoker, you will be happy and satisfied.

Advantages & disadvantages of electric smokers over the traditional ones

• Clean – when you are using the electric smoker you can forget about wood and charcoal which means – no mess. For working with an electric smoker all you need is a plug and electricity. Also, most electric smokers don’t spend that much electric energy which makes them great investment when it comes to costs as well.

• You don’t have to be around it – When you are smoking with wood, you have to be around it constantly to make sure there is enough wood inside for high temperature. With electric smoker that is not a problem. There are even smokers you can control with remote controls, to make sure the meat is properly prepared.

• Safety – When you are handling traditional smokers with charcoal and wood, you are handling fire. Fire can be very dangerous and it is something you can’t play with. Electric smokers are safer because there is no fire anywhere near it.

• Too many electronics – Even though we are living in a world filled with electronics, there are some electric disadvantages. Traditional smokers are mostly made from few materials, but electric smokers have a handful of small electronic gadgets to provide the best smoking experience. Even the best electric smoker can break, but you don’t have to worry, those things happen rarely and most manufacturers provide spare parts. Also, always buy an electric smoker with a warranty. That is some sort of a proof that the product is well made. The longer the warranty, better the product. It works on every other product not just on an electric smoker.


1) Masterbuilt 20070311 40-Inch Black Electric Digital Smoker

Masterbuild 20073011 is my number 1 pick for the best electric smoker because it really has everything. It is a great quality electric smoker with even more add-ons I have mentioned in the middle of my article. What makes this electric smoker so good is that is easy to handle for a rookie and interesting enough for a more experienced people. I think that with this smoker you can be a professional cook in no time. So, what makes it the best electric smoker? Let’s start from the outside. It has great light gray color with sleek design. If you want to move this electric smoker you can do it without effort because it has a handle and a back wheel for easier transportation.

The doors are great quality, durable and thick. In the middle of the door is a window for you to see inside. If it gets dark you can switch the LED light to see how is the food preparing. Inside in 975 sq. inches it has 4 chrome covered racks which can hold about 30 lbs of meat. It has huge temperature range so you can smoke everything, from vegetables to ribs. It’s warming components is 1200 watt, which is really good.

If you don’t think this is enough, this electric smoker has a remote control option for everything. You can control time and temperature from the distance of 100 feet.

• LED light to see inside
• A handle and back wheel for easier transportation
• It can fit 30lbs of meat inside
• 4 chrome covered racks
• Entire cooking process is remote controlled

• expensive

2) Masterbuilt 20070910 30-Inch Black Electric Digital Smoker

As you can see, Masterbuild is a famous brand in the smoking world and they have every right for that. Their story started about 40 years ago and they are still standing strong. This Materbuilt 20070910 electric smoker is just a few details under its „relative“ Masterbuild 20073011. They have much in common and their quality and thickness can prove that. It looks like a safe, due to its well-assembled body. This one, the Masterbuild 20070910 is for more experienced persons, because, it doesn’t have a window on it. Since its body is so well made, stongmanufacturers decided to remove the window and focus on strong body. Due to that, it is hard to tell how the meat is preparing without constantly opening the doors, which makest this electric smoker the best electric smoker for experienced owners.

Don’t get me wrong, this electric smoker is a great piece for smoking almost everything and you can provide the proper temperature for all, from vegetables to juicy stakes. You can heat the smoker from 100° to 275° F. It also comes with 4 adjustable racks and inside space has about 730 sq. inches for smoking. This smoker has one additional feature. That is removable water dish where you can add another spice to your meat. All you need to do is to add your favorite spice and start smoking.

• Very thick body
• Computerized thermostat
• Enough space for large amount of meat
• 4 adjustable racks

• No window on the doors
• Expensive

3) Smoke Hollow 30162e

Smoke Hollow is another great quality electric smoker. It might be the best electric smoker for you, so read my short review. This smoker is on my third place because this particular electric smoker is meant for the outside. It may look simple on the outside, but trust me, there is more than that in this smoker. Since it is made for the outside, you can imagine it is a thick and durable with very stable feet.

It is very well insulated, so when you grab in on the outside and the smoking is in process you won’t feel the heat. That is a very important feature which shows us this electric smoker has minimal heat loss. Since the insulation is so good, it is important to have a good heat control. You can choose between 3 temperature settings. One downside of this great outdoor electric smoker is that doesn’t have a window so you can’t check the food without opening the door. Also, it doesn’t have wheels, which is understandable since it is for outdoors, but it does have handles for easier transportation.

• It can be used outdoors
• Thick and durable body
• Very well insulated
• Handles for easier transport

• No windows on the doors
• No wheels

4) Old smokey electric smoker

You can see on the Old Smokey’s design that its name suits it great. It reminds of the old, traditional smokers. It is different than the rest of electric smokers on this list of 5 best electric smokers. It has very simple design and due to that, it doesn’t have many special features. I think that this is a great model for rookies in the smoking world because there aren’t too many features. Sometimes, too many features can make more harm than well.

This Old Smokey has completely different design than the rest od the electric smokers. You don’t open in on the side, you open it at the top of the electric smoker. On the top, you have one lid that can be sealed so smoke can’t come out. That means that all that juice which can evaporate stays on the lit and slowly drip right on the meat again. Besides this tasty feature, this lid provides no temperature loss which makes the smoking time shorter.

It doesn’t have wheels, but you can grab it by the handles at the upper part of the electric smoker and carry it somewhere else. There are few people who said that this smoker steams more than it smokes and the reason for that is the lid. But, people have found a solution for that, they drilled few very small holes in the lid for the airflow. They got crispier and smokier flavor of their meat, which is what they wanted in the first place.

• Inexpensive
• Handles to carry it
• Lid can be sealed

• No wheels
• Not so great design
• The lid makes meat feel steamy, not smokey

5) Char-Broil Vertical Electric Smoker

Char-Boil Vertical Electric Smoker is a good quality electric smoker with smaller price than the rest of the best electric smokers in my top 5. It is a well done electric smoker with thick walls and doors that match. It is for more experienced people because it doesn’t have the hole on the doors to see through. It is very well insulated which makes the temperature loss minimal.

Inside is filled with 3 adjustable crome-plated racks and the entire inside space is about 505 sq inches which isn’t small at all. You can cook everything, from vegetables to fish, chicken, and beef. This electric smoker has 4 stable feet, without wheels which means you have to carry it around if you want to change its place. But, that shouldn’t be a problem because it has 2 handles for easier handling.

There is one disadvantage of this electric smoker. It requires of you to overheat the smoker, then back it down to the desired temperature. That is one of the reasons it is better for experienced cooks.

• Price
• Easy assembly
• Enough room for large amount of meat
• Handles for easier transportation

• Preheating
• No wheels