Big electric smoker is among most diverse products you may buy. Partly due to number of the fuels and energy sources that they use and because the smoking will mean anything from the traditional barbecue cooked in 225° F, cold smoking for the things like cheese, and jerky that which are cooked under the temperature of 60° F. The big electric smoker will do this and ever though this may be the strength, it also can be its weakness. The good, and normally very expensive, big electric smoker lets you select the temperature and time when you load it up and turn it on. The simplicity of such type of the equipment just like you are for using the microwave, only better.

Old Smokey Smoker

Old Smokey big electric smoker is the device with the heating element and the drip pan, as well as some racks for all that food to place on. The simplicity of design is actually what makes this particular big electric smoker. The heating element in the unit will generate enough heat to do low temperature of grilling and roasting. Also, it is made to smoke in low and slow temperatures, which is great. You will load the wood chips on the heated plate that will create the smoke as well as loads food on racks of this big electric smoker. The electric design makes the barbecue simple in the unit and easy to use.

It has 1250 Watt (or 120 volts) of the electric heating element and variable heat control of 400° F. It comes in top load design with large stock pot and fireproof/heat resistant handles. The Old Smokey is making big electric smoker since 1930’s and it is one of the most famous brands in and around the Texas since the earliest days. The electric version is very heavily tested unit as well as has proven very durable and simple to use. Simple design makes this easy to use as well as allows you to produce good barbecue without lots of fuel and effort. It is one of least costly big electric smokers in the market. The unit has 1250 watt heat element at its base for best smoking. Above the element is the smoke plate for the wood chips that will produce smoke. Over that is the drip pan. It is not the vertical water big electric smoker so there’s no need for the water pan. Drip pan makes the cleanup simple which is its advantage. Above the drip pan are 2 cooking grates that can hold a lot of food (or cooking grates are over 15 inches in the diameter). The lid fits very tight on top, as well as holds in the heat and smoke.


  • Excellent heat control
  • Easy to use
  • Great price


  • Top load design could be better

Big Chief Front Smoker

For smoking, the large cuts of the great barbecue buy the different large electric smoker. For over 55 years Big Chief, and little brother, Little Chief, have designed to smoke all things that do not traditionally fall into the strict category of the barbecue. To smoke fish, sausage, jerky, cheese, this is a perfect large electric smoker. You can’t adjust lower cooking temperatures, but the smoke making is decent. It is good for preserving the foods as well as adding the smoke flavor to the things that you may not cook, and may finish off someplace.

The large electric smoker comes with single 450 watts of the heating element and 576 square inches of the smoking rack space with 50 pounds of food capacity. It has aluminum construction and made in the United States by the Smokehouse LLC. At 1968, the company dedicated to fish and fishing produced the cheap and light large electric smoker, which you can take to the woods with you. Most people found these large electric smokers were ideal for making jerky as they can dry meats whereas adding the good dose of the smoke. Now it is sold by the Smokehouse Products, Little and Big Chief smokers are popular among people because they are inexpensive, lightweight, simple to use and well made. Originating at Pacific Northwest, formerly called Luhr Jensen Smokers, they were made for smoking in more classic, and European understanding of the method, smoking as the way of the food preservation. The smokers were not and still aren’t made for the traditional Southern barbecue. Also, you may use this to add the smoke flavor to the larger cuts of the meat, and everything from the steaks to the brisket, however, you really cannot use this for the full cooking. How will someone smoke the rack of ribs at the Big Chief Smoker, you ask? Normal. You can prepare ribs as normal. Preheat smoker and add the wood chips to the chip drawer. Place the ribs in smoker and smoke for over 20 – 30 minutes. Then remove from the large electric smoker so you can wrap it in the foil for retaining temperature and can finish everything in the oven. If you aren’t a fan of that, you can buy some other smoker. Suppose you want to smoke cheese and put smoke flavor in the steaks, you may want to take close look at these then ask for the large electric smoker. This is the best smoker because it has few unique features. Box of the smoker is a single layer of the sheet aluminum that means that 450 watts of the electric heating element cannot keep up the heat till you’re smoking on a warm day.  So, the final word is for making the good smoked brisket, it is largely the waste of your money. However, for smoking a lot of other things, which don’t fall in such category of the traditional barbecue, it is a perfect smoker for you and your family.


  • Excellent for smoking cheese, fish, and making jerky
  • Lightweight and inexpensive


  • Not recommended for smoking big cuts of the meat
  • No temperature control
Big and Large Electric Smoker