Bradley 6 rack digital smoker generally includes many of the same features as the Bradley Original Smoker all along with benefits of the technology. Digital Smoker took two individually controlled elements and gave the control centers a few important upgrades. With the model, you may set the precise oven temperatures, amount and time of the smoke for the consistent results every time you smoke. The automatic thermostat allows you to set the oven to desired temperature and Bradley 6 rack digital smoker can automatically adjust the heat to maintain wanted temperature. Auto-off feature is added to make the smoking experience very convenient. Just by turning off Bradley 6 rack digital smoker and wood burner when oven and the smoke timer runs out. These are some highlighted features as but there are much more from Bradley 6 rack digital smoker. It is ideal for entertaining and creating the gourmet foods in your sweet home where you can enjoy all those flavors that smoking brings. Bradley 6 rack digital smoker drives simple and enjoyable way of preparing food by smoking or barbecuing in your back yard. Bradley 6 rack digital smoker is also available as a 4 Rack system. This smoker can smoke without the fire system and operates over 8 hours and you can control smoke & temperature over 280°F. It is simple to read display and same good quality by Bradley is here, in the digital Bradley 6 rack digital smoker. Bradley 6 rack digital smoker has one ability what sets it apart from others and that is to smoke, cold smoke and roast meat to the perfection.

The completely digital control panel also gives you the freedom to set amount of the smoke and cooking temperature over 280°F as well as cooking time as you want. The unique smoke without the fire system functions for over 8 hours without refueling. Bradley 6 rack digital smoker is black with the stainless steel door. Bradley 6 rack digital smoker it is the essential part of the summer backyard cooking tools. Suppose you have never had the smoker, you’re seriously missing on lots of flavorful and mouthwatering meats every summer long (even during some other seasons). Like you can see from the Bradley 6Rack Digital smoker, lots of people love how well this smoker smokes all types of food and how simple it is to use it. It is the prime example of the Bradley 6 rack digital smoker that will turn the summer evenings for a family get together over a delicious meal.

The large capacity of Bradley 6 rack digital smoker makes the smoking meat and larger items like turkey extremely easy. If you prepare meat for the large gathering, you will not need to worry about not having sufficient space to prepare food for the hungry crowd. The Bradley 6 rack digital smoker has some different functions when opposed to many other smokers you can find. The Bradley 6 rack digital smoker also has the large enough capacity that will hold all 6 racks. You can fill them with various meats, something for everybody. Racks measure 11 by 13 inches each, as well as smoke itself is slightly larger than the small fridge with 3,432 of cubic inch volume. You may easily smoke, roast as well as barbecue the food. This is the self-contained as well as simple to use and burning the Bradley flavor bisquettes for 20 minutes at the temperature that is consistent with the smoke generator. After that, it can automatically advance this off of the burner.

With the reasonable & consistent temperature, the smoker completely eliminates the need for the high-temperature gasses, acids, and resins that will distort flavor and appearance of the smoked foods. With the clean process for cooking food, you will not experience any aftertaste, so all you & your guests can taste is natural flavors of wonderful food that you smoked.

Bradley Original Smoker that gives you 2 smoking methods – cold and hot. With hot smoking, the temperatures usually will range from 180 – 250° F that makes it ideal for cooking fish and meats. Smoking time can vary depending on what you’re making or what you would like to accomplish. With the cold smoking, it’s the longer process, which is combined with the salt-curing foods like bacon, ham as well as some methods for smoking fish. The digital smoker works well as the slow roasting oven and slower cooker. The electric digital smoker has the polished steel interior which is made of the powder epoxy steel. It helps cooker to hold heavy duty use. Also, there’s the traditional hot plate, which holds the low heating element, and the elaborate feeding for bisquettes, which are the cube shaped in place of sawdust.

The bisquettes are key to clean the smoke as they don’t burn down to the ash, and need a little energy and is very easily to put out in an integrated water bath. Smoker has the secondary heating element that controls the temperature in the smokehouse. Cooker includes the 500watt of cooking element, 125watt of smoking element, temperature max of over 280°F, drip bowl, the rectangular tray as well as recipe booklet.

This weighs around 71 pounds as well as comes with 12 months of manufacturer’s warranty. This large-sized of smoker carries with this many benefits and including different cook times & great construction.  Like you may see from the Bradley 6Rack Digital Smoker, people are pleased with the smoker cooker. They like how well the cooker works for smoking the food evenly & wonderfully.


  • Even smoking throughout meat
  • Very simple to set up
  • Easy for beginners to use & have good results
  • Easy and set it & forget technology
  • Simple temperature control
  • Large capacity allows you to smoke a lot of meats once


  • Temperature swing that might not be very desirable
  • Digital thermostat will read high because of placement about heating element
  • Heating element underpowered for six rack unit
Bradley 6 Rack Digital Smoker