The Bradley Technologies generally specializes in the meat and food smoking products. Today  I will talk about their product, the Bradley digital 4 rack smoker, which uses the compressed sawdust discs named briquettes to generate the smoke. Bradley is a company that gives everything. They give smoking accessories, rubs, cures, sauce, seasonings, videos, books, as well as apparel. Bradley digital 4 rack smoker is the front loading smoker with the patented “smoke generator” at a side. Smoke generator burns the proprietary wood “briquettes,” and puck like disks for compressed sawdust, as well as blows, smoke in the cabinet that has the electric cooking element. Just like pellets, the bisquettes are very efficient energy sources as well as generate the flavorful smoke. They’re made from apple, hickory, alder, mesquite, cherry, pecan, and house blend.

Digital controller also has the smoke generator functions at its left and the oven temp functions at right. Although, you have to let smoke heating element to warm up for over 20 minutes before pressing “Wood” button to start advancing bisquettes on the burner. The oven temps are also set like on the kitchen range. The independent timers are been integrated for smoke and oven functions. Bradley has the 500watt cooking element and 125watt smoking element. The exterior of the cabinet is over 31″ high x 15″ deep x 24″ wide (and other 13″ for smoke generator), as well as interior, is over 15.25″ wide x 11.5″ deep x 25.5″ high. This weighs over 57 pounds including smoke generator. With Bradley digital 4 rack smoker comes two things, the cookbook, and user guide. You can buy bigger model than this one, with 6 racks if you think that this one is too small. The exterior is made from steel with the epoxy powder coating & interior is made from stainless steel.

Bradley has won many awards and has devoted following and here is a rave: “It cooks wood to the charcoal and not ash. While wood gets cooked to the charcoal smoke gets released but tars & resins stay in wood. While you cook to the ash the tars & resins are been released. It is what the traditionally gave foods bitter taste. With Bradley, I just get the clean and smoked flavor. This is better and Bradley digital 4 rack smoker heats to over 300°F thus we cook everything on it.” Most of the smoke flavor generally comes from the gasses released from the wood while subjected to the high heat. What is left behind is the charcoal: fuel that burns very clean. Burnt bisquettes fall in a drip pan, so you will not use drippings in the sauce, which is a good thing, right? In order to collect the drips, you have to put the pan on a bottom shelf that reduces the cooking space. Additionally, smoke generator and column of the bisquettes needs to be protected from the rain and snow. You need to know that Bradley smoke generator is purchased separately from the cabinet. Suppose you wish to make the cooking process simple, safe as well as pleasurable then I may guarantee you the Bradley digital 4 rack smoker is for you. Although I preferred if the Bradley digital 4 rack smoker as it is made from stainless steel material, still the silver color looks better, gives it the sleek design. Bradley really loves the black colored Bradley digital 4 rack smoker, and I kind of get tired of looking the black smokers around in the homes of friends and relatives. One of the advantages of Bradley products is the fact that the Bradley has active user forum & staff are out there to help you. I think that is really a big plus for them.

I have some useful tips and tricks for all you who are new in the world of smoking food, especially if you are new to the Bradley digital 4 rack smoker. You can place the digital smoker close to electricity supply for the easy use. You can learn and understand all the components, assemblage and be functioning easily.  You should also know all features of the smoker for the appropriate use. The long time marinating for the meat can give you best taste all along with the smoked flavor. Don’t use wood chunks since it will adversely affect the food preparation process. Use the quality wood chips, however, best will be to use the Bradley bisquette accessible in the different flavors.


Never waste time with the charcoal and wood chips or get a hold on Bradley digital 4 rack smoker. The digital electric smoker is about the flavor that you desire to insert in your food. You can give this one try and trust me, you won’t fail in getting superior results in a form of the mouthwatering food. You may control smoked cooking time and temperature very precisely. This offers feasible as well as tireless monitoring of the entire cooking process. It is very simple to clean and remove drip pan & Bradley digital 4 rack smoker. You can put it in the dishwasher. With the clean wet rag wipe the interior when it is cold, don’t get burnt. The interior is made from the stainless steel so no smoke residue will stick to walls.


  • The electric Bradley 4 rack digital smoker is simple to use, to clean or maintain.
  • The fully insulated interior also keeps heat & smoke consistently for very long.
  • You now can have trouble-free monitoring for smoked cooking.
  • Wood chips and bisquette are automatically added on the burner after each 20 minutes.
  • Digital controls also give you the authority on the temperature, timer & smoke setting.
  • It retains heat means the food won’t get overcooked and undercooked but this may come out cooked rightly.


  • Temperature deviation is been assumed to be the downside of Bradley 4 rack digital smoker.
  • It is true as it happens and difficult to maintain the constant temperature of over 200 °F in the cold weather.
  • it’s common thing that happens with Bradley 4 rack digital smoker
Bradley Digital 4 Rack Smoker Review