Bradley smoker allows you to prepare the restaurant grade food at your home. What makes Bradley smoker so interesting is the fact that it runs on gas or electricity and one can smoke the food with the use of the variety of the wood bisquettes. Because of the design of  Bradley smoker, there’s little that you need to do when the food undergoes the smoking process, or setting up as well as maintaining Bradley smoker takes less time and effort than what is required while using the traditional charcoal Bradley smoker. One can smoke the food in the Bradley with both hot and cold smoke, what do you prefer. The Bradley smoker is good for cooking the whole chickens and smoking cheese as well as salmon or any other food. Original Bradley electric smokers have the thermometer built in the center of the door for monitoring the temperature and this has the system that loads on the wood bisquettes when they are required.

Bradley smoker is about the size of the small fridge. Just imagine how many meals you can smoke in this smoker! Most wood bisquettes generally come in the varieties like hickory, alder, mesquite as well as Jim Beam bourbon to name some of them. Each of wood bisquette varieties allows you to prepare the different dishes, which is great for training skills. Also, a recipe booklet comes with every Bradley smoker so if you are a rookie you may start experimenting the moment you get your own Bradley smoker. While it comes to slow cooking the Bradley is the ideal piece of the hardware since you can leave this cooking for the long time frame unattended. Just set up any of the Bradley smokers and then you can go off spend your time doing whatever you want while the smoker does its job.  By the time you return the food will be cooked to the perfection. Suppose you have plenty food to smoke for a party and you need an electric smoker. The  Bradley electric smokers are enough for that. Also, suppose you are going camping with our family, you can use the propane Bradley smokers as well.

The Bradley have many digital Bradley smokers the ones with the 6 rack model allows you to smoke more food in once. The 6 rack Bradley smokers Also, it will help you cook more food than usual and with this, you see the value of the wood bisquettes in the smoking world. Suppose you have used many other electric smokers in past and you aren’t sure what to buy, Bradley electric smokers are a great choice.

Original Bradley Electric Smoker

It produces the professional-quality of smoked and slow-roasted meats, fish, cheese, or vegetables at your home. Good for the beef brisket, ribs or pork shoulders, the versatile Bradley smokers and barbecue gives you an ability to smoke the foods with the cold and hot smoking. It is actually an ideal device for the slow and low-temperature roasting. The Bradley smokers feature the durable steel exterior and with tough powder epoxy touch and polished steel interior that will give you many years of the top smoking performance. With 15″Wx11.5″ Dx 9″ T smoking area gives you plenty of smoking room of 572square inches of the cooking space above four specially made racks that will not tip while pulling out.

The Bradley smokers feature 500watt of cooking element as well as 125watt of the smoking element that actually delivers the maximum cooking temperature 250°. Like all the Bradley smokers, the unit burns simple-to-use Bisquettes (sold separately) that burn very cleanly without any flame as well as self-load in the burner unit.


  • Simple front loading design
  • The insulated smoking cabinet is used any time of a year
  • Simple-to-use controls for the consistent and controlled cooking & smoking.
  • Also, comes with the recipe book & built-in thermometer.
  • The exterior dimensions of 31″Hx24″ W x14″ D.
  • The Bradley smokers box dimensions of 25.5″Hx15″ Wx11.5″ D
  • The extra large feet for the stability.


  • Price
  • Style
  • Hot and Cold smoking
  • Needs the side handles move around
  • Needs the wheels or castors to roll

Bottom Line

Of “Lazy-Q” Bradley smoker appliance it is one of best and the refrigerator style of Bradley smokers. It is controlled thermostatically and will both hot and cold smoke. You get the wide variety of the smoking abilities from the unit. The smoke is made by burning the wood disks, which are added to a unit by the controlled mechanism. You will get very little smoke and you do not need to take care of the fire, which is a great thing. Actually, when it is set you may leave it until the food is ready to eat.

This Bradley electric smoker is the refrigerator shaped of the smoking appliance and this is also electrically powered, and thermostatically controlled as well as uses the hardwood “bisquettes” that will produce more smoke. You may load the unit up at whatever you would like to smoke, and load bisquette dispenser, and turn this on and 8 hours later you will have the barbecue, and smoked fish, and practically anything. Whereas this may not sound like the authentic barbecue, the unit is made to get you as close you may without even having to tend the fire and set vents. It is a perfect appliance for somebody who does not have any time, patience and space for doing it in an old fashioned way. Besides making the barbecue, you may use the Bradley electric smokers for cold smoke fish, such as smoked salmon. You also can use this as the food dryer that will make good jerky and dried fruit. You will have to clean this out well, particularly after fish. You don’t want to mix the smell of fish with other smells.  But don’t worry, stainless steel interior will make that very easy.


  • Totally self-contained unit
  • Smokes (hot/cold), roasts as well as dries
  • Versatile cooking appliance


  • Uses the Bradley flavor bisquettes that you need to buy
Bradley smoker