The Bradley smokers original smoker is made of the high quality of stainless steel and it is a very big step up from tier of the starter electric smokers. The smoker also allows for the full digital temperature control as well as has the separate burners for the heating any unit as well as heating wood biscuits.  Biscuits are totally fed to the smoker each 20 minutes and allowing for the constant temperature, and even smoke. The front loading 4 adjustable racks give accessibility to 520sq inches of the cooking capacity. The fully insulated interior & stainless exterior also insulate unit from the external conditions. There’re a lot of reviews that rave about the product itself as well as ease of use, and to be fair, also there are complaints of the microswitch which, at times, needs replacement ( it is a part of bisquette distributor) and difficulties with the heating element. The Bradley smokers original smoker technical support does appear to be very responsive to claims and helpful so you can fix everything by yourself.

Bradley smokers original smoker has the maximum temperature as high as of 250°F. You can use it as the slow cooker or as the slow roasting oven which is great, I love the diversity. Its stainless steel has very good insulation so you won’t lose temperature that much. It is not the base level smoker as well as price tag generally reflects that. We have seen them low as over $299 thus when you have decided on the Bradley smokers original smoker product, you can shop to find the best deal online. The best way to find the deal for you is to read reviews online. The smoker has got 2 separate heating elements to get temperature control & firing of the smoke bisquettes. As it uses bisquettes (the pressed wood pellets), you will have to factor that in the cost of operating smoker. For the good 8 hour smoke, Bradley can use 24bisquettes. The 48 pack costs over $16.50.

The Adjustable heat

Bradley smokers original smoker features the separate generator which gives cool controlled smoke up to 8 hours as well as reaches to the temperature threshold of over 350 °F. The temperature is much higher than any other electric models. At actual cooking process, heat can get lost to the outside weather state. It is something that is expected with many models, electric and propane, however, it must be taken into account. As the electric smoker attains the higher temperatures, this does have an ability to put the good solid bark at the brisket. On the other side, cool and low-temperature smoke will cure the delicate fish that makes this very versatile than any other models.

Get Stable smoke

Hickory bisquettes & feeder provide the gentle even smoke. The downside to bisquettes is added expense & residual ash behind. It is the tradeoff of not dealing with the pan of the wood chips, which should be checked, stirred & refilled manually throughout the cooking process.

Hot and cold smoke? You choose!

Suppose the smoking repertoire is totally varied and you want to try out new things, definitely you have to get the smoker that is as versatile. Or you will end up with the collection of the smokers, grills as well as steamers cluttering patio. I recommend determining what kind of the proteins (fruits & nuts) you may honestly see smoking, then narrow down features that you want from this point. Do research of hot smoke & cold smoke as well as make sure you have the firm grasp on two concepts.

Bigger size & weight

Bradley smokers original smoker isn’t touted as the convenient and portable model for a lot of reasons. One, this weighs over 50pounds, doesn’t have any wheels & does not have any handles. With generator attached to the exterior, the shape & size are meant to be placed & covered. Powder coated steel exterior also allows for simple cleanup & smoker assembly itself can weather elements nicely. Digital portion should get covered & protected. The covers are accessible for the additional charge. Bradley smokers original smoker is the fully featured smoker and the smoker delivers & does this all very well. It will hot and cold smoke, give the ability for the slow and low-temperature roasting. Also, you can smoke the favorite foods over 8 unsupervised hours. This does with the automatic smoke generator, which is unique just to Bradley smokers original smoker. Just load feeder with the bisquettes and the automatic smoker can start loading the bisquettes, one over each 20 minutes, then this can add a new one as well as extinguish old one just by pushing this in the pot of water. This can continue to cook and smoke providing you keep feeder loaded. The process works without the flaw because of quality engineering from folks Bradley smokers original smoker company.

The quality smoker also has fully insulated exterior, which is powder coated as well as not painted. It means it won’t rust and fade and color won’t peel off giving years of the service. The interior of insulated body is of aluminum that makes this immune to the oxidation that causes rust & corrosion. This comes with 4 nickel plated cooking that are spacious 11inches by 15inches that may never rust as well as being backed by the lifetime guarantee. Bradley Smoker has over 572square inches of the cooking area, which makes a room to smoke the large quantities of the food. This has the cooking range of over 140° F  maximum of 320° F. Temperatures are been controlled by the infinite head switch that allows you maintain desired cooking temperature, which is monitored by built in the temperature gauge. Bradley Smoker makes use of bisquettes that also come all favorite woods & flavors like the hickory, mesquite as well as apple wood. It provides the ability to have the large range of the smoke flavors.


  • Stylish
  • Good cooking
  • Fast cooking


  • Weight
  • No handle
  • Hard to transport
Bradley Smokers Original Smoker