As of end 2016 has come there are many new options in the market when it comes to smoking food and one of them is Brinkmann gourmet electric smoker. The little unit has been considered by a lot of people, and I can say that Brinkmann gourmet electric smoker is very popular. Lots of people may tell you to buy the cheap smoker, but I suggest that you always look for quality  – like Brinkmann gourmet electric smoker. On the other side, the Brinkmann gourmet electric smoker is very good for occasionally smoked dinner if you like to smoke chicken and rack of ribs at some time. Brinkmann gourmet electric smoker is great quality smoker everyone will love. Here I will introduce you at Brinkmann Gourmet Smoker & provide some examples of how simple it is for use. At an end of article, I will provide you with tips at where you can buy one at the good rate of Brinkmann gourmet electric smoker.

It is made in China by Brinkmann Corporation. This smoker has 2 of 15.5inch of chrome plated cooking grates and 375square inches of the total smoking area and comes with top grate level mounted temperature gauge. It is painted in steel construction with the porcelain coated water pan and vinyl cover included. The vertical water Brinkmann gourmet electric smoker also is the column with the fire in the bottom, and food on top as well as a pan of the water in middle. Water will add the moisture, but, very importantly, this regulates temperature. So, think about this way, as smoking barbecue can be done within some dozen degrees of boiling temperature of the water, this can take very long time for some gallons of the water to boil. Why? Because liquid water cannot actually be much hotter than over 212 ° F and water pan holds the steady temperature. It is how the water Brinkmann gourmet electric smoker holds the consistent temperature. That is the good thing because Brinkmann Gourmet does not have vents to adjust for you. Brinkmann Gourmet is very widely available as well as is one of most famous Brinkmann electric smoker in the market. The reason for that is because this is one of least costly Brinkmann electric smoker that you may buy. The Brinkmann electric smoker is very simple to use and you will enjoy working with this device. The bad thing is that you can’t adjust vents, so you just need to let Brinkmann electric smoker go and hope for the good temperature. In fact, best bet with the Brinkmann electric smoker is to let this do the job. It is not the finely refined smoker; however, it is the competent one.

The biggest problem of the smoker comes after it is running for many hours, so you may want to avoid this with the chicken or ribs. If you’re smoking for over 6 hours you will have the ash problem because vents in the smoker are at a bottom of fire pan. Since charcoal burns, the ash blocks vents and it is putting out the fire. Solution to this problem is lifting pan and removing the ash. It can be a  dangerous solution, but you can make modifications. If you want the cheap smoker, then it is the one you can consider. If you love to BBQ, you can say that you are the BBQ enthusiast,  you have probably used the wood chips in past to flavor fish and meat on the BBQ grill, or used the marinades together with the wood chips that will produce different as well as amazing tastes by using the basic kinds of the meat and fish. Now, that is something you must try.

If you have already done that, then you have developed the taste for the smoked food so why not extend your smoking skills just by buying the dedicated grill to compliment the conventional BBQ grill? Although you may agree that you have got space for the additional grill you might not be very happy about additional costs of buying this. (Maybe you are already planning as well as budgeting to replace the current BBQ grill). However, do not worry. It is possible to add the inexpensive smoker to the garden cooking equipment and without any financial pain. Brinkmann gourmet electric smoker is at present available on the sale on the web at the cost over $50 to $100 (that depends on the model that you have chosen). You may think that the grill at this sort of is not going to be good. Brinkmann Smoker Grill isn’t just widely considered good value for the money (by many different customers), however, it can allow you to produce the wide range of the different barbecue grills that can wow you with the authentic smokehouse flavor.

The main idea behind the smoker grill is that the food is been cooked by the water (steam) as well as smoke, by heat from charcoal (and gas burner). Fantastic flavor of food produced on the smoker can be obtained by making use of different kinds of the wood chips and chunks mixed at with and replacing charcoal the Brinkmann gourmet electric smoker. Due to the fact how the smoker grill works, the cooking is been carried out at the temperature around the boiling point of the water (over 212° F) that is a lower temperature than at the conventional BBQ grill. The constant temperature also makes the cooking time very predictable, however, it is very important to remember on hot and cold days surrounding temperature of air can lower and raise cooking temperature of the smoker that is out in open. The variations in the temperature have to be seen as they will have the significant effect on cooking times with Brinkmann gourmet electric smoker.


  • Good sized
  • The good starter Brinkmann gourmet electric smoker
  • Inexpensive & simple Brinkmann gourmet electric smoker


  • Limited construction quality
  • Leaks smoke
  • No vents and ability to adjust the temperatures


Brinkmann Gourmet Smoker Grill Review