There wouldn’t be great in case there was the easy way of getting the great smoked flavor and without all preparation, know-how & constant attention? You can get great tenderness & flavor of the smoking meat without any hassle. The digital Char broil a big easy smoker is also an ideal appliance for outdoor smoking, the grilling, and the cooking enthusiast. With over 725sq inches of the internal cooking space and spread over 4 adjustable of smoking racks, the digital Char broil big easy smoker gives the capacity to cook the wide range of the meats, no matter whether cooking for the small or the large group. With large capacity smoke, you will get four to seven hours of the smoke before needing to refill it. All you need to do is to sit back as well as wait for the delicious meal to get ready. You can get great meat flavor, and without all hassle with I can introduce you to the smoker with my char broil electric smoker reviews.

Take guess work out from smoking

Char broil the big easy by Char-Broil lets the user take great work totally out of the smoking using the washable as well as removable integrated probe. Just insert the probe into your meat and smoker may alert you about when meat is cooked to the pre-determined internal temperature. Result – the meat will be cooked perfect, every time. when the food is done the cooking, the Char broil big easy smoker will warm feature can keep the food warm inside smoker till it gets removed & ready to get served. That is why I have decided to write this char broil electric smoker reviews, to show you what makes Char-Broil great.

Char-Broil Electric Smoker With the SmartChef Technology

Suppose you have ever spent any day smoking ribs and with the Char broil big easy smoker, you will know how much hard it is to keep meat cooking. The gas smokers are actually somewhat simple to control, however still need constant attention to maintain low as well as slow cooking method, which produces the smoky, and falls off – bone ribs. So, with Char broil the big easy Smoker with the SmartChef Technology, all you need to do is to program smoker from the Android or iOS device (the one you have), and hit the button. After that, just sit back with your friends till app tells you that the food is ready. You will pay a little more for the smoker than you can for the non-connected model, as well as little than you may for the basic Char broil big easy smoker model. However, if you want the excellent smoked food and without any hassle that comes of the traditional smoker, then it is totally worth to read my char broil electric smoker reviews and get Char-Broil smoker.

Design & Features

Char broil the big easy smoker is an attractive insulated smoker with the 2 toned black & silver steel housing as well as glass front door. This measures over 32.5 – 18.1 – 16.5 inches as well as features the spacious 725sq inch of the cooking cabin with the temperature range of over 100 to 275 degrees as well as 4 removable racks. The heavy duty latch also secures door as well as forms the tight seal when cooking. At a bottom of cabin is the removable drip tray, which is a bit angled down to left that makes this easier for the fat as well as other drippings to collect at water pan below. Thus, filling water pan is very optional; however, it is a good idea in case you want to keep the certain meats moist.


  • Simple smokes types of the food
  • Smoked the meats stay moist
  • Lots of room in cooking cabin
  • Insulated and double-wall construction
  • The advanced control panel and simple read and blue LED display
  • Removable thermometer
  • Glass door & stainless steel and dual-tone finish
  • Large and stainless steel locking for the smoke-tight seal


  • Lacks the app controlled
  • Start button
  • No timer at manual mode
  • Can use more recipes

The Char broil the big easy smokers are not at all new, however, one that will connect to the Internet thus you may control this with the smartphone and tablet and feed this recipe from the cloud? That is different. We will see many more of such sort of thing at next couple of the years all thanks to the companies like Dado, Portland, Oregon outfit that actually makes brains behind Char broil big easy smoker. Instead of venturing alone outside the world of the briquettes and the smoke, the companies like Char-Broil now are writing char broil electric smoker reviews in which they are showing us tricks, secrets and how to connect appliance to any smartphone through the Internet. It is very simple to use. In that way, they will stay focused on doing what they will do best —at this case making it affordable, and quality BBQ grills as well as smokers. In this way, all the Charbroil needs to do is to drop tiny Char broil big easy smoker in something it makes, bam: smart smoker. However, do we need the smart smoker? Is a sort of person that loves to smoke the meats year round, with very little hassle, kind of man who needs smartphone of controlling what is the char broil electric smoker? If it is, then read char broil electric smoker review because this model has that.

Beauty of electric smoker

Tending BBQ pit, when rewarding the art some can master, and is time suck of the epic proportions, as well as one left for the lazy summer afternoons and where the drinking beer is the important thing that you will do every day. Not just that, but anybody residing above Mason-Dixon will tell you cold weather is pit master’s enemy (and right there with the green wood) and making the brisket fest unlikely proposition in the winter with Char broil the big easy.

Char Broil Electric Smoker Reviews