Delicious scent and flavor of the smoked meat bring back the memories of the family gatherings and barbecues with your friends. With the simple design and a large smoking chamber, the Char Broil vertical charcoal smoker by Char-Broil is a perfect choice for all lovers of the smoked food – on a plus side, the compact design fits very nicely on many patios and decks. No matter whether you are already the backyard barbecue master or you are a rookie trying your first home-smoking, the Char Broil vertical charcoal smoker will give outdoor chef total control over smoked meals with the fire access doors, the air dampers and the location for the flavored wood chips. This makes the tough cuts of the meat and the seafood tender as well as tasty. Give this one try. It is a great time and new alternative of standard grilling. With 3 adjustable chrome-plated grates, large smoking chamber gives 365sq. in the total cooking surface – enough space that will cook very Smokey meals for the whole family! Porcelain charcoal pan, as well as the water pan, is what it makes this “smoker” – charcoal doesn’t directly cook food, like in the standard grill; rather, in the heated separate chamber, the fuel produces heat, the smoke, and the flavor. You can look at my Char Broil vertical charcoal smoker review and get more information on this smoker. This smoke rises up in the smoking chamber to cook the meal indirectly to the juicy and tender perfection. By using the built-in gauge, you may easily control the heat of what you prepare in by tending to the charcoal pan and by adjusting multiple dampers that are built in unit. The convenient lower door allows you easily tend charcoal and water pans without even losing heat, whereas chrome-plated spring also handles on both the doors can remain totally cool to touch even while the fire is lit. So, you can see that safety matters here a lot. Like with grills, we suggest keeping firebox clean that will help to avoid any flare ups and using the grill cover that will protect your investment so you can use it for many years.

Char Broil vertical charcoal smoker gives very delicious scent flavor of the smoked meat no matter what type of meat you are preparing. That is that smell that evokes the memories of the household gatherings with the close friends as well as celebrations of the life events with the straightforward design and style and huge smoking chamber. I think that the Char Broil vertical charcoal smoker review is a perfect option for every smoked food lover because you can really fit it anywhere. It really doesn’t matter if you are a rookie of a smoking master, the Char Broil vertical charcoal smoker will help you to get the perfect and delicious meat every time. You may be the rookie, but with this smoker, you will cook like a master. Just imagine all that delicious smoked meat when you open the smoker.

In the terms of performance, the Char Broil vertical charcoal smoker review also presents the porcelain coated pan as well as water pan and chrome-plated touch handles. This also comes with the temperature gauge for simple monitoring of the cooking heat. It’s capable of preparing best of the smoked food every time.

How long will the smoker last? Char Broil vertical charcoal smoker is durable and may last for a long time without any need for the replacements providing it is rightly taken care of, and covered. For somebody who has used smoker before, Char Broil vertical charcoal smoker review is simple to use and to operate. If you haven’t used the smoker before, it can be tricky in the beginning and requires reading. But, when you get to know it, it is very simple. When I compared it to the others, which you can read in Char Broil vertical charcoal smoker review of such type, the door doesn’t close very tight, and you need to watch this carefully for wear and damage to sealing units. Coming at just 30lbs, Char Broil vertical charcoal smoker will be transported, however, it is not at all recommended to move it around too much. I am sure you are asking yourself: what meats is the smoker best for? As there is the chance for losing the smoke, the Char Broil vertical charcoal smoker works right for the poultry and fish items that need less smoky taste. Every smoker has disadvantages.  Most common issue with this smoker is the assembly.  It can be really tricky to put the smoker together. It comes at pieces and if a person put this together doesn’t know what he’s doing, the smoker will malfunction. So, read the instruction carefully, or hire a professional.

As the BBQ enthusiasm gains the momentum, grillers aspire and enter mysterious realm of the smoking. Whereas you may smoke well on the grill in case you know tricks, and nothing beats dedicated smoker for the succulent low and slow smoked ribs, brisket, and pork. Like many in the price range, Char Broil vertical charcoal smoker comes narrow, so you need to cut down rib slabs in the half and rig up the way to hang this, however you may smoke lots of meat at 3 racks, and this has the built-in rack on the top. When you get a hang of this, it will hold the temperature very steadily, and this does not require nursing. This does have the tendency to run very hot. While selecting the smoker, you have many options: the log burners, the gas smokers, the pellet smokers, and the electric smokers. All in all, I will finish my the Char Broil vertical charcoal smoker review with the list of pros and cons of this smoker so you can see what this smoker is all about.


  • Multiple adjustable dampers that will control heat and smoke
  • 365 sq. inches of the cooking surface at 3 adjustable chrome cooking grates
  • Convenient pullout drawer catches the ash for the simple cleanups while you are done cooking
  • Simple to refill coated slide in-water pan
  • Cool touch protects the hands when allowing firm grip on the grill lid


  • Less features
  • Style


Char Broil Vertical Charcoal Smoker Review