An only indoor smoker that is a byline for the indoor pressure smoker, and proud manufacturer of the Emson smoker. As there are many brands in a market that are saying the smokers fit modern studio kitchens best. However, after having close look at design as well as the usability of the Emson smoker, you may know how much wrong they actually are. Most of Emson smokers come in the size of the regular pressure cooker which they say it is the best design for the smoker. Such attribute caught the food lovers more attention immediately and Emson is also said to be the fastest gathers of customers in US electric smoker industry. So, with each purchase of the Emson Smoker, you also will get the specially made Emson mesquite chips & red rubs for smokers. Because of the size of the specialized smokers, a making use of the general size of wood briquettes is just impossible. As such for generating perfect smoke & pressure within smoker people from the Indoor Pressure smoker actually, has come with the specially processed chips for Emson smokers.

What will you get by ordering the Emson smoker?

Two of best buyer’s attribute for the Emson smoker buyer will be that it is simple to find the repair parts as well as dealers in the local market. As the bestselling pressurized smoker, the Emson has the biggest number of the sole distributors for the product at all across the US. You may easily find the Emson dealer by looking for the store an official Emson site. Another attribute is that these are some new types of the smokers. However price of such smokers isn’t much expensive. You may very easily find the suitable size of the Emson smoker in the desired price range. Emson Smoker is the device that makers bill as “most updated, and state of art cooking machine, which sears, cooks & smokes.” Makers claim with it, that you may prepare the smoked barbecue food at your kitchen & that this reduces the cooking times by over 50% and functions as the traditional pressure cooker besides smoking food.

Features of Emson Smoker

Emson Smoker does not go into much details on how the device works, and except to say it combines the pressure baking with the pressure smoking that will give food the old-fashioned flavor in the fraction of the time that it will generally take to smoke the foods on the barbecue. This will cook up to 6 pounds of the food at once and it is used for the sausages, chicken (including the whole chickens), ribs and cook it using the traditional pressure cooker ways and smoke it. Emson Smoker comes with the cold smoke feature of smoking cheese & fish.  It comes with 2-year warranty. So, how the device works? The smoke comes from the small wood chips of choice inserted into the small cup. The cup is mounted on the heating electrode and chips burn and filling the device with the smoke. The smoke is also pressure cooked in food. Apparently, very little of smoke smell escapes in your room till you release pressure and when you do release pressure, the room will smell just like smoke. We all know how yummy that smells.

This electric smoker leaves people very satisfied. But, some disadvantages are that it can feel too light or like you are dealing with flimsy materials. Also, replacement parts are hard to find when something breaks and that customer service given by the company is the best on the planet.

For the purchase price of over $299.99, Emson Smoker will be yours. When you buy this electric smoker you will get a recipe book with great meals and an instruction manual. Emson Smoker has 30day of money back guarantee. You are responsible for shipping this back to the company if you aren’t satisfied. The return policy on Emson Smoker site says you cannot get refunded the shipping or handling, just for the product. However, since you do not need to pay any kind of shipping or handling (everything is free) it doesn’t really matter.

For people who are interested in smoking the meats, cheese as well as making best fall-off-bone ribs Emson smoker will be the key to excellent dishes! The smoker takes the concept of the pressure cooker & combines this with the smoke-cup as well as offers hot & cold smoking options. Cold smoke can be used for the items like cheese and fish when you want to infuse smoke flavor & not actually cook and melt food using the heat. Another good thing about the product is by using the pressure cooking —this cuts cooking time significantly — and where the traditional meat smoking can take all day.

Smoker comes with the small rack system that will separate the meats and ribs that you will have to cut individually, as the unit isn’t big enough for the full rack of the ribs —however, this makes it simple for serving. The unit can fit full rotisserie chicken, 2 Cornish game hens, and 4lbs and so of the pork and many other foods. Another feature is the indoor smoking ability that is good but I feel that smoke smell was overpowering inside the home. I think it is better to move the smoker on the patio and prepare food outside. After trying out smoker with many different types of meat or food items that you may see, I will say I love the product. Every time food came tasting great & fall of bone —Cornish game hens that I can hardly pick up as all bones were just falling right out hen.


  • 1,000 watts of the cooking power
  • 5 Quart capacity
  • 2year warranty
  • Gives old-fashioned smoked taste
  • Reduces the cooking time by over 50%
  • Free shipping
  • Recipe book included
  • Used as traditional pressure cooker


  • Apparently made from average quality materials
  • Money back assurance is vague & unclear
Emson Smoker