True that you may make very good smoked meat and barbecue using the gas or the charcoal grills. However, for the ultimate results as well as outclass flavor, the best method is using the specialized smoker. Masterbuilt 20070213 30Inch of Black Electric Smoker is the kinds that can help you make best tasting and looking food. Don’t forget that it is not always how good equipment is that you use for the cooking, it is dependent on individual’s cooking talent. However, the good quality of smoker is completely capable of making the good cook. With very little practice you may enjoy the smoked food, which is very tasteful than any barbecue restaurants. The Masterbuilt 20070213 knows as well as know what people actually need in the perfectly handy smoker. So, keeping in view users needs, the Masterbuilt comes up with simple to assemble as well as convenient to use the kitchen appliances that includes electric digital smokers. The 30inch of smokers are popular.

Masterbuilt 20070213 Features 30Inch Black Digital Smoker

It’s as simple as grilling and much-developed technologies also are embedded in such as the blue LED display. Right from the chicken to the beef as well as seafood, you can cook everything in this and the smoker never disappoints you. Door locking is very brilliantly made with the inner liner, which helps to keep heat & smoky flavor in as you want for the foods. With the side wood chip & full foam insulation, this is the awesome smoker that has the following specifications.

The smoker has cooking space of 730sq. inches and cooking racks over 4 with power over 800 Watts and drip comes with Front Access. The smoker weight over 59.3 pounds and display over Blue LED and every aspect of the smoker can make you love it and let me tell about highly significant features of the smoker in complete detail. Everything has downsides & same is with the smoker but nothing will affect the overall performance & that can remain excellent. I will love that this one comes with the wheels, the remote control, and the meat probe. However without all these still it can do wonders while cooking your food. Some of the people say it must come with window door. But, it is not so good due to possible heat loss.

The smoker also gives you the reasonable cooking space around 730 square inches. All along with the fair enough space, 4 chrome-coated racks also are therein. That depends on the food type, and you may cook one or more at one time. I generally make the smoky chicken roast as well as some of the beef dishes at one time. The chicken generally takes very small time as per I take this out early & then set the temperature for the beef. This not just helps me to save my time but also flavors mix up & I personally like mixed tastes.

One amazing feature of the Masterbuilt 20070213 smoker is Blue LED display. This is helpful in the simple reading of cooking time as well as temperatures. In the sunny situations and where you need to deal with the direct sunlight, you cannot find any difficulty in reading & adjusting temperature & time for the cooking.

The Very handy control panel that makes this Masterbuilt 20070213 30Inch Black Smoker one best choice that you can add in the kitchen equipment and this smoker has the thermostat temperature control. This works very well from over 100 – 275 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Masterbuilt 20070213 has got redesigned front-access pan for the smoker. You can now use this with more of comfort. The side and top air damper make this very feasible manageable and simple to clean the wash down equipment. Also, you won’t need to panic just like you have faced while cleaning the grills.

Like other smokers from the Masterbuilt 20070213, this comes with the smooth operating chip loader. There’s not any need of opening main chamber for adding any wood chips. Furthermore, the wood chip loading offers the improved smoke control that allows you have smoky flavor according to your choice for the different foods. After understanding imperative attributes, let us move ahead to benefits of the smoker. Before purchase, it’s must know what benefits you will get. You must identify vigilantly in case the selected item is giving all you want and be lacking on something. For the consistent smoking, the Masterbuilt 20070213 has used the full foam insulation in the smoker to keep heat in. This allows you to tell you noteworthy highlights you will see & experience on the smoker.  Once set rightly, forget and this can do the job flawlessly. It’s multi-task smoker and with simple to use control panel. The drip deflector work also is awe-inspiring & smoker’s cleaning also is simple to do. It maintains inner temperature all along with producing the consistent smoke. You may easily clean water tray & drip tray after the food preparation. Best is it has got no ash to deal with. It fast gets up to temperature & produces very good smoke with the dry wood chips. This has a lot of space in with the precise digital controls of time & temperature tuning. The solid body make also is feasible used outside in rain.

All the benefits make you love the electric smoker from house Masterbuilt.

Let us probe in some pros you may enjoy from the smoker when installing in the kitchen and anywhere in the house.


  • Affordable, reliable & long-lasting
  • Simple to handle, clean and use
  • It helps you to do other tasks other than cooking
  • Set this up and can work at own
  • It produces stable smoke
  • It maintains set temperature
  • Drip deflector works
  • It has got no ash to deal with, not like charcoal smokers
  • It has very good quality of thermostat temperature control


  • Not so high-end overall performance
  • Remote control
Masterbuilt 20070213 30 Inch Electric Digital Review