Masterbuilt 20070910 is the electric smoker, with the feature to thermostatically control temperature with the push button. This smoker has the side-loading wood tray and it has got the black coated steel body. While you open the door of the smoker you will find it has 4 racks for the smoking inside. You may smoke chicken brisket, ham, turkey or beef, if you want to. For the cooking convenience, this has the push button digital, and control panel. Masterbuilt 20070910 has the 24-hour timer with the automatic shutoff so it is simple to barbecue with it and it has the thermostat that controls temperature. It is insulated for the energy efficient cooking that means you may save on the electricity. The Masterbuilt 20070910 has set and forgotten features, which makes it simple to smoke the food. For cleanup after cooking, there’s drip pan that comes out thus you may clean faster. There’s the greas pan that is mounted on the smoker. Masterbuilt 20070910 smoker is a wonderful product for the price. No matter whether you are new to smoking food or an experienced smoker who would like fewer hands on, the labor intensive smoke, this smoker will satisfy you.

Suppose you have experience in smoking food. Then, you know that keeping smoker at the right temperature is what takes most attention. That is why Masterbuilt 20070910 has an electric smoker with the built in thermometer. You may set the preferred temperature and just focus on keeping the wood tray filled, contents mopped, and then you are right good to go. (You still will like to use the digital thermometer on meats themselves and check the internal temperatures; however, that is the different matter.) Not like traditional side smoker, and most other factors, Masterbuilt 20070910 is very nicely chunky and does not care overly at what outside temperature is on (within reason). It is really good insulated. This smoker comes with 4 racks (although with big roasts, chickens, shoulders and ribs you might end up using 2 at the time.

Masterbuilt 20070910 runs on the electricity, with the small amounts of the wood relatively speaking. Instead of going through the large amounts of the wood and the charcoal, you will have more affordable smoke that supposes you wish to smoke often (smoke small batches) will be great. You will find the repeated reviews of that online, however, Masterbuilt’s support is also second to none. It is hard to find such companies that stand at the products in a way Masterbuilt does. Suppose something is very defective with your Masterbuilt 20070910, then they may fix this with very little or no questions asked.

Masterbuilt 20070910 has the 40″ of version, however, it is hard to find. Actually, if they made the 40″ standard, the extra little bit of the space will allow you use all 4 racks often even with the larger cuts. Masterbuilt 20070910  just goes up at 275. It is best for the red meats that often will cook between 220 to 250 and fish, however not very good for the poultry, and where you would like this up to 350 and get fat in skin to render (avoid chewy skin). Masterbuilt’s electric heater at times does not appear to have very enough oomph in case you load this with meat. I have had a hard time in keeping the temp up while full with this Masterbuilt 20070910. There are the people online that add their heating elements that will help to boost it. The Masterbuilt 20070910 needs you to plug straight into the outlet. Due to the fact that it has relatively short cable, means you want to install the outdoors outlet in case you believe. You can use it with the industrial extension cord, however talking to the customer support, it seems like the extension cord was the reason Masterbuilt 20070910 didn’t work like is should. It had some minor problems. So, what are some characteristic of the Masterbuilt 20070910? The great form factor for the smoker, with very good capacity, and maintains set temperature, with the multiple racks for various products, and gives the consistent result. Alternatively, they have the larger product, which is just distributed more limitedly, and have the odd limitations on a product based on the max temp as well as wattage to the heating element. Given the price difference between Masterbuilt, the company and their Masterbuilt 20070910 with nearest competitors and perhaps the limitations are forgivable. Still, I regularly recommend this to the friends, and have some, including a few who run some well-respected restaurants who love these products that actually come out. Masterbuilt 20070910 has the external smoke box, which attaches to wood feed hole, thus you may do the cold smokes for the sausages, cheeses as well as salmon or other products. The higher wattage heating that will get swapped out for the standard one. The higher max temperature and I do not have to take chickens or game hens out thirty minutes before done and toss this in the oven to crisp skins. Suppose you wish to dabble in the smoking as well as being intimidated (that is easy), it is the perfect smoker that will make things simple. And suppose you are experienced at smoking and want to have more affordable smoke so you may do this very often, or less labor intensive, some time, it is a perfect supplement for the existing setup.


  • Well insulated saves you energy when cooking
  • Push- Button Thermometer keeps the temperature that you set
  • Uses very small amounts of the wood chips when smoking
  • 4 racks for smoking
  • 2 1/2cubic-foot of electric smoker
  • Good customer support and 90-day warranty


  • Size
  • Price


Masterbuilt 20070910 Inch Electric Digital Review