The Masterbuilt 30 stainless steel digital electric smokehouse smokers are like the magnets. The slow cooking goodness generally attracts the family, friends as well as good times. No matter whether it is salmon, jerky, beef or chicken, no matter food, the people may follow smoke signals of the homemade extraordinary tasteful dinner. Delightfully smoky aroma, which permeates from Masterbuilt 30 stainless steel digital electric smokehouse has the way of making your friends and family flock over the smoker in the spirit of the good times and the good food. Smoker’s simplicity begins with the intuitive pushbutton digital panel that includes the temperature settings, which range from 100 – 275° F. Simple to set, the temperature is very consistent, so your food generally comes out in a way you expect it. In addition to thermostatically controlled heat, walls in smoker are 100 percent insulated for the energy-efficient and even cooking. No overcooked meat at one side and half raw meat at other. The control panel also includes 24hour timer with the automatic shutoff, thus food is not overcooked and dry.

Slow Smoking as Simple as Grilling

Masterbuilt 30 stainless steel digital electric smokehouse is very spacious inside, with 4 interior smoking racks, which give over 730square inches of the combined cooking surface. Thus, you will have a lot of room for the ham, fish, chicken, and jerky– to feed some extra- crowds on the special occasions, holidays, as well as family reunions. You do not have to bother opening door to add little more wood chips since smoker gives simple to use side wood chip. Just fill loader with the favorite wood chips, and slide it into the side of the smoker, and watch this smoke.

Spice Your Barbeque

Smoker allows you to add juice, vinegar, and favorite beverage to the removable water pan and infuse moisture and add another layer of the flavor to the food. For milder flavor, you may use adjustable air damper in order to decrease smoke level. The robust flavor lovers will instead leave air damper closed at intensifying smoke levels within. And the bottom of smoker is been lined with the removable drip tray that will catch drippings that add the just right touch at any gravy and sauce. Also, drip tray makes the cleanup more simple than before.

Masterbuilt 30 stainless steel digital electric smokehouse is just perfect for beginner or pro. You will achieve the competition-ready results at your backyard, without any hassle of charcoal and propane. Just plug the smoker in, set digital controls, and it does your work! The Masterbuilt 30 stainless steel digital electric smokehouse makes the smoking very simple. It has handles and rear wheels for the easy transport and thermostat temperature control for the even cooking from the range 100°F – 275°F. The smoker has built-in meat thermometer for the perfect results with 4 chrome-coated racks – and smoke over 80lbs. of food! It comes with the 800watt heating element to get even and consistent smoking of 275°F and side chip loading system. It has removable drip pan and top air damper and RF remote controls, temperature, light and monitors meat temperature The Masterbuilt 30 stainless steel digital electric smokehouse has been producing low-priced smokers now for years, and including the electric refrigerator smokers. In order, to put it easy, there is a heated box, which produces smoke and will effectively produce over 30pounds of the smoked foods, no matter whether that is very jerky and barbecue brisket. Control panel allows you to select temperature, and anywhere from 100 – 275° F and time it can run at this temperature, over 24hours. Obviously, if you aren’t around to add any wood chips to smoker box it’s basically just small and low-powered oven, thus you cannot exactly set this and forget it.

Masterbuilt 30 stainless steel digital electric smokehouse is the popular smoker because it is very large to cook the good dose of the barbecue and cheap enough you do not need to invest a lot in something that you have the passing interest in. It’s the good smoker, and getting hang of using this or getting this to do what you want will be the challenge. What electric refrigerator box from smoker promises is the simplicity and the dependability. The Masterbuilt 30 stainless steel digital electric smokehouse generally tends to be more of the challenge than it must be.

Like many similar electric smokers, the Masterbuilt 30 stainless steel digital electric smokehouse unit has insulated box that will hold in heat, electric heating element, which sits under the small firebox to make smoke from the wood chunks, as well as many racks (four to be exact), hold your food. Electronic control on top allows you to set temperature somewhere 100 to 275° F for the period of 24 hours. Looking at box makes the sound like it is loaded with some beef briskets and set to run in 200 degrees for good 16 hours and you will come back to great barbecue. Unluckily, the smoker has to have the wood chunks periodically loaded, thus you cannot set this and forget it. The smoker does have to get monitored. Another problem is because the heating element is totally underpowered, if this is loaded with cold meat, then it will struggle to get the temperature up. This is the problem that limits on how much Masterbuilt 30 stainless steel digital electric smokehouse will produce.


  • Good for making the jerky and other low-temperature foods
  • Complete and self-contained unit
  • Large capacity and inexpensive electric smoker
  • inches of the cooking space with four chrome-coated racks and 800watt heating element
  • The digital temperature and timer controls
  • The thermostat temperature control to get even cooking
  • Convenient side loading
  • Ideal smoker for experience levels


  • Needs to get plugged directly into outlet (and no extension cord) comes with short cord
  • Consistent smoke production is challenging
  • Low wattage for size means smoker will have trouble in holding temperature while full
  • Less features
  • Problem in assembling

Masterbuilt 30 Stainless Steel Digital Electric Smokehouse