The Masterbuilt cold smoker smokes and cures food at the temperatures below 100° F. The continuous supply of wood-feed system gives over 6 hours of the constant and consistent smoke from the regular wood chips and it fits all Masterbuilt cold smokers. Over years, many people have realized that they may perfectly smoke own meats from their home, all thanks to the development of the user-friendly smokers. The Masterbuilt cold smoker is made by the top makers of the home smokers now, but unluckily traditional Masterbuilt cold smoker doesn’t have the facility to hold the smoke foods (and they smoke by using heat). This means you cannot cure the meats and smoke foods like cheese and salmon. Now, there’s the separate cold smoking accessible that allows you to do that. Here we will review Masterbuilt cold smoker attachment and see if it suits your needs. Suppose you are lucky to have invested at the Masterbuilt cold smoker, then you know how much delectable and yummy various smoked meats are. The smoker cookers have now become very popular over years since people realize they may easily learn to smoke their meats from their own home with Masterbuilt Electric Cold Smoker. The popularity of the smoked meats is also ever-growing, as well as having your smoker cooker in the backyard makes it simple to enjoy this yourself at any time you want. Also, you may throw huge summer parties for friends and family.

Quality Of the Masterbuilt Smoking Kit

The Masterbuilt Cold Smoker is just like the magnet, drawing in friends and family with the goodness of the slow-cooking. No matter whether you’re making beef jerky or smoking fish and sausage, Masterbuilt Electric Cold Smoker gives wonderful aroma and permeating from smoker when making the gathering. The electric cold smoker attaches to the Masterbuilt Cold Smoker. This uses the external Wood Chip chamber that will give you the continuous smoke of over 6 hours, at the temperatures below 100° and high 120°.

What is the Cold Smoking?

Very similar to traditional hot smoking with Masterbuilt Electric Cold Smoker, the cold smoking is done without any heat. You may use the cold smoking process for curing some of the favorite foods that include fish, bacon, sausage as well as cheese. The particular unit can fit on any Masterbuilt cold smoker just by attaching to wood chip port of a smoker itself. The unit offers you with the continuous smoke for over 6 hours at the temperatures below hundred to 120 degrees Fahrenheit in this cold smoker.

The Cold Smoking Kit

Masterbuilt Electric Cold Smoker is one of best small smokers you will get since it allows you to make many other smoked treats, which everybody loves.

Main Features of the Smoker Kit Attachment

This can fit any of the Masterbuilt cold smokers and it uses the normal wood chips. It is perfect for curing and smoking different foods and comes with the wood chip system that has continuous feed feature and giving you over 6 hours of the consistent and constant smoke. People who have bought the Masterbuilt cold smoking kit and Masterbuilt Cold Smoker are pleased with how results they got from this little device. It’s a perfect addition to the regular smoker that allows you very easily cold smoke all those recipes that you are wanting to try. Gravity feed mechanism also works well to keep wood chips burning constantly. The customers have also experienced 4 hours of the plentiful and continuous smoke. The cleanup with the attachment is very easy and quick with Masterbuilt Cold Smoker.

With this smoker, you will get the long periods of the smoking time fill-ups and great smoke delivery. The Masterbuilt cold smoker is very well made and that it has everything that was advertised. This holds the large capacity of the wood chips, so you do not need to run out to the add chips every 30 minutes. This Masterbuilt smoker is great value for that money, meaning it is the cheap smoker which is well worth buying. There could be a problem with smoking fish with the former kit, but nowadays kit does the best job in smoking the delicate meat with Masterbuilt Cold Smoker. Also, you may smoke other things, which you can’t do in the hot smoker, for example, cheese. I love the fact that you can run hot smoker when you were doing cold smoking and that after you can use the unit for a long time. The nicely oversized ashtray will barely have any ashes. It shows that this Masterbuilt cold smoker gives a lot of smoke with little waste, and making the better value for money.

Various Opinions Of the Best Cold Smoking Kit

Even though the smoker is really well made, there are some disadvantages of Masterbuilt Electric Cold Smoker. To get an amount of the smoke you want, you need to periodically shake the chip bin so the wood chips can settle little more to bottom. It can also be difficult to totally hook up the bin. It’s advised you use the heavy duty cord with the device which isn’t unusual for electric smokers. There if there is a stand available for the unit to make this simple to use, that would be perfect. All those disadvantages will be improved with time because the Masterbiult is a company that takes care of their products. Thus, the unit is the great value for money, which makes all types of the delectable smoked meats as well as treats that will be tough to make in the regular hot smoker. Suppose you are enjoying the Masterbuilt Cold Smoker, then you will have to get one of best smoker attachments accessible on a market for this today.


  • Wood feed system give 6 hours of the smoke
  • Excellent for the slow smoking and curing foods
  • Uses wood chips


  • Shipping problem
  • Extension cord
Masterbuilt Cold Smoker