The Masterbuilt’s new electric smoker and has a 40 inch with the window. For more information read my Masterbuilt electric smoker review. It is the cabinet style of smoker that looks very much like the small refrigerator or wine cooler at over 40 inches high. The Masterbuilt has the smaller version, Masterbuilt Electric Smoker 30inch. Suppose you plan to cook for the small groups, 30inch version is a good choice. I have picked Masterbuilt Electric Smoker 40inch with the Window as the top electric smoker picks as it is the amazing how features that the Masterbuilt managed in packing at a smoker for the price you can read Masterbuilt electric smoker review. The Masterbuilt has also put lots of thought into features that are added. The features haven’t been added only to add another bullet point to a box and brochure. All the features add together and make the smoking simple task that anybody may do when producing good tasting food. Take a note that the featured model is an older version of 40inch Masterbuilt Smoker that has the smaller window as well as the controller is been located at a back of the unit. The Newer version has the larger window and controller is been located at a front edge of front door. You can see all information in Masterbuilt electric smoker review.

Besides 2 main differences above listed on Masterbuilt electric smoker review, versions of 40 Masterbuilt Smoker are about same. But, the newer version has many issues including the potential fire hazard that is caused by design of wood chip tray. Due to this, I don’t recommend getting a newer version, maybe next model that comes.


• Built-in temperature probe
• RF control for the smoker temperature, internal light, timer, as well as meat temperatures
• Front access pan
• Side wood loader
• Front mounted display for the internal light, timer, and temperatures
• Viewing window and internal light
• Built-in handle and wheels


• Could be made easier
• Shipping

Masterbuilt 20078715 Electric Smoker Review

Suppose you’re looking for the electric smoker that won’t require you do lots of work of grilling then you may have come to a right place. The Masterbuilt electric smoker review – and what makes this the best electric smoker, if this is worth money or not, cons of having the 30inch smoker by the Masterbuilt or anything else you want to know in making the informed decision. Now, let us go and see what are features that will come with the smoker. Read Masterbuilt electric smoker review for more information.

The digital smoker is not like regular smokers that present market needs to offer with Masterbuilt electric smoker since Masterbuilt has been loaded this with many cool features. Most noteworthy are given below:

I will now list some features in this Masterbuilt electric smoker review. The Masterbuilt 20078715 30Inch Electric Digital Smoker gives total cooking of over 721 sq inches, which is spread over four cooking racks. All these racks are of chrome-coated and you may cook more than one type of the food at a time; for example, the smoky chicken and beef. The facility not just helps to save time as well as power but gives delicious flavor which is something worth mentioning in Masterbuilt electric smoker reviews, right?

The handy control panel also makes Masterbuilt 20078715 the highly manageable smokers in the market. You may conveniently use this from 100 – 275° F with thermostat temperature control. The largest upsides of having the electric smokers will be that you may see and keep the track of temperature as well as time very easily with the Blue LED Display. At sunny days, where the display is under direct sunlight, reading that display can be the simple task, due to the LED light. The smooth operating wood chip loader also makes the adding wood chips very simple. You don’t have to open the main chamber for inserting the wood chips- and open this from the side as well as have the improved smoke control and favorite flavor in food. You don’t have to perform complicated procedures and use the specialized equipment to clean the 30inch Masterbuilt smoker. Prior to performing such operation, make sure that unit is unplugged and cooled down. Read and keep following instructions in your mind to clean Masterbuilt electric smoker.

To clean interior and exterior areas, you need to wipe using not more than simple damp cloth. Never use any kind of cleaning agents. Just after wiping, you need to dry this thoroughly before use. Door seal and seams inside require cleaning after every use, or they may stop working efficiently. To clean wood chop loader and holder, make sure that you often remove any kind of dust or ash that builds and residues that are been left there. Cooking racks, the water bowl, as well as drip tray of this, will get cleaned with mild dish detergent. When cleaned, this is essential they are dried and rinsed thoroughly after every use.

When compared to many electric smokers, they’re some upsides of having the particular model like I have mentioned them in Masterbuilt electric smoker reviews. There are some pros of Masterbuilt 20078715, 30Inch Black Digital Smoker you must know about prior to making the final decision include:


• Simple assembly according to Masterbuilt smoker reviews
• Use and management
• Setup and forget
• Large cooking area and adequate support
• Precise temperature controls and results you want


• Harder to move over and transport
• No meat probe
• Lack of remote control system

Whereas have you read Masterbuilt smoker reviews or not, think about Masterbuilt smokers as well. 30Inch Electric Digital Smoker also has many good features, there are some negative sides to have the smoker. The smoker doesn’t have any of the wheels to make this moving around simple. With the weight of over 50pounds, it is hard for a few users moving this from a place. Whereas LED panel allows you to know the temperature of the smoker, this does not tell the temperature of food inside that can be known with help of the meat probe, which needs to get purchased at extra cost. The smoker can be convenient to use in case it had a remote control system. Before deciding on the right smoker, read Masterbuilt smoker reviews and see which suits you best.

Masterbuilt Electric Smokers review