The Old Smokey Company is at the same location in Houston, TX with different names as well as owners, and manufacturing various metal products from the stove pipes to the lard cans to the Old Smokey electric smoker from 1923. Now, they make the charcoal and the Old Smokey electric smoker as well as related products or accessories. Old Smokey electric smoker is the drum-shaped smoker, which is around from 1953. This is made from the aluminized steel and comes with 2 racks and water pan. This has 1250watt of the heating element with the inexpensive thermostatic controller. The controller does not have any specific numeric temperature like the digital controller, however, can get dialed from the Off and High as well as any point at between. The simple thermostat monitors cook box and regulates power to the heating element. Example, while setting to the “MED”, the controller is made to maintain the temperature range linked with dial position. The digital thermostatic controllers at modern cheap electrics also are prone to the failure even within the short time frame. Used in conjunction with the digital thermometer, the Old Smokey’s system is dialed to the specific temperature, which isn’t surprising since must provide several years of the dependable service.  They make 3 similar charcoal grills.

Like a lot of Old Smokey electric smoker, this is well insulated and compensate for the lack of the heating capacity. The water pan is been included; however, the manufacturer does not recommend filling this. It’s intended to get used as the drip pan that will capture the excess moisture that is expelled from the meats at the airtight cooker. It is good for creating the steamed meats, and not very good for the bark. Since Meathead observes, the electrics excel in fish as well as things like the smoked peppers, nuts, sausage, as well as cheese. The bad news is I think the flavor is totally inferior to the charcoal and gas for many other types of meat like pork ribs, turkey, pulled pork, as well as beef brisket. Suppose you aren’t the active person that will constantly check out for fuel supply throughout the cooking, then the Old Smokey smoker can appeal to you. Highly durable aluminized Old Smokey electric smoker has the adjustable heat control. If you wish to cook like the professional with very minimal or no effort, then the highly demanded Old Smokey electric smoker is a perfect choice for you. Whether it is beef, fish, chicken, or pork, you can get juicy and tender and smoky as well as scrumptious meat ideal for any kind of celebration. The delectable taste of meat can be achieved by the flat top, which makes juices fall totally back on meat being cooked. Automatic and slow-cooking provides you the chance to socialize with the guests while meat gets prepared.

The best feature of the Old Smokey electric smoker is that it comes with the sealed lid, which doesn’t allow any of meat’s juice to actually fall outside. You would need the regular cleaning of Old Smokey electric smoker if it didn’t. Moreover, this ensures that the steam and the heat stays inside and juices fall on meat again which gives it the juiciest and enhanced taste.

You don’t need to worry about cooking this outdoor because you can use Old Smokey electric smoker indoors. Being totally electric, this doesn’t leave any kind of leftover ash. Also, even better, being totally electric, you just have to plug this to start it.

Adjustable heat control removes all the worries of monitoring temperature. Making use of Old Smokey electric smoker, you may easily adjust heat that allows you to cook all kinds of the meat those different temperatures. The Old Smokey electric smoker makes sure that your meat stays totally tender and juicy. You will use it many years and you will get the tastiest meat every time, so may enjoy by purchasing the Old Smokey Old Smokey electric smoker. This may cost you more than the charcoal smoker however when it comes to electric smokers, the Old Smokey smoker is the most affordable. This is very simple to assemble and operate and you have to just plug this in to begin. This is made with the corrosion resistant steel that makes it very durable. Like it has the electric heating system, this also can be used as indoors. As not any charcoal needs to get used for heating and you will save up on the cost of buying it.  It is also simpler to clean because the electric smoker has got no ash for cleaning. Sealed lid lets perfect distribution of the heat. The meat is well cooked without any lost steam and heat because juices stay in the smoker. This allows you adjust the temperature and you don’t need to monitor temperature after each hour.

It is the old fashioned and basic design. Aluminized metal construction must be very durable than ubiquitous ElCheapo Bullets today and you cannot beat rate. Old Smokey smoker is very sought for the smoker because of following superior attributes, which set this apart from the useless smokers accessible in the market. Here are pros and cons of Old Smokey electric smoker so you can decide if it is a good fit for you:


  • It has lots of space and you may cook for large number of the guests
  • You may use this to cook all kinds of meat.
  • It weighs over 25pounds and has two side handles
  • It needs the minimum of supervision and you can go to the shopping after you plug in.
  • It gives 2 cooking racks that will keep over 15pounds of the food separately.
  • The flat top design lets distribution of the heating.
  • You may choose the cooking times because of the adjustable thermostat.


  • It may be out of budget
  • Durability is very high.
  • You have to check temperature
  • It doesn’t have thermometer
  • Kids may get burns from the Electric smoker when they try and touch this when in use.

Old Smokey Electric Smoker Review