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Small electric smoker is inexpensive on what you will get. It is one of the highly affordable smokers in the list. The small electric smoker also comes with the 2 years of warranty. Lots of other companies which give 90-day warranty require some additional money for spare parts in the warranty. You’ve more protection from the defects with Little Chief small smokers. It is the basic, beginner’s smoker and it has got standard options without “fancier” options, which are available on many small electric smokers today. It is the best option for the casual and the first- time smokers. Smokehouse Little Chief also has potential to last over fifteen – twenty years with the proper care. Lots of customers have also boasted about the long lifespan of the particular smoker.

Little Chief small electric smoker just has 1 temperature setting over 165° Fahrenheit. Also, you cannot raise and lower this, thus the kind of the food that you cook in the smoker may have to get planned around temperature restrictions. Like the name implies, Little Chief is smaller models on the list. Whereas this might prove convenient for a few, lots of people will not cook for the whole family using smoker alone. The small smokers are not very robust in maintaining the high temperature in the cold weather. It can be very problematic depending on the geographical location. The unit is made to add the smoky flavor to the food, however, it will not always cook food to the completion. Lots of people finish their cooking on whatever they smoking in the oven, thus anticipate extra step in the preparation in case you purchase the small smokers.


  • Warranty
  • Price
  • Longevity
  • Simplicity


  • Temperature
  • Size
  • Power
  • Complete Cooking

Char-Broil Deluxe Electric Smoker

Char-Broil Deluxe small electric smoker has a window on the front panel, and you might view the food when it is cooking. Not like other small smokers models on the list, Char-Broil Deluxe also Includes the wheels as well as the handle. So, it makes it very simple to move as you don’t necessarily need to wait for this to cool down completely before you even relocate it. Char-Broil model includes the removable temperature gauge. The advantage of having the removable temperature of small electric smokers means you may place this in the different areas of the smoker, it will be simple to replace in case you needed to. The small smokers also come with the remote control, which allows you change settings without being close to this unit. You may increase and decrease small electric smokers temperature inside your home that is very useful in the colder seasons.

CharBroil Deluxe Digital small electric smoker can just heat 250° Fahrenheit. It is fine for many beef & pork but can be potentially very problematic while cooking poultry. The customers have also complained that almost all small smokers don’t make food that you cook in this very tasting from the first. You might need to experiment with the different “flavors” of the wood chips, and even amount of the chips in order to increase its smoke. The disadvantage is that heating element of the small electric smoker unit are failing just after some uses, also needing to be completely replaced. One more issue is that it is very hard to clean it. While tacks do come, this takes lots of effort in order to get smoke residue totally off of internal chamber.


  • Mobility
  • Window
  • Remote Control
  • Temperature Gauge


  • Smoke Flavor
  • Maximum Temperature
  • Clean up
  • Problematic Heating Element

Masterbuilt 20070213

Masterbuilt small electric smoker 20070213 reportedly is good in maintaining whatever temperature that you set this to, even at the very cold weather. The smoker is actually made from powdered steel. The powdered steel is durable as well as long lasting which means that the smoker can withstand the long term use. The Masterbuilt small electric smoker has got replaceable parts, thus if something goes down, you may replace the individual component in place of buying the whole new unit. Heat in a smoker shuts off automatically when the timer reaches zero. It will not start to warm up till timer is set. It means you need to set some amount of the time for the unit to preheat. The small electric smoker doesn’t produce smoke under 185° F that means cold smoking isn’t the option. You need to purchase the separate attachment in case you want the lower heat smoke.

The small smoker model doesn’t include any wheels and handles that make this very tough to move. Also, you will have to choose the location with this in mind. The small electric smoker has built-in meat probe thermometer that is convenient in monitoring the food. The digital smoker reportedly has the best flavors that you will get without even using the traditional charcoal smoker. The particular model is simple, thus even starting smokers will use this with ease. Many aspects of this small smokers are self-explanatory. There’s the window in the front panel of smoker thus you may watch the food when it is cooking. It is one way you may monitor the meats, all along with built-in probe thermometer, and without opening smoker’s door.  It is one of most expensive small electric smokers in this list to get prepared to spend the good amount of the money on that. The disadvantage is that the battery loses their contact with conductors easily, as well as remote past to get modified for this to work. Masterbuilt smoker wants you to add the wood chips to this, so it is not something you may set it as well as forget it. You may have to monitor the cooking process. You could probably leave the smoker unsupervised when you get to know the smoker well.


  • Replaceable parts
  • Material
  • Temperature Maintenance


  • No cold smoking
  • Timer controlled temperature
  • Built-in meat probe thermometer
  • Tough to move
  • Front window
  • Easy to use
  • Flavor
Small Electric Smoker