Smoked foods from Smokin it has moist and delicious smoke flavor, which is just irresistible. Suppose you have ever eaten any smoked sausages and ribs when you have been out for dinner, you know how much good it tastes. There’s really nothing like it, smoked foods are been loved by a lot of people thanks to Smokin it and other smokers. But, do you know that you may easily make own smoked goodies in your house for the family and friends?  Many people still do not realize how easy it is with the good smoker cooker, however, many people are now enjoying the smoked delicacies daily with Smokin it electric smoker. With the purchase of the good quality of smoker cooker like Smokin it, you also can enjoy yummy smoked foods that you like anytime you want. The family and friends will thank you for that, and you will find you that you can make the endless range of the foods that everybody love. Suppose you and your family love cooking out during summertime and love smoked meats, you just must purchase your own Smokin it smoker.

My Smokin it review will show you many things about the smoker that actually make it the best choice. First, it is been made from 100% 18 gauge stainless steel, this was designed to be very easily portable as well as for ease use. The Smokin it model 2 electric smoker includes 4 rubber casters that are 3 inches in the diameter and heavy-duty and 4 grilling racks that are made of stainless steel. You will find the handy drip pan that prevents the big messes, and this slides right under this model 2 itself. The thermostat is included and gives you simple temperature control of 100° and 250°. A double latch closure which is upgraded helps the smoker to stay totally sealed during the Smoking process, and keeps the precious smoke in where you want it. After all, we are smoking food. It has the power cord, which is 12 feet in the length which mean that you have a lot of cord to put the smoker where you want. The great thing is the assembly of the smoker. Smokin it smoker comes to you completely assembled, minus some screws in casters, and you’re set to smoke all meat that you want. The smoker also comes with the hickory wood sample so you can really start smoking your foods immediately.

Smokin it has an ability to hold over 35 pounds of the seafood and meats, and it has the 700-watt heating element and with “simple to see” indicator light. This smoker is insulated with the fiberglass so the heat can’t escape during cooking. It weights total of 79 pounds and its dimensions makes it easy to fit where you want it to be.

How Does the Smokin-It Holds Up Scrutiny?

The Smokin it smoker shows a lot of satisfied customers. The main advantage is how much sturdy the stainless steel electric smoker is. Smokin it electric smoker is really like a tank in electric smokers category. It is equivalent to much other best quality of stainless steel smokers, which says a lot and works wonderfully for with Smokin it smoker. You will smoke meat to the perfection with this smoker. The press fit door and insulation of this smoker really make difference with the Smokin-it smoker. There is some thought that thermostat must be positioned better, but, because it’s placed low and very close to the burner, this runs over 7 degrees lower than this must at top rack positions. People in Smokin it needs to adjust temperature they ran the smoker at, to have got good results. You can test that yourself to see if it is correct. People can be hesitant about buying this smoker, but they make up their mind when they see how good the smoker smokes the delicious food. The Smokin it smoker will hold the good amount of meat, so if you’re entertaining large crowd you can do it without any problem and have a lot of meat for serve. The smoker is simple to setup and it is very stable. When you see how well it smokes the food, you will know that it is a great buy. There are some favorite features on the smoker. They are: is it’s made up of 18gauge stainless steel, 4 heavy duty steel cooking racks as well as that completely insulated interior with the fiberglass that ensures no heat leaking. These are some features that you will love about the smoker, and keep on reading to get the full scoop on the Smokin-it smoker.

Suppose you’re looking for the electric smoker that can handle all the Smoking needs, then you do not have to look further. The Smokin it model 2 can blow other Smokin it models from water in the terms of the features as well as durability. Just put, it is the tank. You can slap on $2000 cost tag in the smoker and this still will be worth your money with this Smokin it model 2. Luckily, this doesn’t cost much and you can pick one of the electric smokers for over $500. At this price, the smoker is great to offer, because there are other electric smokers which run upwards $5,000 to $10,000 that don’t have other features the Smokin-it smoker has. You will be pleasantly surprised when you get the thing out of shipping box because it is well made. You will be satisfied with the Smokin-it model 2 electric smoker when you buy it! The smoker is made with the highest quality of material.


  • Cooks over 45lbs of the Meat at a Time
  • Easily Portable
  • 100% 18Gauge of Stainless Steel
  • Simple to Use
  • 1200Watt Heating Element
  • Comes Assembled
  • 4 Huge stainless racks
  • 4 heavy duty rubber casters
  • Drip pan
  • Smokebox
  • Three Year Warranty
  • Rheostat temperature control


  • Price
  • Style
Smokin It Electric Smoker Review