With the average rating of over 4.8 from 5, the Smokin-it model 1 electric smoker is the top smoker and grill at present available in the market. Many months before, I had my hands on the amazing smoker for the first time at friends place during BBQ party. The flawless functionality of the quality electric smoker left me speechless. To give you the detailed idea on construction as well as features of the smoker, I have made Smokin-it Model Electric Smoker Review. Let’s first have a close look at additional accessories that are included with the Smokin-it model 1 electric smoker. It has 3 stainless steel of grilling racks and 1 pound of hickory wood blocks and 1 drip pan. Now, here Smokin-it #1 Electric Smoker, I will talk about the impressive features of the amazing electric Smokin-it model 1 electric smoker.

The heavy-duty smoker is designed to cater the large smoking requirements and you may load over 22pounds of the meat in the single batch. If you like throwing BBQ parties, Smokin-it model 1 electric smoker is the best choice for you. The Smokin-it model 1 electric smoker is designed from 18gauge of non-magnetic steel to make sure the utmost durability. As the matter of fact, there is some best professional Smokin-it model 1 electric smoker as well as restaurants which use such Smokin-it model 1 electric smoker. It is the clear sign suggesting that indeed it is best on the quality. Rubber shelves inside are placed on a bottom part or lower part of Smokin-it model 1 electric smoker. Furthermore, you also can remove the shelves in case you want more of cooking area. The Smokin-it model 1 electric smoker features 400watt of the heating element to give high smoking temperatures. All along with powerful heating element, there’s the LED light as well as fiberglass for the better insulation to make the cooking process very easy. The Smokin-it model 1 electric smoker isn’t heavy when compared to many other best grills and this feature handles at both the sides for lifting. Moreover, there are wheels for simple portability. Checking out the ease of cleaning the Smokin-it model 1 electric smoker is the important consideration when selecting the particular model. Like each other aspect of the Smokin-it model 1 electric smoker, the cleaning process is pretty simple as well as straightforward. Lower parts of smoker are been covered in the foil for the enhanced cleanliness. Furthermore, there’s also the drip pan that will catch meat juices. Juices from meat getting cooked normally fall in lower part of the smoker as well as when left without cleaning, these are very tough to clean later. However, with the foil on lower parts as well as drip pan of the smoker, it is very simple to clean the smoker. Whereas this is not the problem for many people, some perfectionists may find the fact a bit hard to digest since they cannot smoke meat at the exact desired temperature.

The electric barbecue smokers also are very simple to use as well as is perfect for the buyers that are looking for the smoker, which is free from hassles involved in the smoking with the traditional smoker. This is the good alternative than top rated smoker grills since there’re not any contaminants that are used in the smoking process that will pass through the food. The problem in electric smokers can be the heating element that will not deliver desired results. But, with the Smokin-it #1 Smoker, there are not any problem as the heating element is replaced easily. Smokin-it #1 Smoker carries 3years of warranty on the parts and the labor. I agree that there’re a few good electric smokers, which are cheaper than the Smokin-it 1 Smoker, however, features and functionality given by them aren’t as good as this smoker. The best electric smoker will provide you with the best quality of the food and can be on par with meat and seafood that you find at the famous restaurants. Thus, if you are somebody who prefers the quality over the cost of the product, then the smoker of the electric-type will be the best choice.

Replacement parts of the electric smoker are very simple to find than best electric smokers by other brands. As the matter of fact, large numbers of the buyers commonly buy the heating element. The official website of smoker and stores online are the perfect places you can look for replacement parts. Just like many other Smokin-it #1 Electric Smoker, I’m of an opinion that the electric smoker is the best smokers at present available in the market. From the build quality, the functionality, and portability to the features, and everything about the electric smoker can be applaud-worthy. The Smokin-it has done the best job with the smoker and potential buyer that appreciates the best quality will sure get impressed with the smoker.

It brings me to an end of the Smokin-it #1 Electric Smoker and I believe you can get some good insights about the amazing smoker in the review. Suppose you have any kind of questions about the smoker and want to share the experience with the smoker, you may use the comments section or ask me on my contact form.


Let’s see some most impressive features for the amazing Smokin-it #1 Smoker.

  • Flavor of meat and seafood cooked in the electric smoker is very delicious.
  • You also can change taste according to your preferences with the utmost convenience.
  • Huge holding capacity of over 22 pounds and making it perfect family smoker
  • 12feet of long power cord for this smoker lets you place this far away from power source
  • Fiberglass insulation does a great job in reducing the heat loss & maintain required temperature
  • Heating element of the smoker is replaced very easily and replacement isn’t expensive


Even best electric smokers come with some drawbacks and even the Smokin-it #1 Smoker also comes with the own share of the weaknesses. Let’s have a close look at the weaknesses at this part of Smokin-it #1 Smoker review.

  • There’s no remote sensor in the electric smoker.
  • Some users have also complained that some parts of smoker come off easily & can be frustrating problem
Smokin It Model 1 Electric Smoker Review