Traeger pioneered and popularized pellet smoker as well as remains best-known brand as it is in the wide distribution as you can see in Traeger Junior Elite review. They also aim to keep this that way although competition is now growing. They have not broken in the Home Depot and Lowe’s yet, however they are been sold by Ace Hardware stores as well as large variety on the independents. Currently, they are making the inroads with Costco also. The Traeger has the interesting variety of the pellet smokers from the small portable and large commercial models and we will mention them in Traeger Junior Elite review. They give a full line of the branded extras from the Traeger Pellets, rubs to the Traeger insulation blankets as well as cold smoker add. The upgraded version of the Traeger’s compact Pellet Smoker and the biggest difference is Elite Junior has the superior digital whereas Junior has the old fashioned three-position controller and that is something worth mentioning in Traeger Junior Elite review. This is worth an extra $50 go with Elite over standard Junior. The digital, thermostatically controlled smokers are the dreams come true. Often they are more accurate than the kitchen range. You load up the smoker during 11 pm, and set this to 225° F, and go to bed and sleep soundly, and knowing you will wake up to the feast of the delicious meat. That is why I made this Traeger smoker review, to show you that is slow cooking for many hours at the steady and accurate temperature can happen with this electric smoker. So, continue reading Traeger Junior Elite review to see other amazing features.

The 3 position controllers got no thermostat for monitoring the actual temperature as well as can execute the pellet run times low, medium as well as high heat. This feeds the same amount of the fuel to firepot whether you are cooking on the scorching summer day and frozen winter night which is an awesome feature for this Traeger Junior Elite review. As the name indicates, it is the smaller version of the Traeger’s popular, the full size, the entry level Tex Elite smoker. And with 292square inches of the cooking surface, the Junior Elite is over 3/4 size of the Lil’ Tex. With small size comes the small price: over MSRP $449. The Pellet Smoker makers know if they may get enough of consumers to try the cookers, and word of mouth can take off a well as propel the sales. The problem is the pellet smokers have got electric motors, hot rod ignition, fans, as well as other parts that make the entry level pellet prices higher than the gas or the charcoal grills. The Traeger continues lead pellet smoker market just by offering the decent quality at very low rates. The Traeger pioneered and popularized pellet smoker as well as remains best-known brand, which means that you can see the quality in this Traeger Junior Elite review.

Actual fact: over 85% of the pellet smokers in the USA are the Traeger and consensus is that they are very well built, however, some buyers complain since manufacturing moved at China quality has also dropped, especially on the entry level models. Obviously, we hear complaints and praise about the Traeger from few owners that made Traeger smoker review. All the Traegers are of black powder coated with steel and porcelain enamel grates. Compact Elite delivers the big smoky taste to professional and amateur home chefs, as well as priced a bit more than the predecessor and by that in my Traeger smoker review, it’s the best value for your money.

For you to bring most honest and unbiased reviews, read Traeger smoker review. I am speaking to many people with this Traeger Junior Elite review. My friend has this unit and he has used it many times. The best feature about Junior Elite is the digital thermostat. The little gadget is a reason it is called ‘lazy man’s smoker’ as all you have to do is to fill this with the pellets, and turn it on and let it be. When you set this to the desired temperature, auger feeds pellets in the firebox and convection blower distributes smoke and heat and guaranteeing everything is cooked and smoked evenly. We have mentioned convection blower, and it is another reason that professional and the amateur home chefs will enjoy the pellet smoker. While it comes about backyard BBQs there is nothing worse than the hot and the cold spots on the grill. You will end up in ‘babysitting’ food, moving this from a place to next to ensure it is getting the smoked type of defeats purpose of having the pellet smoker.

With Traeger Junior Elite convection blower circulates heat in the cooking chamber. Let’s talk about that in my Traeger smoker review. It allows you place the food anywhere on grate, and knowing the temperature is very consistent and smoke constant. If you like fiddling knobs and dials to get the smoker working you will not like the unit. It is one simple smoker to be started and this does not need you to poking and prodding your food, and checking or double checking if it is cooking. Nope, suppose this describes you stay away because this smoker does all the work. So, all you require is standard 110v of the outlet, and no running over looking for the lighter fluid and gas or light, and electric ignition kicks at. Pellet smoker is simple to clean, all thanks to draining cleanup system. Another thing worth mentioning in this read Traeger Junior Elite review is the fact that it is simple to assemble. It is not something that will affect the quality of the cook or smoky taste, however, it is talking point and when something is challenging that you can put together it is seen as a con.

Pros of Junior Elite

  • Digital thermostat
  • Ample 15×20” cooking area and 292square inches of the cooking space
  • Simple drain cleanup system
  • Convection blower to ensure all the food is evenly cooked
  • Steel construction for the durability
  • Auger to feed the pellets in firebox
  • Plugs in standard 110v outlet
  • Porcelain coated grate
  • Two durable wheels make this simple to move over
  • Versatility; unit is used for grilling, smoking, baking and roasting


  • Assembly could be made better
  • Shipping issue
  • Price


Traeger Junior Elite Review