Weber 731001 plays the strong role in making the delicious food with exquisite taste no matter where are. The Weber’s legacy of the quality and the innovation is just matchless. The durable Weber 731001 with the porcelain enameled bowl and lid has the heavy-duty grates as well as a built-in thermometer. Just give Weber 731001 a try and you will prefer loving this over other models that are available on the market. From overall quality to the outclass cooking performance, durability, and simple things as portability, you will have many benefits from the Weber 731001. It is the best in each measurable way and offers all the smoking options as well as works flawless and you may delight in ultimate smokehouse flavor.

Features define how valuable anything is for a price that you need to pay for that. The Weber 731001 Smokey Cooker 22.5Inch incorporates the following features. It is spacious enough to provide the cooking area of over 726 square inches. Also, you may easily cook for the medium and large sized family and also for parties. It is perfect if you want to prepare some amazing barbecue on the different occasions. The steel made Weber 731001 also comes with 2nickel-plated grates and having a width of over 22.5inches. It means you may easily cook the entire turkey and ham at the same time due to plenty of space of cook anything. The built-in thermometer featured in the Smokey Mountain Cooker also makes it simple for the user to monitor temperature while food is being smoked inside. I did not find any of the charcoal Weber 731001 monitoring that simple as due to the inbuilt thermometer. The experts and first time Weber 731001, in case you wish to add the moisture (water and flavored liquid) to the food when smoking then you’re in a need of the water pan. The porcelain enameled pan that is accompanied by the charcoal chamber can help you sure. By adding water and liquid helps to keep the smoked meat moist as well as tender all along with giving the smoked food taste of choice.

The Weber 731001 Mountain Cooker is well made and simple to carry and make use of charcoal. Getting high-end of performance is what everybody needs at any kind of the cooking. However, smoked cooking requires care to get perfect taste. The Weber 731001 Mountain Cooker 22.5Inch is the best choice that you can meet your needs. If you set aside the fact that adds beauty to the backyard, the Weber 731001 gives following benefits. The cost tag is acceptable for performance as well as features that are offered by the Weber 731001. It is very durable, flexible, reliable, as well as safer to get used for the outdoor cooking because the construction material includes steel, aluminum, as well as nickel material. The smoker provides very good ventilation as well as moisture for the perfectly smoked cooking. In order to give you the hassle-free of temperature monitoring, the smoker incorporates the built-in thermometer. The water pan is of porcelain-enameled and thus, it gives consistent moisture so the smoked meat can be luscious and tender. This gives enough of space through nickel coated and wide gratings so you can cook anything. Imagine, you may cook the full turkey without trouble. The big boy is simple to use for low and slow cooking of the briskets, salmon, turkeys chickens, ribs, you name it, it can cook. The smoker provides perfect ventilation by individual events; and one on a lid as well as other on the bowl. Appropriate ventilation is good for the properly smoked cooking.

The smoker’s lid handles also are constructed with glass-reinforced nylon and the heat resistant can help you to avoid potential threat of the burns, blisters as well as sores. You may easily open front fuel door and add or check wood and water amount in the smoker. The fuel door is prepared with the rust-resistant material and the sturdy door also gives no escape of heat or smoke from inside. You may easily take this anywhere. For example, at your patio and backyard. It is an impeccable entity for the outdoor smoked cooking. One awe-inspiring attribute for the smoker is that it comes with the limited warranty of over 10years. With that kind of warranty, you can see that if you buy Weber smoker you can cook cooking for years with it. The Weber 731001 Smokey Cooker is the premium choice for backyard grilling.

The safety comes first and, you should take into account all the significant tips for using any type of the cooking equipment. The charcoal can be used as the power source in the Weber 731001 Mountain Cooker and for this reason, you should be very careful. Take complete pleasure in safest cooking with those tips I have prepared for you.

 You need to keep checking all the parts time and again and assemble all the grills and water pan very carefully. You can check out none of the parts stay loose and replace and repair malfunctioned accessories. You need to have space free for the proper cooking of food inside. Do not put any excessive load beyond smoker’s containing capacity. And keep the smoker and its accessories totally clean before and after use. While it is working, do not let the children or pets come much closer to the smoker.

You can check out pros below and you may like to get a hold on the smoker as a worthy purchase.


  • You do not have to worry about the increased electric bills.
  • The charcoal smokers are very cheaper than the electric smokers.
  • This helps you cooking smoked food without panic.
  • It is the best choice for high-end performance.
  • This provides enough of cooking space that will hold the even entire turkey.
  • You may assemble, use and clean this in a hassle-free manner.
  • Bullet design and supporting stands also adds beauty to that.
  • You may use this anywhere from the indoor and outdoor.


  • Moving issue
  • No side handles
Weber 731001 Smoker Review