For last few decades, Weber Smokey Mountain has actually revolutionized the backyard barbecue just by making smoking of the meat very much simple and reliable. When relying on the real fire as well as good smoke production, the Weber electric smoker is one of most famous of its type, generating the fan sites on the internet as well as barbecue groups that are dedicated to the use. Just put, it is one best Weber electric smoker on market.

It has two 18.5inch of cooking steel grates for the total cooking of over 481 square inches. It has 1 top and 3 bottom air vents and it comes with the side mounted thermometer. It has a porcelain coated body and water pan and full size of a cover which is included with the smoker. This Weber electric smoker is the mainstay of the barbecue as it was been introduced. Simple to use can maintain the temperatures for a lot of hours and can produce good barbecue, Weber Smokey Mountain is regular on barbecue competition circuit. It is so popular that it has fan pages on the internet. The Weber’s slight modifications of this unit within no way affect on how it cooks and gives you features requested. Lid mounted thermometer, bigger, and more intuitive door handle, as well as bottom heat, make it the better Weber Smokey Mountain for the same price. The things that actually make it the best Weber electric smoker are the durability of construction.

Porcelain enamel coating at these units is very durable as well as prevents rusting of heavy gauge steel. It is Weber electric smoker you can use even if you are a rookie because it is very simple to use and can last long because it is very well made. On a downside, front access door also is flimsy so you must be very careful not bend this out of shape. The upside of that is you may “custom” fit this so that this holds in a smoke better, f you are a handy man. I assume if you are reading the article then you are probably searching for Weber electric smoker and you are wondering how you can get cheapest prices. With the Weber electric smoker you may cook huge amounts of the food at a same time which is perfect for dinners with your friendly and family. This will accommodate large amount of the food at a same time which is really good solution for both of you and your pocket. You can think of this smoker as an investment because it will be with you for a long time.

Weber electric smoker will accommodate the whole turkey and the entire ham at a same time. It is good for you as it makes this very simple to cook the large meals. It can be the problem with the lesser Weber electric smoker however Weber smokey mountain also makes it breeze. Cooking for the large groups of the friends and family with the Weber electric smoker is easy and trouble free. It simplifies whole cooking process just by allowing you to cook everything at once. Shopping on internet is the great way you can find the good deals I think many people will agree with me when I say shopping on internet is the best way to can find good deals. Another thing is doing the simple internet search can give you many different stores online to choose from.

Weber Smokey Mountain Vertical Cooker is the great Weber electric smoker. It is low cost and quality features make this the favorite among backyard smoker crowd. Features include the ceramic coated body as well as nickel plated grills. This has 2 cooking levels, which allow you have 2 barbecue dishes cooking on same time.

Webber smokey mountain is unique in it comes with the ceramic and metal pan to hold water that gives moisture to food when cooking. This can hold lots of charcoal, which lasts the solid 12 hours with proper venting. Weber released the new model (22inches), which is bigger than the current model (18inches). Most of the UDS cookers begin life as the 55gallon drum that is cleaned as well as burned out in to eliminate contaminating substances. The holes, for the air flow, as well as grates, for the food, are also added to make this functional. The charcoal box is added to the heat source. Like Webber smokey mountain, cooking at UDS is straight over charcoals. UDS cooking surface also is larger than traditional Webber electric smoker. The UDS, as rule, doesn’t include the pan or the bowl of water. The UDS is really “low price ” alternative for the real smoked cooking as most of the projects begin by finding the throw away 55gallon drum. You only need to account for the time that you spend to make it (that is substantial) for real cost comparison. There’re many resources on the net to describe on how to make the UDS.


• Best airflow design holds constant temperatures
• Sealed design allows you to shut the smoker down and saving the charcoal for the next time
• Multiple vents will allow you compensate for the wind


• Front access door also is flimsy

For people who do not have any time (or inclination) to make own UDS there are the readymade ones in the market. Cost is very low as well as comparable to Webber electric smoker. Unique thing of UDS is drippings from the cooking fall straight on hot coals. It produces the distinctive taste of meat that a lot of aficionados attest is the closest thing to the early times of barbecue cooking. To question which one cooks better barbecue…. suppose you like the taste of meat drippings on coals then UDS wins, but, you may achieve the same effect in WSM just by removing water pan. Suppose you do not like taste of drippings on coals but like simplicity & cost of UDS add pan & grate below top grate on UDS to catch drippings before it hits hot

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