10 Myths About Electric Smokers

People are more inclined to buy a charcoal or gas smoker because they have been around longer and it is simply just what they already know.

People knew to smokers in general don’t particularly trust electric smokers.

To break that general opinion people are sharing about electric smokers and so I have made this list of the most common misconceptions about electric smokers to hopefully ease your mind before making a purchase.

Myth #1 –  They Are Expensive:

This myth was true, before. Now with so many technology breakthroughs, every electronic device is getting cheaper, including electric smokers.

Now you can find a good quality electric smokers under 200$ which will last for a long time.

In my opinion, I wouldn’t go lower than that for any appliance used for preparing food because it has to be good quality.

Myth #2 – They Are More Like Ovens Than Smokers:

The main reason why people think that is because electric smoker doesn’t produce smoke with the real fire, it uses electric heating element.

Of course, you can’t compare the food made in the charcoal smoker with the food made some average electric smoker, but if you compare it with a good brand they are pretty close. Actually, most people couldn’t tell the difference in the meat.

Myth #3 – They Aren’t Durable:

Nothing lasts forever and we have to accept that. But, this is a fact that doesn’t have to do with electric smokers in general, but with their brands.

If you buy a cheap smoker from some unknown smoking brand it probably won’t last long. But, if you invest in a smoker you can expect it to work like new after 5 or more years.

Myth #4 – Can’t Reach High Temperatures:

This was true, but before. Nowadays electric smokers can produce high temperatures, on average 100°-270°F which is more than enough for you to prepare a good smoked food.

Myth #5 – Electronics Will Break:

I was one of those people who said this myth and I am still not a big fan of Smart electric smokers, but they are far better and more stable now than before.

A digital electric smoker can help you decide on the temperature and the time while best quality Bluetooth and smart smokers can let you control the smoker with your phone without glitches. That is something a charcoal smoker can’t.

Myth #6 – They Are Very Sensitive to Water:

OK, it is natural that you won’t use your electric smoker in the rain just like you wouldn’t use charcoal or even gas smoker.

Electric smokers are made do survive if you accidentally spill the water from water pan, they are durable in that way, but if you want it to last for a decade, buy a protective cover (buy cover on Amazon).

Myth #7 – They Are Complicated for Handling:

This is a myth because electric smokers are far better for beginners than charcoal ones.

The main fact is that you can easily control the temperature on the electric smoker while it is hard to do that when you are handling open fire.

The heating element is much more convenient if you aren’t experienced smoker.

Myth #8 – They Aren’t Well Insulated:

That is also a big myth because they are well insulated from the inside and the outside.

Most of them are made from stainless steel and porcelain-coated steel to keep the heat and the smoke inside, but this actually depends on the brand of the smoker and how they produce their smokers.

Myth #9 – Not Very User-Friendly:

The only way that an electric smoker isn’t user-friendly is if you don’t like electronic. This is the only smoker you can leave unattended because it doesn’t work with fire.

Also, Bluetooth and wifi options are letting you control the smoker with your smartphone which means you don’t have to be around it all the time which is very user-friendly.

Myth #10 – Can Smoke Only One Type of Food:

This was true, in the past again. This is true with special smokers like Little Chief which is made for slow smoking.

But, due to the high variety of features now you can smoke everything from cheese to pork butt in one smoker. All you need is a proper element for that.