I started working in BBQ restaurants since 2013 and have worked with all types of smokers, from electric smokers to pellets, to Kamado’s to offsets. I bought this website during the pandemic to have something to work on while stuck at home.  Luckily for restaurants and delivery I wasn’t at home for too long. This craptastic website was basically a review website that didn’t make much sense but did make a decent amount of money.  Luckily, Google changed their algorithm and it basically became a dead site. Now I can turn it into what I really wanted to when I bought it.  I won’t sugarcoat it, an electric smoker won’t produce as good of BBQ as an offset or even a pellet.  But by learning it’s disadvantages and it’s advantages I believe we can produce better BBQ than an average person would on an offset. So follow along on this journey as I remake this site into something that is valuable to both beginner and expert electric smoker pitmasters.