My first smoker I got for my birthday 5 years ago and, at the beginning, I was shocked: „Why would anyone buy me a smoker for birthday?“ It stood there, practicly untouched for couple of months, when one day I decided to try it. It was a traditional smoker with wood and when I was done with smoking I made a huge mess but that meat was awesome! Next couple of weeks I smoked almost every day and I really become an expert.

Unfortunately, while moving to another house, movers actually managed to break my smoker and I couldn’t belive it! I knew I had to buy another smoker and my friend told me about electric ones.

And then my story with electric smokers began. I started looking, researching and I actually got addicted. I had to find the perfect smoker for me and I have finnaly found one. (Due to the fact that my reviews are objective I won’t tell you which one is it.)

Now, I have a knowledge I want to share with people around me and that is how this blog was born. On this blog I want to teach people that smoking is awesome and how to find that one smoker that can turn your life around. Smoking gives meat one unique flavor you can’t get by ordinary cooking. With my reviews I am helpoing your to choose the best electric smokers so you can see that smoking is an awesome way to prepare food.

Stay tuned with me and my obsession on my blog!