BBQ Smokers in the Middle East

BBQ goes nicely with a well-enjoyed activity, be it reading or doing a less intensive task.  The Middle East has seen a sharp rise in the rate at which people consume BBQ at weddings, during public and religious holidays, as well as while celebrating a sports betting win.

Those celebrations have all adopted the BBQ as the main delicacy. The savory taste of the BBQ clearly goes hand in hand with excitement. With the Arab plain getting more and more into the world of sports, the BBQ will be part of the culture for quite a long time to come.

Over the past few years, we have witnessed a sharp rise in the sports betting market in the Middle East, especially with sports such as horse racing and soccer betting. As the number of people who love to watch and bet on sports increases, so does the number of electric smoker purchases. Below, we look at some of the reasons to have a good electrical smoker while you enjoy some good betting sessions.

Why the BBQ is Popular in the Middle East


We have compiled a list of reasons why the BBQ has become popular in the Middle East, especially amongst sports bettors. Read on.

1- They don’t use a lot of electricity

This is one of the best benefits of electrical smokers and surprisingly enough, it is the major reason why it is bought in the Middle East. In actual fact, it uses an approximate total of 192 kilowatts of electricity per month. You rest assured of a whole month of beefy savory meals as you enjoy various sports games. This saves a lot of electricity while at the same time, producing some high-quality beef BBQ.

2- You get to choose your type and combinations of smoke chips

The smoky flavor within BBQ is a result of small wooded chips that are added to the smoker. Smokers are diverse, meaning you can choose what you want to use for a good meat smoke.

Wooden chips work exactly like pellet grills, gas or charcoal, and pellet smokers. Smoking meat can be exciting if you create the correct wood combinations. These combinations influence the taste of the meat.

3- There’s no need for constant supervision

If you used a smoker back then, you will realize that it does the job on its own. This is because it feeds on electricity and electricity is consistent, offering necessary heat for a certain amount of time. Unlike wood grills, there is no depletion of fuel when it comes to electrical grills. Simply set up your electrical grill and put appropriate amounts of meat.

4- They are earth-friendly

Engineers of electrical smokers are sensitive to the issue of the environment. You do not use charcoal or wood, you do not pollute the environment with electrical smokers, and most importantly, you use less energy.

This is different from other types of smoking your meat. For example, using wood causes a haze or overall smoke pollution.

5- The electric smoker is healthier

Yes, the meat is not only tasty but healthy also. The pace at which the meat is smoked is gradual and appropriate in releasing all the flavors. The meat is well cooked. The appropriate heat and smoke will give the meat an extra cook. Unlike frying and sauteing, electrical smokers use no butter or oil.

6- Heat maintenance is easy

Unlike charcoal and other related meat cooking methods, electrical smokers have thermostats that manage and regulate the amount of heat to be produced.

Heat maintenance is key when cooking thick-cut pieces of meat. They cook at regulated temperatures. The heat slowly oozes through the meat to give a beautiful flavor mix. Temperature maintenance is digital, a tech fused to enable one to control temperatures using a device.

7- Easy guides and directions

Many people think that electrical smokers are that difficult to use. No, the guides and directions are clear and easy to follow. The digital control panel is simple and very user-friendly. There is little to no learning procedures because everything is on a silver platter.

8- Easy to clean

Engineers often use stainless steel when manufacturing electrical smokers. Stainless steel is good when it comes to cleaning.

There are explicit directions on how to handle the gadget altogether. Precautions are to be taken when cleaning with a wet object, make sure that the gadget is not connected in any way to electrical current.

9- Energy efficient

There is little to no energy loss when smoking meat. Electrical smokers are made from a thick set of steel parts that absorb heat and dispatch it bit by bit. This helps the conservation of electricity altogether. Meat is cooked evenly, flavors are released finely, and electricity is saved.

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