Best Beef to Smoke – The 7 Best Cuts & How to Cook them Perfectly!

Smoking beef is just love. If you love to smoke beef, then hopefully this piece of writing will be loved by you.

Here we have mentioned top beef cuts. You will get to know how to smoke and cook them perfectly.

Furthermore, it is on the flavour scale that smoking is preferred by cooks, As compared to grilling, it makes your food more delicious and tasty.

Moreover, adding a smoke right to your dish automatically and instantly enrich and deepen the flavour side of your meal.

One should not have any doubt on this fact that beef is one of the iconic barbecue meat options.

The beauty of smoking a beef cannot be ignored. This meat comes and extracted from a large animal.

For the reason that it does offer an immense number of textures and aromas as well as flavours.

No matter you try out any of the beef cuts, you are going to feel that deliciousness level.

Even more, every single beef cuts, it manages to bring something new and appetizing for you.

So, let us have a look at the details of beef cuts.

Do share with us and send to us your feedback regarding which of the beef cut you liked and loved the most.

It is observed that people love to smoke chuck roast and brisket. They opt to smoke rib and top sirloin.

Or you can smoke rump and round. All in all, every single beef cut is great enough. The choice is up to you now:

1. Beef Brisket Cut

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The first beef cut we have for you, it is this beef brisket. You might be wondering why this beef cut is marked as one of the famous cuts, here we will tell you.

This beef cut is ideal and highly suitable for smoking. We can say that it is the king of barbecue.

If you are planning to have an outdoor cooking time, then it will be best if you smoke this specific cut.

This is a large cut. If you smoke it perfectly, then you can enjoy the tender taste of it. In addition, you can coat it with some delicious flavouring and sauce,

This is a big piece and section of beef that is immensely and highly succulent. It remains to stay tender.

It cooks in the most convenient manner. Smoking it professionally and perfectly, you will be able to get a mouth-watering taste.

No doubt, this is a beautiful looking bark coat that sums up and enriches your cooking experience.

If any of you is looking for a good and tasty beef cut, then try out this smoked beef brisket. In this meat cut, you are going to get everything that you wish to see in a meal plate of yours.

Keep in mind that this cut is extremely tough. It is packed with magical flavours.

The presence of tough fibres in it makes it meatier. It is because of the fat present on the top layer of it that makes this cut tender enough.

How To Cook It Perfectly?

To cook and smoke beef brisket perfectly, you have to remember that you cook it for 10 to 14 hours.

The kind of wood that you can use for smoking, it can be Hickory or Oak, Or you can use Pecan and Cherry.

Keep in mind that the internal temperature range should be approximately 205 degrees F.

Prefer choosing and opting for the cut that is packed and embossed with lots of grains and textures.

It should have a good amount of fat layer on it.

2. Chuck Roast Beef Cut

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Next, we have chuck roast beef cut for you. It is true that beef brisket does get and receive lots of headlines.

But you can try out this cut as well. It tastes delicious. Some of the people seem and looks like the biggest fans of smoked chuck roast cuts.

There are quite a few of the things that are common and similar in chuck roast and beef brisket. This cut is also tough.

It consisted of meaty fibres that are tough. This cut is composed of a firm construction.

The best and promising thing about this cut is that it comes in the form of a smaller cut. It takes less time to cook and smoke.

That is the catchy thing about it. There is no need to assign 10 hours of cooking time too. It is observed that its average cooking time is 5 to 6 hours.

Tips to Cook It

You should use smoked wood for this cooking job. Like, you can use Pecan or Hickory. The target internal temperature range needs to be set at 205 degrees F.

These points have to be remembered by you every single time when you smoke a beef cut of this type!

If you do not follow these temperature settings, then there are chances that your Chuck Roast Beef Cut will not get cooked perfectly and ideally.

It is a smaller meat cut, so it needs less time to cook. Avoid overcooking it. You can dictate 5 hours of a time frame of it.

If you take this cooking time up to 10 hours, then there are chances that your chuck roast cut may get overcooked.

3. Beef Ribs Cut

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The third beef cut is this beef ribs cut. If you have already tried out and tasted pork ribs, then it is high time to try out and cook these beef ribs.

They tend to be ultimately delicious. Furthermore, they remain fresh on high notes if you cook them with the help of a smoker.

However, this cut is not that much easy to grab. It is hard to look for! But it is worthy enough to be tasted.

Prefer buying those ribs that come and collected from a chuck plate. Rest of the ribs are fake and not genuine.

In the market, you might have seen lots of packets labelled as beef ribs, they are not real. Only purchase that beef rib that is taken from a chuck plate.

Their cooking time is not at all lengthy. Their cooking time is almost similar likewise we have baby back ribs.

They require 5 hours of cooking time and that is it!

There are a few of the key facts that you can consider while preparing this beef cut. Below we have penned down details for you:

How To Cook And Smoke Beef Ribs?

Their cooking time span should not extend to more than 5 hours. You can use Oak or Cherry as a smoking wood.

Or you can have Pecan, Heckary as well. 135 degrees F is the internal temperature range setting that you need to follow.

This is the exact temperature range that you consistently have to follow while smoking Beef Ribs Cut. It is fixed and avoid changing it.

Always get ribs from the chuck plate. Season them well and add any sauce onto them.

Enhance their overall flavours by adding your favourite ingredients into this cut.

Just keep in mind the correct smoking technique, rest you can make your desired changes.

4. Tri-Tip Beef Cut

How to Cut Tri Tip - Guide | Exchange Bar and Grill

There are some individuals who confuse tri-tip beef cut with sirloin. It is actually and specifically a small portion and section of the larger sirloin.

These tri-tip beef cuts, they are marked as lean cuts of meat. They are tender enough.

You only need to allow a one-hour time frame to cook and smoke this cut. This is so amazing.

In other words, smoke this cut for one hour and then you can sear it on the grill for a couple of a number of minutes.

No doubt, it is one of the best beef cuts so far.

If you do not like to smoke a steak, then we hope that and quite confidence on this fact that this tri-tip beef cut will remove this misconception of yours.

Below we have mentioned a few of the beef cut smoking tips for our readers. You can have a look at them.

How to Ideally Smoke a Tri-Tip Beef Cut?

It only needs and requires cooking time frame of 90 minutes. You can prefer to go for any kind of smoked wood.

Be it Oak or Cherry or you can have Pecan and Hickory.

135 degrees F is the target and set internal temperature range that you have to go for.

As this cut is identified as a lean cut of meat, that is why it is quick and simple to cook.

5. Top Round Beef Cut

Understanding Beef - The Round - Tony's Meats & Market

It is quite obvious and clear that smoked beef top round is marked and considered as one of the perfect cuts to smoke.

Besides, you can have it in the form of a steak or tacos. You can have it in fajitas or sliced up version.

It is recommended and advised to cut this portion with the help and assistance of professional butcher.

Avoid buying this cut from any of the stores and supermarkets. Grocery stores that have top round beef cuts, they are relatively and comparatively smaller.

But if you buy this same cut fro butcher, then you will get more weight on this cut.

To prepare this beef cut, make sure that you o for dry brining. It means that you have to coat this beef cut with some table salt.

And then you can refrigerate this piece of beef for a whole night. There is no need to soak this top round beef cut in saltwater.

By soaking this piece in table salt, this salt will be able to draw a few of the juices right from the meat. But meat is going to reabsorb that moisture as well.

Cooking Tips to Prepare Top Round Beef Cut:


The Smoking Temperature range should be from 225-250°F.

And the Target Internal Temperature needs to be set at 135°F.

Cut this beef pieces specifically and particularly by your butcher.

6. Flank Steak Beef Cut

Fresh Beef – Steaks, Filets, Ribs, Tenderloin, Roast and More

How about smoking a Flank steak beef cut! It may sound somewhat strange and unusual to smoke steaks. But try out this technique.

Instead of searing your steak on the grill, what you can do is to smoke it. Smoking this Flank steak beef cut rare or medium-rare, it turns out to be delicious.

Hence, smoked steaks are amazing and fantastic.

Most noteworthy, this Flank steak beef cut is comparatively cheaper unlike the rest of of the beef cuts.

They have got a less or you can say minimum fat content. If you manage to cook and prepare this beef cut on expert and perfect notes, then they will turn out to be super good and delicious.

Giving you more information on this beef cut. It consists of a rich kind of muscle fibres. It consists of meaty flavour. You will feel intense flavours in it.

How To Perfectly Cook This Cut?

You need to use strong woods to prepare and cook this specific beef cut. As an example, you can use hickory. Or you can you go for mesquite.

These are the kind of smoked woods that are not going to overpower the taste, aroma and texture of your beef cut.

The real taste and texture of your beef portion will be retained and intact.

As compared to the rest of the beef cuts, this reviewed beef cut is hassle-free to cook and prepare. It needs less time regarding smoking.

As it is available in the form of lean meat slice or you can say this cut is thin, that is why its cooking time is minimum.

You can assign 3 hours of cooking time while preparing this dish. The Smoking Temperature range needs to be in between 225°F.

And the Target Internal Temperature has to be set and adjusted at 145°F. So, do try out cooking and smoking a Flank steak as it is cheaper and carry less amount of fat content.

7. Top Sirloin Steak Beef Cut

Cutting the Top Sirloin Center - Beef Alternative Merchandising ...

Lastly, we have Top sirloin steak beef cut for you. This is the kind of strip of meat that remains to stay tougher as well as leaner.

Besides, it comes from and collected right the hip section of the cow. It is recommended to go for top sirloin.

It is also called with the name of Picanha somewhere in South America. This section is much more tender and better for smoking.

How To Cook Top Sirloin Steak Beef Cut?

If you want this Top sirloin steak beef cut to remain juicy, then you have to smoke it perfectly.

There are important and critical key facts that you have to keep in mind.

On per lb basis, the assigned and allotted cooking time has to be 1 hour.

The Preferred Smoke Wood type can be Mesquite, hickory. The Smoking Temperature range has to fall in between 225°F.

And the Target Internal Temperature, make sure that it is set at 145°F.

Like with flank beef cut, Top sirloin steak beef cut is a kind of lean meat. It does not require that much amount of time to cook.

Avoid keeping it in the smoker for hours and hours.

Beyond, it is recommended and advised regarding marinating the sirloin cut. What you can do is to marinate this piece for a few numbers of hours before smoking and cooking.

In this way, your beef meat will stay juicy. It will not get dry in the smoker.

Why Smoking A Beef Cut?

The point of smoking a beef cut, it is quite clear. Upon smoking, you will be able to preserve the taste of beef cuts.

Their taste and texture will not be spoiled. It is this smoking that simply contains and composed of chemical compounds.

Furthermore, these chemical compounds act in the form of an acidic coating on the beef meat’s surface.

This smoking technique prevents and stops the growth of all kinds of harmful bacteria. Moreover, this one is a time-honoured technique.

It dries out beef meat.

In this way, it will not be easy for bacteria to take its place on it.

So, it will be great to toss your beef cuts into the smoker. You will enjoy its cooked taste. This technique is getting popular day by day.

Besides, it is marked as the “low n slow” cooking method.

We can say that smoking is hands down one of the perfect and best ways to tenderize beef meat. And to bring additional flavours to it.

What Kind Of Cut To Go For?

To turn or make your smoking technique stand out, you need to consider what kind of meat cut to go for!

You can get that kind of meat for this cooking job that is cheap, fatty as well as tough.

This kind of meat is always perfect and ideal for smoking. In addition, look for the meats that can and turn out to be a lousy cook.

Hence, such a piece of meat is a great candidate and partner for the smoker.

Smoke the beef cut right at the very low-temperature range and that too for over a very long time frame.

This way, your meat cut will become tender and also extremely juicy.

Beyond, low-temperature range settings make the collagen melt and the connective fibres of your meat cut get to break down.

If you follow this technique, then we are sure that your dish will become the hero of any dinner table.

Tips to Look for & Avoid When Selecting Meat Cut For Your Smoker!

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You can take immense help from these tips and suggestion.

We hope that after following and reading out these details, you will be in a position to get the best and easy to cook beef cut for yourself.

Do abide by these tips and helpful suggestions. Get a smoker for yourself and start to cook. If you still feel difficulty in choosing and buying meat cuts, you can take further guidance from us:

Firstly, grab the best cuts for your smoking cooking time. You have to think about those kinds of cuts that are suitable for this cooking job.

Avoid buying those meat cuts that are not meant and appropriate for your cooking time.

If you are going for working parts like that of legs, shoulder or neck, then keep in mind that they will be muscled, sinewy as well as tough.

These parts are hence ideal and extremely suitable for smoking.

On the other hand, if you are preferring to go for the middle back section and centre ribs section of a cow, then they are not alright for this smoking cooking job.

This combination will not work for you. These cuts are generally and mainly tender cuts.

They are accompanied by little muscle fibre. It is from these parts and sections that your prime rib, tenderloin and also sirloin and rest of the high-end cuts collected and come from.

Besides, these are expensive cuts. They come out to be lousy right in the smoker. These cuts dried out instantly and tend to be inedible.


So, what’s the bottom line? All these beef cuts taste delicious enough. We have mentioned all of the possible tips regarding how to cook these cuts in the perfect and ideal manner.

If you are planning to have a BBQ in the upcoming weekend, then do smoke these beef cuts.

This is the best meal menu that you can go for. Your guests are going to love them. The popularity of smoking beef, it is rising day by day.

We hope that this piece of information has given you enough data as to how to cook and prepare beef cuts.

If you have ever smoked a chuck roast or rump, rib and brisket, then share your cooking experience with us.

Hence, beef is marked as iconic meat. It is the best option to make your BBQ time memorable.

This meat comes from a beautiful animal and its meat texture is also beautiful. It is easy to cook and does not demand much technicalities.

Even a beginner level cook can smoke a beef cut with no guidance.

Go for smoking beef and enjoy the real flavours and textures. Keep connected with us as more details on beef cuts are coming up.