10 Best Brisket Knife Review in 2022!

Here we have some highly useful reviews for you that guide you on which the brisket knife is! So, let us jump on the details.

These recommended brisket knives are extremely great, ideal, and professional-looking slicing knives. Furthermore, they are precisely designed and managed to give an impeccable performance.

Their blades are made of superb quality and their overall construction is based on stainless steel material. These experts suggested slicing knives are engineered to give perfect cuts.

Furthermore, they required minimal effort from your side and also built to last. So, which brisket knife do you want to try out from our list?

Do buy them as they are highly preferred and loved by professional cooks as well. Apart from cutting through brisket, they can even cut pork loins, ham and also smoked salmon, and all kinds of roasts.

So, try out these ergonomically designed knives and keep tuned with us.

10 Best Brisket Knife Reviews:


10. Mercer Culinary Brisket Knife

Mercer Culinary Brisket Knife

You might be wondering why to specifically buy this Mercer Culinary brisket knife, here you can know that. This reviewed knife is composed of textured finger points.

In addition, it has an ergonomic handle and gives you much comfort and durability. This knife serves slip resistance, utmost grip as well as maximum safety to the user.

The presence of protective finger guards makes this knife safer to use. It is completely handed washable and made by using the highest and top-quality stainless steel.

It ensures easy blade maintenance and also a rapid sharpening job. If you are looking for a brisket knife that has a razor-sharp edge, then try out this recommendation.

You will be surprised to know that it is NSF-certified and marked as the best safety-based and risk management solution while cutting a brisket.

It is covered with a mirror polish and carries an ultra-sharp edge so that you can keep on doing and performing effortless work while you are mincing, slicing as well as chopping.

So, are you read to try out this slicing knife? If yes, then after using it, you can forward your honest reviews to us about it.

What We Like:

  • It has an ergonomic handle.
  • It is hand washable.
  • It is stain-resistant.

9. MAIRICO Brisket Knife

MAIRICO Brisket Knife

How about trying this MAIRICO knife? You can surely give it a single try as it shows impeccable performance. Moreover, it has a long and ultra-sharp blade at its end.

This brisket knife is composed of the most desirable length and excessively used by professional cooks. It can cut all kinds of meat and even big roasts.

If you think that your current slicing knife no longer gives a top performance, then you should try this knife. It can give you the most enjoyable feel and that is the best part about it.

Besides, this knife delivers professional performance no matter if you are cooking at home or you are a beginner level cook. It is NSF certified and infused with a razor-sharp edge.

This is the kind of brisket knife that offers a comfortable grip as well as precision handling at the same time. Its blades are made by using Japanese stainless steel and they can be hand sharpened.

The presence of high carbon steel in this knife gives an incredible amount of edge retention to this reviewed knife.

Along with that, it is corrosion-resistant and you are free to re-sharpen them whenever you feel like doing so.

Hence, get your hands on this knife as it shows full tang construction and comes with a riveted kind of POM handle.

It claims to give a pro-level performance, that is why we have suggested this brisket slicing knife to you.

What We Like:

  • It has an ultra-sharp blade.
  • It is made of premium stainless steel.
  • It gives a well-balanced amount of weight distribution.

8. TUO Brisket Knife

TUO Brisket Knife

Moving to the further details of this brisket knife recommendation list, we have a TUO slicing knife for you. No doubt, it is the world’s best of all kitchen knives that we have selected for you.

Most importantly, it has got a narrow blade and remains to be marked as precisely designed. In addition, this is an ideal knife for de-boning and also for preparing and filleting, and too for skinning and trimming.

You can use this same brisket knife for carving roasts and turkey and ham.

We have given our love to this well-designed knife as it has a polished handle and there is a gentle curve present on its blade.

Most probably, this slicing knife will meet your cutting needs as it has an ergonomic and full tang handle design.

You can see that its edge side is all and completely hand sharpened and marks it as one of the highly skilled knives.

Furthermore, you can hone and sharp this knife at around and about 18 degrees. It is packed with an extremely and immensely kind of sharp blade so that you can experience unmatched efficiency.

What We Like:

  • It carries a full tang handle design.
  • It gives you exceptional comfort as well as durability.
  • It is injected with hollow ground dimples.

7. SHUN Brisket Slicing Knife

SHUN Brisket Slicing Knife

Besides, you can try this SHUN brisket slicing knife that has a long and narrow blade. You can see and notice that this is an ideal brisket knife that you can avail of for jobs like slicing and trimming.

It helps you cut large sections and pieces of meat like that of pork and poultry and brisket and bacon. At the same time, you can cut roast and turkey with the help of it.

Moreover, it is 12 inches and always gives high performance. The entire construction of this brisket knife is packed with Japanese steel.

This is a hand-sharpened knife and you have to sharpen it until and unless it gets an optimum angle and ensures utmost precision.

It is claimed by this knife gives precise cuts. Along with that, it is easy to use and contains a hollow ground kind of indentions.

Regarding its handle, it is made with the help of tagayasan wood, and this wood is given the name of iron sword wood too.

Thus, you can order this knife that is packed and consists of full tang construction and share your feedback on it.

What We Like:

  • It gives high-performance.
  • It is made of Japanese steel.
  • Its handle is made by using tagayasan wood.

6. Hammer Stahl Brisket Knife

Hammer Stahl Brisket Knife

If you are planning to buy this Hammer Stahl brisket knife, then do so now. The brand of this reviewed knife offers a lifetime warranty.

This knife is of experts’ chefs’ choice and comes in the carving knife category. It not only looks great, it even performs on excellent and ideal notes.

In addition, this brisket knife has a high carbon stainless steel blade and provides you with clean and even cuts each time. With the use of it, you can slice briskets and prime rib as well as slice turkey and ham.

You can well notice that the blade part of this knife is precisely and accurately measured. It has these world class cutting edges and that is the main USP of this knife.

We have come to this verdict that quality meets comfort when we review this brisket slicing knife.

It gives you exceptional balance and lasting durability, and even superior comfort. Lastly, you will be given with lifetime warranty and excellent craftsmanship.

What We Like:

  • It ensures lasting durability.
  • It has a quad tang design.
  • It gives amazing and exceptional balance.

5. Victorinox Brisket Slicing Knife

Victorinox Brisket Slicing Knife

Beyond, most of the customers have loved using this Victorinox knife. This is an essential carving knife and you can carve all kinds of poultry and roasts with the help of it.

The main selling point and appealing quality of this brisket knife is that it is crafted with the help of high carbon and stainless steel. It allows you to slice and cut with much precision.

When you use this knife, then you are going to feel that it offers easy handling time to the user. It is featured with this ergonomic Fibrox Pro handle and delivers a non-slip grip.

It shows Trusted Swiss quality and professionally crafted. It is time to carve a roast or brisket with perfection and you can do that by using this brisket knife.

Thus, get this knife because it always gives you a secure grip, and marked to be slip resistant. We again tell you that this is an ideal suggestion for carving beef, fish, meat and all kinds and types of poultry pieces.

If you have made your mind to try this exclusive and highly specific brisket slicing knife, then after using it, you should keep on sharing your views and comments.

What We Like:

  • It can slice with precision.
  • It is made of high-carbon stainless steel.
  • It is infused with an ergonomic Fibrox Pro handle.

4. KAI Brisket Knife

KAI Brisket Knife

KAI knife is the name of carrying a riveted handle as well as full-tang construction. This is a professional brisket knife and many great qualities are present in it.

You can seamlessly cut large sections and pieces of meat with the help of it. Concerning its construction, it is made by using imported Japanese AUS6M steel and this one carries and accompanies a hand-sharpened and 16° double-bevel blade.

It is surrounded by a hammered finish and looks beautiful looking. Furthermore, it constitutes the elements of strength and durability.

Along with it, it is NSF-certified and you should only hand-wash this knife. It is backed and supported by the aspect of rigorous dedication and passed through the top-notch and strictest manufacturing process.

Hence, have this brisket knife that is composed of a hammered finish and contains a full tang handle in it. It promises to give you a smooth and seamless cutting ability.

This knife comes in the kind of category that is finished on excellent notes and also grazed finish. At the same time, it is added with elegant beauty elements and improvised with the property of corrosion resistance.

We have seen that this brand has always made such knives that give a professional-level performance and that we have reviewed one such knife model linked with them.

Just to give you another reminder, this reviewed knife has a razor-sharp edge, gives you a comfortable grip, and keeps on delivering precision handling.

The presence of high-carbon steel gives this knife an excellent and ideal range of corrosion resistance.

What We Like:

  • It can slice and cut down large cuts of meat.
  • It has a double-bevel blade.
  • It shows immense strength and durability.

3. WUSTHOF Brisket Slicing Knife

WUSTHOF Brisket Slicing Knife

WUSTHOF knife comes on the third spot from our side. We can tell you that this brisket knife shows the highest amount of resistance and tolerance towards dulling and corrosion.

As you can see that this one is an 8″ Carving Knife and it is surrounded by synthetic polypropylene handles.

Moreover, this exclusive brisket knife can resist fading and discoloration and it can completely withstand the elements of heat and impact.

You can call this knife one of the precisely laser-cut kinds of stamped knives. It is the name of showing superb quality as well as immense value.

For the information, this knife contains and comprises a longer and narrower blade and allows you to cleanly and smoothly cut through all kinds of meats.

Hence, have this knife as it is durable. It gives you limited lifetime warranty time and is made by the brand that has years and years of experience.

What We Like:

  • It has synthetic looking polypropylene handles.
  • It contains a Stainless Steel Blade.
  • It meets all of the strictest quality standards

2. WALLOP Brisket Knife

WALLOP Brisket Knife

WALLOP knife is made of high-end German steel and that is the attractive quality and trait of this reviewed brisket knife. This is a professional slicing knife and strong enough to carve and cut all kinds of meat pieces.

Moreover, you can slice brisket, turkey, and even roast ribs, as well as ham, smoked salmon with the use of it. It lets you cut and conveniently slice prosciutto, sashimi, and all kinds of pieces of the sandwich by using this knife.

It is manufactured and crafted by using imported and top-notch high-carbon German steel. This same brisket knife is rust-resistant and along with that, it is immensely sharp, durable.

You will be satisfied to know that this knife is engineered to perfection and it delivers maximum hardness.

It is packed with a hand-polished edge and it is carefully tapered so that you experience improved hardness and all flexibility from the side of this knife.

You can observe that this exceptional knife offers a minimal amount of slicing resistance and keeps on giving great cutting performance to the user.

It is packed and embedded with an elegant natural handle and this handle is made by using natural wood.

What We Like:

  • It gives the best cutting performance.
  • It has an Elegant Natural Handle.
  • It shows excellent workmanship.

1. SAKEN Brisket Knife

SAKEN Brisket Knife

SAKEN brisket slicing knife is engineered to perfection and this is the ultimate looking knife that we have chosen for you. It acts in the form of a super slicer carving brisket knife.

This is an essential knife that you should keep in your kitchen. If you want to cut or slice tenderloin or if you feel like slicing beef or pork, then use this knife as it has a sharp blade.

It gives you the best experience and is engineered on the perfect notes. As you can see that this brisket knife has a hollow edge and accompanied by a seamless-looking joined handle.

This knife promises and guarantees to give you perfect as well as ideal balanced grip time. It is tough looking and wear-resistant.

We recommend you try this knife as it serves total comfort and superior control to the user. This is packed and injected with satin-finished black handles.

You can use this knife for years and years because it is of engineered high-end and top-notch quality. This is generally a 12-inch gourmet slicer knife and it promises to give you ultimate robustness.

It aids you in slicing and cutting down a perfect prime rib. So, when you are going to order this knife that has a versatile sharp blade? You should do so now!

You should give your thumbs up to this knife due to the fact that it is made of high carbon and top German steel material and offers excellent edge retention.

This is a multi-functional knife, carries Hand-sharpened and too double-bevel blade. Get your hands on this great knife that is never going to let you down.

What We Like:

  • This one is a hollow edge knife.
  • It comes with this seamlessly joined handle.
  • It is packed with satin-finished black.

How Do I Take Care of My Brisket Slicing Knife?

Brisket Slicing Knife

There is a proper way to take care of a brisket knife. Here we have mentioned some maintenance care tips and suggestions for you:

No matter, your brisket slicing knife has gotten old, by taking extreme care of it, you can use it for years and years. Furthermore, you have to do the right things and take the right actions to maintain this knife quality at its fullest.

With the help of these tips, you can see the maximum performance in your slicing knife.

So, firstly, you have to hand wash your knife. Just take warm soapy water and hand wash your brisket knife.

Avoid putting such knives in a dishwasher. Moreover, you should not ever and ever use super-hot water while washing these knives of yours.

Refrain from using any abrasive chemicals when you wash and take care of your brisket knives. If you are using a cleaner or any detergent, then it has to be chemical-free.

It is these abrasive chemicals and intense detergents that instantly deteriorate the quality of your knife.

Once, you have washed your knives, then you need to dry them as soon as possible. Store and keep them in a sheath or you can make use of a knife block to store these knives.

By keeping them in a knife block or in some sheath, you will be able to preserve the blade edges and overall quality of your knife.

Thus, this is how you take care of your brisket slicing knives.

Best Brisket Knife: Buyer’s Guide:

Best Brisket Knife

Here you can see the main buying guide that tells and helps you how to shop for the best brisket knife. Make sure to read all of the details:

Premium Construction:

You can have those brisket knives that show premium construction. Like, try looking at such a slicing knife that is made by using high carbon stainless steel.

Moreover, such a brisket knife remains to stay rust-resistant and even hand-polished as well.

There are many high-end slicing knives that have passed themselves through nitrogen cool treatment so that your selected knife can show astonishing amounts of strength, maximum flexibility, and too extreme durability.

Full Tang and Satin-Finished Blade:

Besides, you can pick and choose that collection of brisket knives that have a full tang and contain satin finished blades.

If your knife has a razor-sharp cutting edge, then that is amazing. With the help of these features, your knife will remain non-slippery and gives a comfortable grip each time.

Apart from that, it is because of these professional and satin-finished blades that you can see precision cutting jobs and extreme long-lasting sharpness.

Offer Effortless Carving Job:

Avoid buying that brisket knife that does not offer you an effortless carving job. Hunt for the knife that allows you to carve roasts your brisket, turkey, and even slice ham smoothly.

It should let you cut filet mignon all and completely into succulent slices. It is just these high-quality knives that help you make a smooth transition right from blade to handle.

Ideal for Commercial Use:

It is better to have those brisket knives that are both ideal for residential and commercial use. If it is made and manufactured by the leading and commercial cutlery brand, then that knife can be commercially used.

Such commercially used brisket knives are made of German high-carbon and top-notch stainless steel contains durable handles and injected with a dense polymer.


Lastly, search for a brisket slicing knife that is NSF-certified. It needs to meet all health and safety standards and should fulfill all the obligations of other certification programs.

If your slicing knife is certified, then it can meet the highest and maximum levels of food safety.

We have seen that such knives are always trusted by the health departments and restaurant buyers.

Now, you know how to shop and look for brisket knives. Keep in mind this simple buying guide and if you have any queries, ask from us freely.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Slicing vs Carving Knife – What’s the Difference?

Both of these knives, slicing and carving knives, are technically different from each other. If you think that these are the same knives, then you are wrong.

Talking about a slicing knife, it is generally and comparatively thinner. Furthermore, this knife is a little bit more flexible when compared with its use as a carving knife.

Moreover, it is round in shape at the end side and its overall flexibility and thinness are ideal and great for the job of slicing briskets.

Discussing the main function of a carving knife, it is thicker and also less flexible. In addition, these knives have got pointed edges

Can I Use an Electric Slicing Knife for Brisket?

Yes, you can make use of an electric slicing knife for brisket. Such knives can seamlessly help to cut through a brisket without any mess.

Moreover, some people like using a manual slicing knife for brisket and some like to go with the option of using an electric slicing knife.

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So, what’s the bottom line? We have told you the main points and qualities of a brisket knife, now it is up to you what model and brand you go for from the list suggested from our side.

No doubt, these suggested slicing brisket knives are of top-notch quality. Most of them are waterproof and remain dense and composite as well.

Furthermore, they have got these ergonomically angled handles and successfully give you extreme comfort as well as control.

These are the kind of brisket knives that ensure to give and provide peak performance and help you smoothly and seamlessly prepare your meals.

Hence, if you are looking for a brisket knife that has a full tang and keeps paper writing on showing the highest strength and even maximum durability as well as immense control, then try out the above-mentioned recommendations.

You will be given with lifetime guarantee upon trying out these recommendations. Moreover, brands have offered money-back guarantee time options and 100% guaranteed satisfaction.