Best Candy Buffet To Make For A BBQ

BBQ time is right around the corner and we are gearing up for our weekend feasts. It is that time of the year where we wish we had a portable oven because the turkey is in the electric smoker and you can’t bake the cakes, pies, and cookies in the outdoor. Why not make a new tradition that is exciting, beautiful, with less waste and clean-up? There are several reasons why the candy buffet has become so popular, and just as many reasons why we should incorporate the candy buffet into our celebration.

Best Candy Buffet To Make For A BBQ
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BBQ is a great opportunity for families to gather and the food is a major part of our event. Not only do we create a feast on the barbecue and in electric smokers, we also follow up that feast with overindulgence of sweet desserts. With a candy buffet, we still have the gathering and decadent sweets but we can control the treats in a sinfully tempting way. By mixing our candy selections with treats that are sugar-free and food allergy safe, everyone enjoys their desserts with the flair and excitement of buffet of unique treats.

Summer colors of orange, yellow, and green are everywhere on a BBQ. Take advantage of the after-spring sales for appropriate containers and candies. Consider candy corn, foil covered chocolates, beautiful rock candy lollipops, and fruit and animal shaped gummies.


Your candy buffet table should be 6’ to 8’ long. You will use 3-4 tall containers for the back row, 4 containers and a centerpiece for your middle section, and short containers or trays for the front row. You will place goody bags or small boxes on each front corner, and the table will be decorated with BBQ theme pieces. For this table, we suggest a combination of wicker basket containers and wooden containers. If you choose to mix in some glass containers use golden or brown or layer clear containers with summer colored candy.

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A centerpiece of muffins is pretty and easy to make. If you prefer, use a bouquet of sunflowers in fall vase, tied with a fall ribbon. Place pine cones and flowers around the table for a timeless decor.


If you are going to do a backdrop, consider handing strings of summer flowers garland a rod or hang with easy-to-remove hooks. Hang some twinkling lights between the rows of garland for a festive and lovely look.

Props are easy to find at any store, or you can allow the children to make them at a nearby art stand set up with pictures, crayons, construction paper, and supplies.

Your centerpiece can be something fun like a pinata. Stuff the pinata with plenty of candy like rock candy sticks, candy corn shaped suckers, large hard candy balls, candy pumpkins and other sweets. Fill your containers with your candy selections but keep the colors within the range of summer with oranges, yellows, green, and deep red. A good place to purchase your candy is Sweet Services.Com. This is a bulk candy supplier with a wide range of brands and selections and they ship based on a flat rate shipping fee.


The average person will consume about 8 ounces of candy. Depending on the size of the containers you provide, this may be up or down an ounce. Most bulk candy is purchased in 5-pound or 8-pound packages. BBQ is usually organized on sunny days, and in many areas, the temperatures are already warm. Purchase your candy in advance and inquire about storage to keep the candy fresh until the buffet. If you plan to use candy which is meltable (like chocolates) you may have to pay for fast shipping to ensure it arrives un-melted. You will need to have a place to keep it until use. These are all items you address with your bulk candy supplier.

At the end of your gathering, your guests all leave with their wonderful treats that taste great and are easily transported. The dozens of half eaten desserts from the feast are eliminated. Clean up is easy and your BBQ will be remembered. With your imagination and creativity, you may inspire a new tradition. So enjoy your candy buffet and everyone will have a little something extra to be excited about the next time.