Best Electric Smoker Under $200 (cheap) – $300 – $500 [SORTED]

Electric smokers are appliances used for preparing food which means that they can’t be cheap. But, there are two kinds of cheap products, the ones that are made so badly that they can’t provide you any kind of satisfaction and the ones that are made with good quality but don’t have everything you are looking for.

I want to focus on the second category because of those a good choice in the cheap department. Low quality cheap electric smokers you don’t want to use and that is why I want to show you which cheap electric smokers you can buy and be satisfied with them.

Those good cheap electric smokers are also known as the budget-friendly smokers. What I like about those smokers is that they are simple, easy to use and they have only what it is necessary to make the smoking process good.

Cheap electric smokers for every household

I am aware that every household has a different budget which means that a cheap electric smoker in my household doesn’t have to be the same for yours. That is why I have separated different smokers into categories by their price. Each price suits one household and by determining your electric smoker budget you can see in which category you can choose the best cheap electric smoker for your household.

In this chapter, I will show you what are best household categories depending on the budget and below this chapter, you will find best smokers for each household I have mentioned here.

Cheap electric smoker under $200

Cheap electric smoker under $200 This is the most budget-friendly category which has some pretty good cheap electric smokers.  I want to advise you that you don’t buy digital electric smokers that are under $200 because their quality is bad and they aren’t durable. Digital electric smokers are more sensitive and they carry much more electronics in them which means that they have to have great quality materials inside.

That is why I would recommend you to look at the analog electric smokers because they are best electric smokers under 200. Those smokers are made of stainless steel and other durable materials. The only electronic they have is the heating element, which means that their price is not high. So, if your household is looking for a cheap electric smoker, go with the best electric smoker under 200 dollars – analog electric smoker.

Cheap electric smoker under $300

Cheap electric smoker under $300 $300 is a healthy budget for electric smokers because most of the models are around this number. That means you have the best choice in this category, but it can be good and bad. The good thing is that you can find the smoker that suits your needs perfectly, but the bad thing is that you have to find it among the sea of best electric smoker under 300 dollars.

In this category, I suggest you go with the well-known brands like Masterbuilt, Char-Broil or Smoke Hollow because those are famous brands with good customer support, spare parts, and accessories. I am sharing that with you because there are some brands that have one or two models who look exactly like Masterbuilt or Char-Broil electric smokers. Those brands aren’t good because they can’t provide you spare parts or customer support and the quality of the product is questionable.

If you have two models in the best electric smoker under 300 dollars category which is very similar, go with the better-known brand. Smokers from well-known brands may be expensive, but they will last longer due to quality and warranty.

If you are a good fit for the best electric smoker under 300 dollars category, then I would suggest you try with the digital electric smokers. Yes, they are more sensitive, but they can provide you better temperature control during smoking and if you can afford them, think about the digital electric smoker.

Cheap electric smoker under $500

Cheap electric smoker under $500 This category is not similar to the categories above because best electric smoker under 500 dollars isn’t cheap electric smokers. For the budget around $500, you can get almost every residential electric smoker on the market.

That means you can choose from analog or digital, small or large, Bluetooth or wifi enabled. This category is even better than the one with the best electric smoker under 300 dollars because in that category you couldn’t choose a smoker with Bluetooth or wifi. In this category, you can.

If you are a technology freak and you want to have a smoker with all the features then I suggest you check out this category, which is the most expensive, but it offers the best electric smoker under 500 dollars.

In this category, you won’t find that many bad quality smokers like in the category above, but you still have to be careful and choose the best electric smoker under 500 from a well-known brand if you want to avoid any confusion about spare parts or accessories.

Best budget-friendly electric smokers

Here I will show you the best models for each category so you can choose your favorite electric smoker. I want to inform you that the prices of smokers can change in time and I try to keep this post updated, but sometimes the prices can change which is up to the brand and the market in general.

Best Electric Smoker Under 200 – Landmann USA Smoky Mountain 26“ Electric Smoker

landmann smoky mountain electric smoker Landmann is a part of Greman brand so you don’t have to worry about the quality because we all know how Germans make their products. Precise and with good quality.

The best electric smoker under 500 is a simple analog electric smoker made by Smoky Mountain. It actually looks pretty small since it has  26“, but it has 443 square inches of cooking space which is not small at all. The strong 1500-watt heating element can produce 100°to 260°F temperature and that temperature range is good enough even for more expensive smokers.

The best electric smoker under 200 provides good smoking conditions and you can control them with a temperature gauge on the doors. I like the fact that you can get this smoker in two versions, with and without the window on the doors.

The version with the window is better for rookies and people who want to see what is happening inside. Also, the size of the window is pretty good, it is not too big to cause too much heat loss and it is big enough for you to see every cooking rack. This window is the product of German engineering.

This interesting smoker is also easy to clean and I think that this is a pretty good feature, especially for residential cheap electric smokers.

If you think that this smoker is a good choice for you I suggest you take a look at the full review because you can adjust the smoker’s doors which is a big plus. To visit the full review, visit my Landmann electric smoker post.


Best Electric Smoker Under 300 – Masterbuilt 30“ Digital Smoker

Masterbuilt smoker 20070910 The basic Masterbuilt electric smoker is a great cheap electric smoker you can get with the price below 300. Masterbuilt is a well-known brand which means you can find spare parts, accessories and you can contact a customer support if you experience any problem.

This best electric smoker under 300 has 708 square inches of cooking space which is great because it means you can smoke food for your family and your friends. This simple electric smoker has digital controls which are an advantage if you don’t like reading the temperature from temperature gauges.

Digital controls on this smoker are easy to use; all you need is press the button for time and temperature and you are done. The digital controls are more convenient because you can easily read the temperature of the screen, while some analog smokers have a problem with that.

The people behind Masterbuilt electric smokers have added one feature to their smokers. That is a patented wood chip loader which means that you don’t have to open the doors to add wood chips. That feature saves so many heat and smoke in the smoker and it is very easy to use.

An additional wood chip loader is one of the must-have features for every electric smoker not just best electric smokers under 300.

The great thing about this Masterbiult cheap electric smoker is that you can also adjust it to your needs. You can change the color, the design of the doors (with or without windows), but some versions of this smoker are more expensive than the basic one (this one).

If you are a fan of Masterbuilt smokers then I suggest you read the full review of this Masterbuilt 30“ electric smoker so you can find every pros and con this best electric smoker under 300 has.


Best Electric Smoker Under 500 – Bradley Digital Smoker

best price bradley digital smoker Bradley is an electric smoker brand which is pretty impressive. Its electric smoker models are good quality, durable and user-friendly. I decided to share this digital electric smoker with you because it is really the best electric smoker under 500 and you will see why.

The Bradley smokers are interesting because they have multiple purposes. This digital smoker can be used as the smoker and as the oven which means you can get two appliances in one. It is not as big as the Masteruilt smoker, but it is still enough for family and friends.

This smoker has 572 square inches of cooking space and it has two heating elements. Yes, since it is a smoker and the over, each part has its own heating element. The smoking element is 125-watt and the cooking element is 500-watts.

There is another interesting feature of Bradley electric smokers. Every model has that and it that is the self-feeding bisquettes system. This is a downside as much as it is an advantage because you can’t use ordinary wood chips in this system, but bisquettes made only by Bradley. The advantage of this system is that you have to fill it up and the system adds bisquettes every 20 minutes in the smoking chamber. That means that the smoker is always the same intensity and that the meal will end up delicious.

So, if you think that buying special bisquettes made only by Bradly is not a problem, then I highly suggest you read the whole review of this best electric smoker under 300 because it is worth the money. Also, you can choose the size of this smoker in the full review, which means you can bet even bigger smoker, just keep in mind that the bigger smoker has a higher price.