Best Lump Charcoal Review In 2022: Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to preparing delicious and mouth-watering grilled meats, no briquettes or propane can come close to the performance of the best lump charcoal.

Known for bringing the best smokey flavors and aroma to barbecue dishes, the best lump charcoal can do wonders with your meal. 

As the list of the manufacturer’s producing Lump charcoal has been increasing, each and every lump charcoal comes with slightly different qualities.

Thus it can be a difficult task to find lump charcoal that fulfills your requirements and applies great taste to your meal. 

10 Best Lump Charcoal Reviews:

Old school methods of grilling are far better than the modern methods and are known as the best to enrich your food with extreme flavors.

Therefore this article comprises the best lump charcoal you can find within your budget.    

1. Jealous Devil 20lb Lump Charcoal

Jealous Devil #8 Lump Charcoal

This best lump charcoal from Jealous Devil and is known to be best lump charcoal for grilling and smoking food.

Being chemical-free coals, this lump charcoal comprises of the ability to put earthy flavors in your meal. 

Coming from an incredibly dense hardwood from the South African region, this lump charcoal can provide extreme heat up to  1100 degrees.

Which proves to be beneficial while cooking crispy seared meat with an interior full of juice. This lump charcoal by Jealous Devil is highly efficient.

It consumes up to forty percent less fuel for moderate and low cooking which means you can save enough amount of coal that can be used in another grill party.


  • One of the most efficient products on the list. 
  • Offers excellent temperature control
  • Produce superb flavor in food


  • Some package might contain small chunks

2. Cowboy 24200 Lump Charcoal

Cowboy 24200 Lump Charcoal

Cowboy 24200 can prove to be an economical option for grill lovers as this package offers high quality in affordable rates.

This charcoal comes enriched with natural ingredients therefore you don’t have to worry about any artificial taste in your food. 

As a result, your meal would be full of savory and flavorful taste and can provide tough competition to a restaurant cooked food. 

The coals have been textured with extremely dense hardwood which provides strength to the coals and make them sufficient enough to burn for a long period even at an extreme temperature

Being made up of renewable resources, this coal is environmentally friendly and can prove to be one of the best lump charcoal you ever tried. 


  • Cost-effective
  • Adds great flavor to food
  • Excellent temperature control


  • Inconsistent when it comes to the sizes of the lump 

3. Fogo FHWC35LB Lump Charcoal

Fogo FHWC35LB Lump Charcoal

If you’re looking for lump charcoal that can prove to be more compatible with your Big Green Egg, then this lump coal from Fogo will not disappoint you.

The ultra blend of the lump charcoal this Fogo contains can prove to be an ideal choice for grilling along with smoking.

 This lump charcoal happens to be versatile enough to be used with ceramic grills such as Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe and etc.  

All of the pieces of this charcoal consist of a size that is at least 4 inches in diameter.  This is useful in Kamado style cookers because there aren’t any small pieces to clog the air holes.

Which provides you with the opportunity to easily light up the coals and handle the temperature according to your personal preference. 

Reaching up to a high searing temperature is not an issue for this Lump charcoal and provides restaurant quality taste.


  • Gives excellent flavoring to the food. 
  • Highly durable
  • The temperature control is great. 
  • Quality control of this product is great. 


  • None. 

4. Kamado Joe KJ-Char Hardwood Lump Charcoal

Kamado Joe KJ-Char Hardwood Lump Charcoal

If you are the owner of a ceramic grill and want to have lump charcoal that goes just right with a ceramic grill, then this product by Kamado Joe can prove to be a good pick for you. 

This best lump charcoal is made up of hardwood material and consists of a perfect blend of Mistal, Guayacan, Guayaibi along with white Quebracho, all of which are known to produce the best lump charcoal.

These woods are bound to be so hard that they are known as the “Axe breaker” by local people. 

This charcoal is processed with natural ingredients and consists of an exceedingly long burning time. If this lump charcoal is used efficiently, it can burn for 18 hours straight.



  • Add tasteful aroma to the food
  • Has excellent looks 
  • Happens to be one of the cost effective products.


  • The product feels a bit overpriced. 

5. Fogo Premium Oak Restaurant Lump Charcoal

Fogo Premium Oak Restaurant Lump Charcoal

Another great product by Fogo can be a great choice for your grill, this extremely premium mixture of all-natural lump charcoal provides supreme quality.

Which provides tough competition to other best lump charcoal manufacturers out there. 

Made up of hardwood recipes, this charcoal tends to be incredibly dense which enables it to burn for a prolonged period of time, even at a hot searing temperature.

Which provides you with an opportunity to cook food with a crispy exterior while its splendid juicy interior is kept safe.  

By using this product by Fogo, your food will be free of any artificial flavor as this lump charcoal contains no additives, fillers or chemicals.

This best lump charcoal isn’t produced by deforestation and is purely manufactured from trimmed trees, so by buying this product, you’ll be indirectly helping the government to demolish deforestation practices.  


  • Food cooked with this product tastes great.
  • Offers great temperature control
  • Adds extra flavoring to the food


  • The product when used to cook with can generate some ash. 

6.  Royal Oak 195228021 NAT Lump Charcoal

Royal Oak 195228021 NAT Lump Charcoal

This product is hard to be overlook if you’re fond of smokey, savory and flavored grilled food. 

This product can prove to be a beneficial choice for both smokers and grills, along with ceramic and kamado grills. 

Being made from all natural components, some of the main components that this charcoal is made of are oak, maple, and some part of walnut.

This coal contains a dense texture and has the strength to convert your average food to a delicious meal. 

Moreover, the coal can provide heat up to an intense temperature and ensure a consistent result every time you grill beef.

Because of the consistent size of the lump charcoal  it’s easy to control the temperature which insures that your food will be cooked to your prescribed temperature. 

From being made up of renewable woods, this charcoal can be the best pick for your grill party.


  • Consistent lump sizes
  • High burning temperature
  • Decent quality control


  • The product might contain some fillers 

7. B&B Oak Lump Charcoal

B&B Oak Lump Charcoal

This lump charcoal for B and B promises high-quality lump charcoal and has proved what is worth on grill steak. 

As this product is made of all the natural ingredients, this product does not contain any kinds of additives, fillers or harmful chemicals.

Therefore, along with savory flavors, you can add a smoky taste to your meal. 

These best lump charcoals consist of an ability to burn at a hot searing temperature for a prolonged period of time and its largely sized chunks assure you that these lump charcoals can be used on a different grill party. 


  • Great Temperature Control
  • Durable enough to last a good long time
  • Adds in extra flavor to the food making it taste delicious.


  • Some reviews have reported that this product produces sparks in huge numbers

8. Harder Charcoal 100 Percent Natural Lump Charcoal 

Harder Charcoal 100 Percent Natural Lump Charcoal 

This lump charcoal is enriched with a quality that no matter how difficult it is to attract you, this product will surely grab your attention. 

Being handmade from Quebracho wood, these coals are extremely dense and can be burned at a high temperature for a very long time. 

The size of these lump charcoals is large which allows you to easily control the temperature of the cooking according to your preference.

These coals are textured so that they don’t produce excessive spark and smoke and are environmentally friendly. 

This product is loved by environmentalists as not a single tree is being cut off for its production. 


  • Has large chunks of coals. 
  • The product does not gives out a lot of smoke
  • Good temperature control 
  • Induces additional delicious taste to the food
  • Can be lit quickly
  • Burns for a longer period


  • None. 

9. Fire & Flavor Premium Oak And Hickory Lump Charcoal

Fire & Flavor Premium Oak And Hickory Lump Charcoal

If you’re looking for something that can enrich your food with tasteful flavors, then this can be the best lump charcoal you can have. 

Being made from hickory and oak hardwood, this lump charcoal is able to burn for a prolonged period of time.

It comes with big sized chunks that let the air pass through it and enable the user to adjust its temperature as per the user’s need. 

These coals are free from any kind of artificial material and hence promised its user to provide professional grilled taste to your meals. 


  • This product offers big-size chunks
  • Burns for a longer period of time.
  • Has a constant lump size
  • Induces great flavors to the cooking
  • Provides great value for money.


  • Some reviews suggested that these charcoals are harder to light up. 

10. Jealous Devil Quebracho Blanco Lump Charcoal

Jealous Devil Quebracho Blanco Lump Charcoal

Another great product by Jealous Devil, this lump charcoal is undoubtedly the best lump charcoal for grilling.

Being constructed from “ax breaker” Quebracho wood, these coals are dense enough to enable the coal to be burned for a longer time. 

It’s easy to light up these coals quickly and once they’re burnt, the lump charcoal won’t generate excessive smoke and are relatively spark-free.

Which assures the user about the high quality of these best lump charcoals.  This product is mainly used in restaurants by professionals.

So if you’re looking forward to adding top-notch flavors to your meal, this lump charcoal will not let you down. 


  • The amount created from burning this product is very contained.
  • Happens to be Spark-free
  • Creates very little ash 
  • Gives Excellent flavors


  • Some reviews suggested that these charcoals happen to be a bit expensive

What to Consider When Buying Lumpwood Charcoal:Lumpwood Charcoal

Not all Lump charcoals consist of equal elements, so it can be difficult to judge which quality lump charcoal provides better quality.

A good start that can help you differentiate among the different qualities of the best lump charcoal is to burn through several bags of the wood and look for the consistency among them.

Meanwhile, this is not enough to pick your best lump charcoal, so therefore it’s advised to keep the following things in mind before choosing your best lump charcoal.  

The Wood:

The best lump charcoal should consist of low sulfur content as this type of wood will yield far better grades of a lump than other wedges.

The wood should consist of hard wood as some softwoods such as pine can be resinous.

This means if some pine is still leftover in the lump, it will produce an unpleasant flavor that can make you fall sick. 

Although a softwood lump is light in weight and burns quicker than hardwood a hardwood lump proves to be long lasting and burns for a prolonged period and producing more smoke than a softwood along with a lesser amount of ash. 

Scraps from building material are also used to create lump charcoal.

These scraps consist of the chemicals and preservatives used in the wood before and therefore reduces the quality of the lump charcoal.

This type of wood will make your food taste a little strange and can be hazardous to your health. It’s advised to look for the “100 percent natural” tag on the bag beforehand while buying lump charcoal.  

Sustainable Materials:

As the amount of deforestation has risen up to a serious level, it’s considered to be a major global issue.

To decrease this affair, most US companies are now using sustainable sources to produce charcoal.

So it’s recommended to purchase your best lump charcoal from foreign sources and look for the FSC stamp on the bag. 

FSC is an organization that ensures that the foreign lump charcoal is made from protected wood areas. 

Size of the Lump:

A best lump charcoal bag should consist of an equal size of the lump in it. After purchasing a couple of bags, you’ll realize that lump charcoal comes in a wide range of sizes.

High quality and best lump charcoal would consist of large and medium-sized, this ratio can vary from other brands and the size of the bag you’re optioning. 

Try your luck finding a lump charcoal bag with a few oversized chunks, few medium ones with little ones all around them.  

Full Carbonization:

Full carbonization means that the wood should be completely burned down with no carbon and charcoal as leftovers.

By fully carbonized lump charcoal, you’ll be able to handle your food efficiently as mixing the real wood fragrance with the spices can produce a delicious meal.  

Many lumps aren’t carbonized fully and you may witness some pieces of wood as leftovers. 

To identify whether a wood you’re about to use is a properly charred lump; you can drop a piece of the wood on a hard surface and it should break into different small sized chunks.  

 It’s advised to go for a superior brand as it will contain less amount of these under-charged lumps.  

Dust and other objects:

The dust which comes from the charcoal tends to be completely useless for grilling. Instead, it can block up your ventilation vents and can produce huge sparks while grilling. 

Dust can’t be avoided as it comes with the bag of lump charcoal due to the carelessness of the filtering process and rough handling at the factory and at the stores where they are kept. 

But you can avoid other objects such as rocks or nails in the bag, therefore it’s preferred to take a good look at the bag while buying the lump charcoal to avoid any inconvenience while grilling.

What is the best Lump Charcoal? Lump Charcoal

Lump charcoal contains different specifications within them, as each brand manufactures its own lump charcoal with its own preference.

The quality of lump charcoal mainly depends upon the type of wood being used.

It’s important that the best lump charcoal should be coming from a sustainable source to avoid deforestation and it should come in fully charged.  

There can’t be one best lump charcoal for everyone as the decision is personal and depends upon your own preference.

You have to try a couple of brands first and then you will be able to select which band serves you with the best lump charcoal. 

Why You Should Use Lump Charcoal For Grilling:

Lump charcoal can burn hotter than average coal as it’s designed with specific woods that enrich your food with tasteful and savory flavors. Grilling using a lump of charcoal has its own perks and is worth an experience. 


Above mentioned coals are one of the best lump charcoals which can be used to add a little more excitement and fun to your grilled parties.

With these charcoals, throwing a feast to your friends with a food full of savory taste is now a piece of cake.

Choose your best pick from the options above and experience a pure class of what really taste looks like.