10 Best Steak Knives to Buy in 2022: (Complete Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

Do you like to have a steak? Well me too! But it is almost impossible to eat a steak without cutting it and for cutting you have only one option that is a knife.

Isn’t it so?

Sometimes you want to get a knife that can perfectly cut your juicy steak.

Actually, No steak feast is complete without a perfect steak knife. Here in this article, I am going to present ten best of the steak knives that you should consider if you are thinking to buy one.

Before we get along with it,   

Here I want to tell you that what should you consider before buying a steak knife.

Firstly, the blade comes first. Saw-toothed blades are those which do not need sharpening now and then. But when it comes to cutting steak it gives you hard time.

Then there are also straight blades from which cutting a steak feels like that you are cutting butter but the outcome of these blades is that you have to sharpen them more often.

Then, the size of the blade also plays a factoring role in cutting. If you want a clear cut of your steaks then the length of the blade should be small.

While the topic turns toward stability then get a knife with a large blade.

Best Steak Knives Reviews:

Steak Knives

These are some top of the line choices that you can get in the market. Al their essential information is listed here to let you know which is the best one for your requirements.

1- Wusthof Stainless

Wusthof 8-Piece Stainless-Steel Steak Knife...
  • Eight steak knives packaged in presentation box with rosewood stain
  • High-carbon 18/10 stainless-steel serrated blades
  • Contemporary, polished 18/10 stainless handles

When buying a steak knife, we need to look for precision and sturdy design. Only then you can enjoy the smooth, clean cuts and the perfect steak.

So here we have a whole set of the best steak knives. Wusthof bring you these amazing, high quality, stainless steel knives. Made with high carbon 18/10 stainless steel. Each of these comes with serrated blades.

Unlike the normal serrated knives, these offer precise cuts. Hence you can now enjoy dinner plans with friends or family. In fact, the sleek design makes it comfortable to hold the knife.

Its forged end provides you a strong grip so you can use it with ease. Moreover, this set comes in an appealing rosewood stained box.

Hence a perfect gift for your family, friends, or anyone who loves to eat. A brownie point is that Wusthof offers you a lifetime warranty.


  • High carbon steel
  • Durable
  • Comfy to use


  • A bit blunt

2- DALSTRONG Steak Knives

DALSTRONG Steak Knives 4-Piece Set - 5" -...
  • The NEW Standard in Steak Knives: Outstanding craftsmanship,...
  • Incredibly sharp, full-tang, imported high-carbon German steel,...
  • Award winning design, with satisfying heft, premium materials and...

The best steak knives are the ones offering smooth cutting without making a mess. This next product can be your new favorite steak knife with amazing features.

Dalstrong is well-known to provide premium-grade products in the market. This set of 4 straight edge knives are a must-have for steak lovers.

Made with high carbon German stainless steel. The design supports the heat-treated feature with a hand-polished handle. So unlike common knives, your hand will get a sturdy grip.

These G-10 handles are ultra-premium in quality thanks to military-grade manufacturing. Moreover, it comes with a full-tang, sharp finish. Honed to perfection the knives offer razor-sharp cuts of 5″.

To further enhance the quality and shelf life of these knives, these have a satin finish. Hence offering required flexibility, robustness, and least resistance.


  • Full tang
  • German steel
  • Fiberglass resin


  • Overpriced

3- AmazonBasics Steak Knife Set

Amazon Basics 8-Piece Kitchen Steak Knife...
  • Kitchen steak knife for effortlessly cutting meat into smaller pieces...
  • Includes 8 steak knives forged from a single piece of stainless steel
  • Micro-serrated edge never needs sharpening

Next on the list, we have another best seller product in the market. With this set of 8 steak knives, you can now plan dinner parties and more. Coming with a sleek design these will only add grace to your table.

These knives are not only known for their stylish design. But also for being the best steak knives when it comes to performance.

They won’t require you to put extra force to cut the meat. With the perfect amount of precision, you can get a clean cut.

Here is a pro-tip! If you want to extend the lifespan of these knives then avoid the dishwasher. Use a mild detergent with warm water to gently rinse them.

The manufacturing comprises of top-grade stainless steel with a full tang. It only depicts precision from the tip of the blades to the handle.

Moreover, the smooth finishing lets you hold the handle without much effort. Thanks to the micro-serrated blades, you are free from the hassle of honing these.


  • Affordable
  • Serrated blades
  • Smooth finish


  • Average quality

4- Wüsthof Classic Steak Knife

Wüsthof Classic Steak Knife Set, 4-Piece
  • WÜSTHOF CLASSIC SERIES – 4 Piece Steak Knife Set with triple...
  • RAZOR SHARP – High Carbon Stainless Steel Blades, precisely cut with...
  • WÜSTHOF STEAK KNIFE SET – Includes four 4 1/2" Steak Knives....

To pick up the best steak knives out of the lot, quality should be your major concern. So nothing can beat Wusthof’s product when it comes to quality.

This product is another set of steak knives loaded with amazing features. Coming with high carbon stainless steel blades, it offers razor-sharp cuts.

One of the best parts about these knives is precision and easy maintenance.

You can only hand wash these with warm water so they would last longer. These 1/2″ knives have forged steel to provide you a smooth yet strong grip. Hence the blades will slide right through the meat without making a mess.

Furthermore, the triple-riveted polypropylene handles offer sheer longevity. The sleek finish can resist any discoloration or fading and avert heat impacts.


  • Premium quality
  • Forged steel
  • Full bolster


  • Non-economical

5- Shun Classic 4-Piece Steak Knife Set

Shun Cutlery Classic Steak Knife Set - 4.75"...
  • STEAK KNIVES SET: Enjoy the best steak possible with the Shun...
  • FOR MORE FLAVORFUL STEAKS: Hand-sharpened to a 16-degree edge on each...
  • HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Constructed with Shun's proprietary VG-MAX...

Fining a perfect gift can be a tough cookie especially for a newlywed couple. But imagine finding the mind-blowing item to surprise your loved ones.

But we are here to help you out by bringing a classic yet functional gift. This set of best steak knives can be an immediate favorite of any person.

With only a single look you can deduce that these are not only sleek but razor-sharp.

Shun’s steak knives come with the most eye-catching design. Made with top-nitch VG-MA steel, the blade cuts through the meat like it cuts the butter.

The smooth blade not only offers perfect cuts but avoids a mess. Next, these have 68 micro-layers of cladding to boost the sturdy design.

Yet the blades are pretty light, thin, and sharper. To let the user have to enjoy swift movement, the classic handle comes with PakkaWood.


  • Layered steel
  • Classic handle
  • Utter precision


  • Heavy on pocket

6- Chicago Cutlery Steakhouse Knife Set

Chicago Cutlery 4-1/2-Inch Steakhouse Knife...
  • KITCHEN ESSENTIALS: 4-Piece Steak Knife Set includes four high-quality...
  • STAINLESS STEEL BLADE: Stainless steel blade resists rust, stains, and...
  • SAFE HANDLING: Triple brass rivets and full metal tang provide added...

Here we have another product that is a hot-seller in the market. Unlike traditional steak knives, this set is far more elegant and appealing.

The handle supports a stunning brown wood design. It ensures that the user feels comfy while using the knife. Or the handle is easy to hold and provide a perfect grip.

If you are one of those who like to add an aesthetic touch to things. Nothing else beats this set of steak knives with such graceful design.

In fact, being the best steak knives set it would complement your table.

Manufacturing includes high carbon stainless steel that offers longevity. Being rust and stain-resistant, thee knives can last for a longer period.

The only tip is to handwash them so the steel remains scratch-free. To boost the balance, control, and enhance strength the knives have metal tangs. Apart from this, the Chicago Cutlery Store offers a lifetime warranty.


  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Sleek design


  • Deep serrations

7- Messermeister Avanta Set Steak Knife

Messermeister Avanta 5” Fine Edge Steak...
  • STEAK KNIFE SET - Avanta knives were developed for one of the leading...
  • BLADE WITH A PURPOSE - Smooth, fine edges are the most versatile for...
  • HIGH QUALITY - Our blades are crafted from German X50 stainless steel...

If you are in dire need of something that fits your list of requirements. Well, you are in the right place as we have the perfect product for you.

The best steak knives can rather make any dinner memorable. Imagine getting the perfect cuts without any hassle or having to struggle with the meat.

Now, you can get your hands on the most affordable German steel knives. The handle made from PakkaWood provides a smooth yet strong grip.

As the design supports tangs, this signals to the knife being a 1-piece of steel. Apart from that these also have forged bolster to make usability facile.

You won’t have to face issues like rust, discoloration, etc. If you simply follow the hand wash rule, the knives can las an eternity.


  • One-piece forged
  • Full tang
  • German stainless steel


  • Quality concerns

8- Zelancio Cutlery Japanese Steel Steak Knives Set

Zelancio Cutlery 4 Piece Japanese Steel Steak...
  • Four non-serrated knives for cutting meat - this steak knife set by...
  • Japanese VG-10 carbon steel core - each of these steak knives features...
  • Beautiful black PAKKAWOOD handles - made from an engineered...

Next, we have another product made with the best quality material. Zelancio surely knows well about satisfying the clients with stunning products.

This next set of 4 steak knives are no doubt loaded with features that we all ever need. Sometimes, the steak knives are too sharp or too dull to cut meat in precision.

But these knives are the perfect combination of everything from quality to price. Designed specifically for steaks, you can invite your friends and have a great time. All thanks to Zelancio’s steak knives set.

Coming with a Japanese VG-10 carbon steel manufacturing. The non-serrated blades give you smooth cuts right through the meat. The 67 layers of folded Damascus steel only adds to the stability.

Made from PakkaWood, the handle gives you a strong grip so it won’t slip away. This design resembles natural wood but offers longevity twice the original wood.


  • Damascus steel
  • Rust resistance
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Non-serrated blades

9- Bellemain Premium Steak Knife Set

Bellemain Serrated Steak Knife Set | Meat...
  • BELLEMAIN’S SIGNATURE STEAK KNIFE: Glide through tough meats with a...
  • MANUFACTURED ESPECIALLY FOR STEAK-EATERS: Ice-tempered steel keeps its...

For those who love tough meat for their steak, we have the best steak knives with serrated blades. Made with premium-grade surgical steel, the knives offer rust resistance.

To achieve utter precision and sharpness, the design supports stainless steel. So the blade can slide right through the center without any effort.

These knives are specially designed to entertain steak lovers. So unlike heat tempered steel, the edge is longer due to ice-tempered steel.

Apart from that, the 5″ serrations tear the meat without making any mess. Thus the cherry on the top is its full tang feature without any pinning. The single steel piece knife has more strength and durability.


  • Full tang
  • Affordable
  • Full bolster


  • Deep serrations

10- DALSTRONG Steak Knives

DALSTRONG Steak Knives - Set of 4 - Serrated...
  • The NEW Standard in Steak Knives: Outstanding craftsmanship,...
  • Incredibly sharp, full-tang, imported high-carbon German steel,...
  • Award winning design, with satisfying heft, premium materials and...

Here we have the very last product on the list of the best steak knives. Serrated knives are more common options when we talk of steak knives.

From its quirky design to the sleek finishing, this set will be a stunning addition to your table. Coming with a full tang body, you can rely on its strength and precision.

Its manufacturing includes the high-grade PakkaWood handle and high carbon German steel. With such an affordable price range nothing can compete with this set.

The serrations have an angle of 14-16 degrees to slice down the meat without any effort.

The triple-riveted, hand polishes handle is quite flexible. It offers minimal resistance while you slice even bigger chunks.


  • Hand polished spine
  • Easy cleaning
  • Included sheath


  • A bit blunt

Best Steak Knives – Buyer’s Guide:

Steak Knives1

To find the best steak knives you do need a bit of guidance. So here are a few buying tips that you must know of beforehand.


This is the prime factor that we need to consider before buying anything. Even if it is a steak knife, you might have some budget limits in your mind.

Rather than buying a set that only contains 4 knives, opts for a set with at least 8 knives. If you take a closer look, there would only be a mere difference in the price.

This petite number won’t actually make any impact. But if you have a higher budget then you are welcome to be fancy.

Serrated or Straight Edge:

When talking about steak knives, in particular, they are of types only. The first thought occurring in our minds is deep, serrated knife for perfect cuts.

But in the above-listed knives, we didn’t put serrated blades only.

So, here’s the deal!

You may know how serrated knives are almost like a mini saw. These not only slice the meat but also tear it. If you are having tough meats, serrated knives can be the optimal choice.

But what if you decided to go for tender meat? of course, serrated knives won’t be the smartest choice here. Thus the straight-edge knives can save you from any mess.


These knives will be around the house for quite some time. Hence take into account the fact that they need proper maintenance.

Now, serrated knives become dull only at the tip of serrations when they come in contact with plates.

The rest of the blade remains sharp for a longer span. But when it needs honing, the process requires extra time.

Whereas straight-edge are more likely to get dull due to their plain design. Yet the plus point is that you can sharpen them within minutes (over and over).

In short, no type is perfect or without any flaws. It is your call which option suits you better.


Rockwell Hardness Scale is the standard used to determine the hardness of any blade. Any metal undergoes different heat-treatments and formulations. Each of these processes has its own impact on the metals.

Hence the hardness level also varies from one metal to another. Apart from cleavers, almost all culinary knives fall between 54-60 Rockwell rating. So if you need the best steak knives, look for something between 54 and 60.

If you think hard blades last longer, you are highly mistaken. In fact, such blades tend to be brittle and can chip anytime. Whereas the ductile/soft blades will last longer but require more honing.

Material Composition:

Professional chefs prefer high carbon steel knives that are not protected from rusting. Instead, such knives need extra care and measures while cleaning and washing. Only then such knives can last longer in the run.

Opposite to these, we have the steak knives often made from stainless steel. The use of salt and other spices for the marination of meat is a major reason. These can boost the process of oxidation to a great extent.

Hence stainless steel not only tends to offer resistance, unlike carbon steel. But these steak knives stick around for a longer time span.

Types Of Steak Knives:Types Of Steak Knives

A set of magnificent steak knives not only helps you in dressing your table but also can be a perfect gift for your food fanatic buddy.

It also the finest supplement to the assemblage of your kitchen tools. In any household, chic steak knives are highly valued.


We have so many choices when we are going to buy them. Selecting the best steak knives are however tough sometimes.

Are you in hurry? So let us sow the seed of before any stay!

So when you go out in the market place you have quite a lot of choices in your hand about steak knives including different sizes and shapes.

Many folks tend to get their knives according to the serration on the edges of the blade and think that these knives will stay sharp for an extended period and slice your steak smoothly.

This is sometimes true but sometimes not. There are dual categories of steak knives.

Let us have a glance at them,

Serrated Steak Knives:

We have noticed that steaks are hard and resistive from the outside and soft from the inside. The serrated knives are meant to cut these types of food with much ease and slickly.

What is a serrated blade? The serrated blade is the one that has a pointed tooth on the edge of the knife blade. These teeth are prominent and intense enough that they can cut your food firmly.

Moreover, The detachment between these teeth on the edge of the blade is different for different, it depends. Some steak knives come with teeth that are very close to each other so that it looks like a v’s if you look at the blade.

On the other hand,  Some knives have teeth that are located in a distance to one another on the edge of the blade. When you look at the blades of these knives then you will perceive the image of u’s.

These knives with serrated blades have two parts of the blade that has two parts one is teeth of course and the other one is the blade between these teeth.

Do you know what is interesting?

Together they make the best steak knives. The reason is the teeth and the blade between teeth are so sharp that makes them the best. The serrated blades are made for different parts of carving.

Purpose Of Serrated Steak Knives:

The most popular serrated knives are considered as steak knives. This is because teeth or indentations on the blade will easily cut the crust of your steak during the rest part will easily cut the bread.

Not only this but also,

Most people think that serrated knives are best for the carving of your steak and many people consider this over non-serrated knives. They go with the illusion of sharp teeth like edges.

They think that the blades of their serrated knives do not touch their plates like straight or non-serrated knives so these will remain sharp and work efficiently for a longer period.

Well, this is true somehow but this is also true that these knives are difficult to sharpen and need special tools for sharpening.

Do you know what does it mean?

It means that some people survive with a dull steak knife through their life despite that they have a serrated blade attached with them just because these are hard to sharp.

Sharpening Serrated Knives:

Now in this, we are going to look at the ways through which we can sharp our serrated knives.


These knives do not need sharpening more often like other types of knives. Serrated knives have teeth which mean not equal barrels, if one part of these knives is thin then the other one is thick.

That’s why they are considered difficult to sharp.


The solution to this problem is the ceramic rod which is used for the maintenance of these blades.

Electric sharpeners would not be recommended because these sharpeners will only affect the working of the high points also known as teeth of the blades.


Wheatstone is also considered to sharp your serrated knives but they are mainly used to sharp the straight edges of your knives.

But you know what?

It takes a lot of time and patience in the following of all the above-mentioned methods of sharpening your blades.

So better is if your knives are made up of high-quality material then left them to professional for sharpening.

What To Look In Serrated Steak Knives:

Before buying one you should consider the following things in serrated knives t buy the best one.

Let us have a glimpse of them, 

The best quality serrated knives have wide, cavernous, and highly pointed indentations on the knife’s blade. The serrations or grooves are of crescents like the shape of concave finishing.


Some serrated knives are crenated and smooth-edged serrations, these are outward indentations. The blade of serrated knives gives us the look of clouds.

Care For Serrated Knives

As we all know that serrated knives are slightly different from other kitchen cutlery and need proper care in washing and placing as well.

Do not put you serrated knives in the dishwasher cause it will cause dullness of your knives.

Non Serrated Knives:

These knives are also known as straight knives and like serrated knives, they do not have teeth or indentations on the edges of their blades.

They can cut the steak without tearing them part into your plate. That means that these also got the ability of smooth and firm cutting.


At the very first glance, you might think of them that these are sharper than serrated ones but this is not the case. The serrated are sharper.

Steak fanatics usually love the cuts that are obtained from non-serrated knives because it keeps all the juicy flavor of their stake that is with the piece of it despite splashing it on the plate.


As you know that everything has its plus points and negative points so do non-serrated knives have.

The drawback of non-serrated knives is that unlike their opponent serrated knives these need sharpening very often.

The reason is that their straight-edge blades come in contact with the plates or are used in carvings of things that are placed on hard surfaces.


They are much easy to sharpen than those of serrated steak knives as long as you know how to use them what are the feature of these what material is used in the manufacturing of these knives you only need to practice.

Benefits of Steak Knives:

Steak Knives

The following are the key benefits of non-serrated steak knives. These benefits will help you in making up your mind about choosing the right steak knife for yourselves.

Clean and Smooth Cuts:

The benefits of non-serrated steak knives are that they provide a hygienic and plane cutting of your steak. And slice your steak in one go.

This quality of these makes them the best steak knives available out in the market place.

Less Effort:

The next benefit of them is that you do not need extra effort to put to carve your steak. As the straight edge of these knives help us to cut the steak in one straight go.

This ability of these knives allows us to have complete control over them as compared to their counterpart.

Great Control:

As compared to serrated one’s these knives offers you a less tough time and you can cut your steak within a single flow as you do not need to move your knife back and forth.

This also provides great control over the non-serrated knives. Also due to this ability, many people consider these knives as the best steak knives.


Next, I will tell you about how you can sharpen these knives. Though sharpening any kind of knives is an art in itself, here I will tell you how to perform this art on your non-serrated knives.

To sharp your non-serrated knives in the best way all you need is the best tools for sharpening and this purpose sharpening rods and Wheatstone is the best option in your hand.

Always avoid electric sharpeners because they are made to sharp some specific kinds of knives. Plus they take off much of steel from your knives than intended.

Hollow Edge:

The key characteristics of these knives are indentations. The edges have indentations on it. The advantage of this feature is that your food does not stick with your knife in the middle of cutting.

What Makes A Good Steak Knife:

Adding a set a steak knife into your cutlery collection is not a bad choice though, because it not only helps you in carving of your delectable and tasty steak but also enhances the attractiveness of the kitchen.

The following points make the knives perfect.

Firstly, you need to get your self serrated knives because these are considered the best steak knives by most of people.

Yes, I said it,

There are also other options you got but these serrated knives will give you the best.


Some folks also complain that these are not good in cutting the pieces perfectly or also affect the meat. Then they all need practice.

Otherwise, If you prefer appearance over performance then the choice is yours go with the non-serrated or straight-edged knives.

Secondly, the best steak knives have forged blades that provide great control over your knives. Because these knives are highly durable and stable and offer you a life of a relatively long period.

Lastly, the looks of the steak knives also make them the best steak knives. So looks matter a lot in every case. Some people also go with looks rather than performance.

Make sure that your steak knives tie the best bond with your other kitchen tools and cutlery. Remember that your steak knives are just for cutting off your steaks and not for cutting vegetables and fruits.

In short, these knives are for steak plates and your carving board. If you do this mistake of using them on your cutting board then it will only affect the functioning of the knife’s blade. The high points of your serrated knives will destroy completely.

Above mentioned points are the one’s that you should consider before buying your set of steak knives cause these points are those which makes a steak knife the best one.

Wrapping It All Up!!

Does not matter that you are a food obsessive or occasional griller best steak knives are compulsory. The knives should be handy to use, with sharp blade edges and rugged to cope with.

The best and perfect steak knife should come with the option of sharp blades so you do not need to face difficulty in the slicing of your steak. Plus they should be good with your budget as well.

Get yourself a one that has all the qualities that we have discussed in previous sections of this article.