Best Wood Pellets for Smoking Review in 2022

Throwing a BBQ Party? Well, then you’d need a Smoking grill. After you’re done purchasing the Grill, 

Now comes the harder part. This is rather a component of the smoking grill, as you need the Wood Pellets to set the fire that begins it all! 

You should consider buying an easy to cook and versatile cooker pellet smoker so it doesn’t take too much time or isn’t too hard to set up. Using Wood Pellets, the cooked BBQ will have you longing for the taste of the food it cooks.

This guide is meant to help you achieve a clear sense and make your mind about buying the right choice of wood pellets so you can get cooking! 

The description includes key features of the products and their Pros and Cons which will make it a lot easier for you to choose and understand the Best Wood Pellets. 

What are Wood Pellets?

The wood pellets are used as a fire accelerant as an alternative method for coal and natural gas. The foretold methods which wood pellets replace happen to be harmful to the already-sinking world’s environment. 

Using wood pellets instead of coal and natural gas can tone down pollution to another level. Apparently, these wood pellets happen to be very cost-effective as well.

They will add to your contribution to saving the planet as well as save your money as well. The Wood happens to be carbon neutral with a little sulfur or nitrogen. Depends on the products.

1- RecTec Grills Ultimate Blend Pellets

RecTec Grills Ultimate Blend Pellets

These premium Rec Ultimate Blend Pellets are the Best Wood Pellets as they are made from natural hardwood, made from a mixture of Oak and Hickory woods.

These pellets give your cooking an intense, smokey flavor.

They provide stronger flavor than the other wood pellets which make these the Best Wood Pellets for smoked meats.

The quality of these wood pellets is inarguably good, and They come in a similar shape which is what makes them the Best Wood Pellets that you can buy.

These wood pellets ensure that your equipment remains unharmed and even when burned at higher temperatures, these pellets burn out for a long time before they go out.

These wood pellets catch on fire very quickly so you can almost instantly get cooking.

The wood pellets are well packed, which means if stored properly, they can last an eternity.


  • RecTec Ultimate Blend Pellets can be used with various grills as they are compatible with most of them.
  • They don’t produce too much ash which means cleaning them out isn’t very hard to do. ‘
  • A trustworthy product that lives up to its purpose.
  • These wood pellets are made from freshly cut wood, As the Best Wood Pellets should be.


  • Although these pellets can bear higher temperatures, they cant sustain long enough making them harder to use.
  • Traeger PEL319 Hickory Natural Hardwood Grill Pellets

2- Traeger PEL319 Hickory Natural Hardwood Grill Pellets

Traeger PEL319 Hickory Natural Hardwood Grill Pellets

One of the best wood pellets, this 20-pound bag comes off as one of the best choices.

These wood pellets come in a different long variety of flavors so you can choose any one that is according to your preferences.

Though, the hickory BBQ flavor remains the best as it gives the food a salty flavor.  

Compared to the usual and typical options in the market, this one makes less ash than the other wood pellets which makes the cleaning process a lot easier.

These wood pellets are made 100% from fresh and natural hardwood.

Apart from this, these pellets have no filler or additives and to add to the finishing touch, they give off a lovely, smokey flavor. 

Apart from being a great choice for your cooker grill, these wood pellets are eco friendly as well as they possess no threat to the environment or your surroundings in any way.

With most of the meats, these pellets go hand in hand. As a matter of fact, they do well with vegetables and cheese as well. 


  • These wood pellets carry the essence of rich hickory flavor with them.
  • These wood pellets create less wood ash, making cleaning after easy. 
  • All thanks to their natural essence, these are great to be used with multiple food varieties.
  • A complete budget optimized option.
  • A viable option in the long run and are of consistent quality.
  • The Blue smoke these pellets give off take the cooking experience to a whole new level.


  • These pellets dont do well against moisture and will disintegrate as soon as they are exposed to it.
  • You may need to break down large pellets to use them in small pellet grills.

3- Camp Chef Premium Competition Pellets

Camp Chef Premium Competition Pellets

These wood pellets arrived on the scene being made from the mixture of cherry, hickory, and maple wood.

The original natural hardwood pellets give a natural flavor to your foods. Being completely free of additives and filler these make for the best wood pellets.

They have very low amounts of moisture that helps you ignite them faster and keep the grill clean and safe.

These pellets are highly likely to go useless if they come in contact with water, so it is ideal if you use the ideal storage conditions when you are transporting them or storing them. 

These pellets are compatible with most of the cooking grills and happen to be safe to use with all kinds of meat, vegetables, and even baking.

These pellets come in a 20-lbs bag which makes it easier for you to take them with you if you plan on cooking outdoors.


  • Suitable for smoking all kinds of meats and various foods. 
  • Purely made from natural hardwood increasing its efficiency
  • Low amounts of moistures are used helping you to maintain them for longer times.
  • No additional oils, chemicals are used which means it is able to retain its natural taste.


  • These wood pellets ash produce more ash than the previously listed choices.

4- Camp Chef Premium Wood Pellet Bag

Camp Chef Premium Wood Pellet Bag

For people that want a smoky color, and an apple flavor, these are the best wood pellets.

These wood pellets have a long-range of compatibility that works well with any brank of grill smokers. 

The applewood is the sole kind of wood that these wood pellets are made from so this gives off pure apple flavor and stands out from the ones that are used as combinations.

The functionality of these wood pellets are not only limited to grill cookers, but they can be used in any scenarios like Pit boss or Traeger, etc. 

The content of these wood pellets are purely crafted from apple hardwood, and there is no additional flavor, additives, or fillers used.

The standard for any cooking grill, these wood pelts help one achieve a great taste. 

Apart from being incredibly delicious tasting give, these pellets when put on fire burn for a long time and these also happen to fairly priced.

If you plan to use some applewood pellets in your cooking grills, these are the best wood pellets.


  • To get a taste of smokey apples, there is no better choice than this one
  • These wood pellets are extremely low in moisture content. 
  • They don’t contain any kind of additives and filter or chemicals.
  • Purely made from Apple hardwood.
  • These pellets long last in a cooking grill. 
  • The ash produced by burning these pellets is very minimal. 


  •  Although they are fairly priced, they are expensive options than the others.

5- Green Mountain Premium Cooking Pellets

Green Mountain Premium Cooking Pellets

If any of the items haven’t clicked with you yet, then we suggest that you let this one give a chance to make its case.

These green mountain cooking pellets come in a 28-pound bag, which means that they will be adequate enough to last for a while before you go looking for more.

These are made with solid premium hardwood with a mixture of Applewood.

Red Oak, and Hickory Wood, which gives a combination of a well-blended flavor to your cooking.

For better performance and to be easy to ignite, they have a fairly low amount of mixture to burning them becomes easier providing with a less lot of ash.

This is a great choice for cooking meats and vegetables that will allow you to experience a great natural taste.

Their special shape makes them compatible to be used with any kind of grill cooker and allows it to burn for a longer time. 


  • Designed to add a unique flavor to the food. 
  • Perfect choice for outdoor grilling options. 
  • Their size and shape make it compatible with just about every cooker.
  • They come at a reasonable price.


  • None.

6- CookinPellets 40PM Perfect Mix

CookinPellets 40PM Perfect Mix

This smoker pellets Perfect mix comes off the best wood pellets for people that own cooking grills and smokers as it is composed by one of the high-quality brands.

These are some of the best wood pellets as they don’t contain anything additional, such as a chemical to put one’s health at risk.

These wood pellets are a combination of many different kinds of wood, which adds a diverse touch of flavor to your cooking.

The fact that it is not dependant on a single form of wood, makes it one of the best wood pellets.

These types of pellets are made from the center of tree logs using only heartwood that does not use any type of bark. 


  • Made from high-quality wood and a premium blend of wood like cherry, apple, and hickory.
  • It is free of all additives, oil, and barks. 
  • It is free from filler wood due to which it doesn’t create much wood. 
  • The multiple mixes make them blend well with multiple food choices.


  • It goes on to the higher priced items list. 

7- Pit Boss 55433 BBQ Wood Pellets

Pit Boss 55433 BBQ Wood Pellets

In the world of smoke grills and wooden pellets, The Pit Boss brand has always been one of the lead takers.

They are quite famous for making optimal quality pellets.

They consider all the options and suggestions of their customers and never come up with a product that leaves one disappointed.

These wood pellets mix the smoke and flavor of maple, hickory, and cherry, to give off excellent results.

These pellets are ideal for any grill cooker that comes with a packing of 40 lbs.

These pellets give off a clear, hot burn, and as they are composed of 100% natural wood, they have no chemicals or additives as they don’t contain any additives or chemicals. 


  • Composed of total natural wood. 
  • No additives or chemicals used which makes it safe to use. 
  • Can be used with various food choices. 
  • They enhance the taste of the food giving it a finishing touch of its own. 


  • They can’t withstand high temperatures. 

8- BBQrs Delight Wood Smoking Wood Pellets

BBQrs Delight Wood Smoking Wood Pellets

If you arent sold with the idea of wood pellets having a unique single flavor, then these are ideal for you as they offer 6 varieties of different flavors.

The six famous flavors include Hickory, Apple, Mesquite, Jack Daniels, Cherry, and Pecan. No matter what kind of flavor you may prefer, we’re sure that you will find one that suits you within these! 

These single-pounded bags can be used about 10 times, more or less depending on the amount that you use.

These wood pellets give off sweet and fruity smoke due to being made from applewood.

If you prefer to have a smokey taste, then you should go for mesquite flavored pellets.

Go for cherry if you prefer a pink color to the flesh as well as a soft smoke. You just have many choices to choose from. 


  • The Versatility of these products is great and ideal for all grills.
  • The package of six different flavors gives you more options. 
  • Carefully crafted to ensure a safe cooking experience. 
  • Each flavor individually comes with a one pounded bag. 


  • This option is priced higher than the other options on our list.

9- Louisiana Grills 55405 Competition Pellets

Louisiana Grills 55405 Competition Pellets

These wood pellets are made from a perfect blend of sweet, savory, and spicy that gives off the perfect amount of flavor and balance.

The Manufacturing ratio of these wood pellets is 50% Maple wood, 25% Hickory Wood, and 25% Cherry wood.

Even when used with vegetables, the taste of these pellets doesn’t hold the taste of the vegetable hostage.

Talking about options, these wood pellets also come in a 40-pound bag that you can choose if you think that it suits your cooking needs the best.

The manufacture has used all the natural ingredients and avoided any artificial factors overall, so you can confide in these wood pellets with regards to matters about your health.

The taste these pellets give off is unpredictable and in a good way.

Due to using all the natural ingredients, you can expect more realistic flavors making them a few of the best wood pellets.


  • These wood pellets maintain a balance between smoke and taste.
  • They make for a good option as they produce less ash
  • They are made from natural raw wood. 
  • The wood pellets have a blend of three different kinds of wood, providing three different kinds of flavors.


  • Not the best option for the long run as they will develop a bad odor if stored for long.

10- Lumber Jack Apple Blend BBQ Grilling Pellets

Lumber Jack Apple Blend BBQ Grilling Pellets

Made from real wood, these are one of the best wood pellets as they offer a very high-quality taste to your food every time you use them.

These happen to be one of the most affordable options on our list yet they make no compromise on the quality they provide you with. 

Basically, it is composed of two main wood;  40% of which is apple, and the rest of the 60% is comprised of Oakwood.

The wood pellet content wood was very well selected as it gives an incredible taste and smell when used.

This option should free you of the worry about any concerns that you may have about your health.

The pouch and the size of it are made with the consideration that you may like to cook outdoors, making it a lot easy for you to travel with them.


  • They are very highly flavored
  • Budget-friendly wood pellets. 
  • High-quality pellets at a good price
  • For maximum using purposes, the diameter is kept small. 
  • Free of additives and chemicals which means they lack all the harmful substances.


  • They will give off more ash than the other options on our list. 

Best Wood Pellets for Smoking – Buyer’s Guide:

Best Wood Pellets for Smoking Buyers Guide

Throwing a BBQ Party? Well, then you’d need a Smoking grill. After you’re done purchasing the Grill, 

Now comes the harder part. This is rather a component of the smoking grill, as you need the Wood Pellets to set the fire that begins it all! 

You should consider buying an easy to cook and a versatile cooker pellet smoker, so it doesn’t take too much time or isn’t too hard to set up.

Using Wood Pellets, the cooked BBQ will have you longing for the taste of the food it cooks.

This guide is meant to help you achieve a clear sense and make your mind about buying the right choice of wood pellets so you can get cooking! 

The description includes key features of the products and their Pros and Cons which will make it a lot easier for you to choose. 

Low Amounts of Ash Content:

This factor happens to be an important one as it is associated with providing a cleaning option.

The lower the amount of ash content there is in a wood pellet, the lesser ash there will be.

More ash will cause you difficulty when you try to clean them out after they’re done serving their purpose.

Therefore, prevention is better than cure. So be wise and choose an option that will save your time from doing a lot of cleaning. 

No Additives or Bark:

Some manufacturers, if not all use chemical additives to the wood pellets at the time of creation as it adds flavor to the food or for likewise reasons.

The use of additives is nothing to be worried about, but the extensive use of Additives will be harmful to your health due to all the chemicals involved.

To conclude, it is better that you use chemical-free, natural pellets which will add to the flavor as well as keep you away from harm’s way as well.

Except for this, some manufactures use bark in pellets which ends up increasing the ratio of ash, and now relating to the above point, more ash means more cleaning.

And the Smoke grill must be kept clean at all times so it can work for a long time as well as its full potential.

Low Moisture:

This factor determines how much of a struggle will you have to put up before the wood pellets catch fire and you can start cooking.

The more moisture the wood pellets have, the harder they will be to catch on fire. If the option you are considering has retained moisture at 6.5% or below, then this means you can go ahead as this is the ideal amount of moisture that Pellets usually contain.

But this means that it will need more time when you set them on fire in a large amount as they won’t catch on fire as quickly.

Although if you buy pellets that have no moisture as well, it won’t take long for them to be set on fire and start burning.

A Reputable and good brand will put on “moisture Ratio” on their bag. Although those values may come as a bit unrealistic as most vendors aren’t able to store pellets in a vacuum.

Size: For this, you must know the size of your smoking grill so that you are able to work without having a disrupted flow for increased efficiency.

Most manufacturers make their pellet size according to the diameter when manufacturing them so that they can be according to their created smoker grills and so that these wood pellets can be compatible with all equipment.

So, it is better to know these details when going for purchasing the wood pellets. 


Everyone has a set of their own taste buds and we cannot depict someone’s taste in food in advance.

Now, many manufacturers in the market add different flavors to the pellets. This is perfect for you if you are up to having to be able to have a different kind of taste every time that you cook.

When purchasing wood pellets, make sure that you get the ones that fulfill your criteria and you get the taste you want to have.

Do You Have to Use the Same Brand Pellet as Your Grill?

Do You Have to Use the Same Brand Pellet as Your Grill

Many people prefer to use the stock combination when provided with a choice to go custom or stock. 

However, it isn’t at all necessary to use the same brand of Wood Pellets as the same brand of your Grill. You must look for the best option in the market and the one that suits you better with regard to your preferences and the relative option that costs better than the wood pellet of your smoke grill’s manufacturer.

In short, Using a different wood pellet has Zero Side Effects, whatsoever.

How to Safely Store Your Wood Pellets?

How to Safely Store Your Wood Pellets

We think, by far we have established that Wood Pellets are wooden, right? And some things affect the wood such as any moisture.

If the Wood pellets are stored safely it can last a long time before you need to go shopping for wood pellets.

Keep Away From Water:

When storing wood pellets, you have to make sure that you store them in a dry area. Any contact with Water and your pellets will go to waste.

This will also affect your grill and your food quality.

Store Pellets in a Bucket with a Sealable Lid:

The ultimate solution for preventing pellets from moisture is that you use a bucket that comes with sealable liquid.

It is very easy to find a bucket with sealable liquid as you can find it from the nearest store from your house.

Store on an Elevated Surface:

If you don’t have a place to store it indoors and you decide to store it in your garage, or someplace else even, it is best that you store it on an elevated place from the ground as it will protect wood pellets from getting wet in case of water spillage.

The Way to Go is Fresh:

The most simple way to check the quality of your stored wood pellets is to try and break them in half.

If your pellets do break in half, that means you did a good job protecting them. If it doesn’t break though, it’s a bad pellet. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Long Do Wood Pellets Last in a Smoker?

It was noticed that the average grill smoker, when used, burns between 1 to 3 pounds of wood pellets per hour. A 20 Pound bag of wood pellets will last about six to seven hours inside a grill smoker. 

Are Wood Pellets Safe?

In any instance that cooking is involved, it is a must that you take the necessary precautions before you start cooking.

If not handled carefully, wood pellets can actually cause you harm. 

Do Wood Pellets Need to be Soaked Before Use?

Never, Ever use water with wood pellets as it will ruin its quality and just render the wood pellets useless no matter how good of a quality they are of.

As the wood pellets are made of wood, they become useless if they soak water in them.


We have put in front of you the best wood pellets that are available to be purchased in the market.

Before buying, refer to our Buyer’s guide which is specifically written for you to be able to make the right choice.

We hope that you find the best wood pellets you’re looking for!