Brinkmann Gourmet Vertical Electric Smoker & Parts Review

brinkmann gourmet electric smoker logoBrinkmann is a brand that usually doesn’t produce electric smokers and this smoker I am about to review is not on the market anymore since the Brinkmann Corporation has filed for bankruptcy.

But, since you are here, it means that you are interested in this smoker and I want to help you by providing good information about the smoker.

Through the article, I will help you find similar products that are on the market which can replace this smoker.

You can buy it from someone else as a used product, but then you can’t rely on the real quality of the smoker because you can’t know what the previous owner did with it.

You don’t know if the smoker was cleaned regularly, was under the roof or not, etc…

That is why I always recommend buying a similar smoker from some other brand but new, then used one.

Brinkmann Gourmet Electric Smoker

brinkmann gourmet electric smoker

This smoker is the only Brinkmann electric smoker and you can’t find it on the market anymore, but that doesn’t mean I can’t make a review about it, right?

So, let’s start.

The  Brinkmann gourmet smoker is a smoker with 375 square inches of capacity spread on 2 adjustable cooking grids.

It is not an ordinary electric smoker because most of the smokers have a rectangular shape.

This red electric smoker resembles the Meco electric smokers because they are both in red color (Meco comes also in other colors, but that is not important at the moment).

The reason why they are so similar in the shape of both smokers.

They are cylindrical and if you are looking for that shape, Meco can be a good replacement for Brinkmann.

The 1500-watt heating element and, something pretty uncommon and those are lava rocks.

The problem with this smoker is that you can’t adjust your temperature in the smoker.

Most smokers have vents which use to vent out the heat and the smoke if it is necessary and this smoker doesn’t have that.

It means that you light up the smoker, set the heating element, and you are done.

This is not the only smoker on the market with this feature (or without these features since I am talking about the vents) but I do prefer to use vents during smoking food.

This smoker is actually a Brinkmann water smoker which means it has a big water pan in the smoker.

The water pan is there to make the meat inside the smoker juicy and tasty so you can say that the water has a role in the whole smoking process.

At the bottom of the Brinkmann vertical smoker are the heating element and lava rock.

Above that, right in the middle is the water pan and the meat comes on top of everything.

That way you have a good smoke and heat circulation in the smoker so you can end up with properly smoked food.

This is a similar story with the Meco electric smokers because there is also one model that can be used as the water smoker and for now, Meco electric smokers seem like a great replacement for Brinkmann electric smokers.

Now, back to the design of the smoker.

The quality is not great because it has happened that the smoker leaked smoke during the process.

There are no wheels on the smoker, but there are wooden handles so you can easily transport them.

All you have to do is carry it around.

The lid also has a wooden handle which means you can easily lift it up during smoking, but I wouldn’t recommend that or you will lose heat.

This smoker is an average quality smoker, but since it is not on the market anymore, I can’t recommend it to you.

But, if you like the design of the smoker then I would definitely recommend you to look at the Meco electric smokers.

They are similar in design and the Meco electric smoker is made with better quality.


  • 375 square inches of capacity
  • 1500-watt heating element.


  • Not on the market anymore
  • Quality.

Brinkmann Smoker Parts And Accessories

brinkmann electric smoker heating element

If you got a Brinkmann electric smoker before the company went out of business you can contact the store that sold it to you for spare parts or accessories if they have some.

The best way is to contact them because you know that they had that smoker, but that doesn’t mean that they still have Brinkmann electric smoker parts or accessories.

Just like for every other smoker, Brinkmann had a certain selection of spare parts for its smoker.

One of the most popular spare parts was Brinkmann electric smoker heating element because the heating element had trouble with producing enough heat.

Besides Brinkmann electric smoker parts, you were able to buy other Brinkmann smoker parts, like the Brinkmann smoker temperature gauge, thermometer, water pan, or bowl.

But, there was one interesting smoker part and that is Brinkmann electric converter kit. With this kit, you could transform your charcoal smoker into an electric smoker.

It actually consisted of the 1500-watt heating element you could put on your Brinkmann charcoal smoker.

The transformation was not complicated and this was a very useful product made by Brinkmann.

When you take a look at Brinkmann electric smoker accessories, you can see that the most popular accessory was, of course, the Brinkmann smoker cover.

I say of course because this is the most popular accessory for every electric smoker.

You know that electricity and water don’t mix which means if you have your smoker outside, you have to get a cover for it.

You can’t leave it unprotected on your patio or you will have a broken electric smoker in a short period.

Use the protective cover for your smoker no matter which one you have and where you have put it.

If you want to check out other accessories you can use with your smoker, no matter the brand and the model, check out my Electric smoker accessory post.


Brinkman smoker was an average electric smoker, I can’t say that it was too bad or too good quality.

I would recommend it for people who want to smoke food for their families and for the ones who don’t want to spend too much time around the smoker during the process.

You couldn’t change the temperature of the smoker which means once you have set the temperature you don’t have to do anything until the smoking process is done.

Since the Brinkman smoker is not on the market anymore I would recommend you the Meco electric smoker because it is similar to the Brinkmann smoker.

BONUS TIPS: If you aren’t satisfied with the Brinkmann gourmet electric smoker or Meco electric smoker I suggest you take a look at my Electric smoker guide.
There you can find the list of best electric smokers which are in different categories and I am sure you will be able to find the best one for you and your family.