Cajun Injector Black And XL Electric Smoker & Parts Reviews

cajun injector electric smoker logoCajun Injector is a brand developed by Bruce Foods Corporation. They are one of the largest privately owned food manufacturers which mostly focuses on canning Mexican food and mixes. As you can see, they are mostly focused on producing canned food and besides electric smokers, they have a lot of marinades and seasoning you can use for grilling.

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Due to that, they don’t have many electric smoker models under the name Cajun Injector.

They only produced 2 Cajun electric smoker models, and not like other brands who produce similar models, they are completely opposite.

Those two models don’t have that much in common and you will see that in the reviews below.

My reviews will show you what you can expect from the two Cajun Injector electric smokers.

You will see their quality, their performance and all the features they have.

When you are done with the Cajun injector electric smoker reviews you will know if they are a good fit for you, your family and friends.

1. Cajun Injector black electric smoker

cajun injector electric smoker

If you are a fan of clean and simple designs then you should check out this Cajun Injector electric smoker. The smoker only comes in black.

There are no silver details, actually, the only detail is the Cajun Injector sticker on the doors. The went for a simple and minimalistic approach which really works for this model.

The controller is located above the doors and with it you can control the temperature, and time.

Those are the only buttons on the smoker which mean this is the only controlling point on the smoker.

The smoker may look simple, but it is also very functional. Inside of the smoker, you will get 5 cooking grids and sausage racks which you can use for all kinds of meat, sausages, and jerky. All that fits in the smoker because it has 2.3 cubic feet of cooking space.

The entire cabinet is well-insulated which means you can maintain your wanted temperature through the entire process.

The Cajun Injector electric smoker has one main door for everything you want to add, but there are one small side doors for wood pellets.

Those doors make sure that you don’t have to open the main doors or you will lose heat and smoke.

That is an excellent feature which allows you to add wood pellets during the smoking process which means you can add a special flavor.

The sensitive food temperature probe will show you the exact temperature inside of the smoker so you can monitor your meal and make sure that the temperature is right on the spot.

I know that it may not seem like that, but the electric smoker has wheels and handles for easier transportation. That means you can carry it around and you can push it.

The quality of Cajun Injector electric smoker is visible in the fact that it has ETL Certification. ETL stands for Electrical Testing Labs and that certificate makes sure that the smoker has a certain level of quality and it is safe for people around it.

This Cajun Injector model doesn’t come with the window, but as I have already mentioned in my other posts, most electric smokers come in different variations.

That is why there is another variation of this smoker which has tempered glass over the doors so you can see what is happening inside of the smoker.


  • Quality
  • Adjustable cooking grids and racks
  • Wheels for easier transportation
  • Sensitive temperature probe


  • Price
  • No window

2. Cajun injector XL electric smoker

cajun injector electric smoker xl with glass doors reviews

As you can see it from the name, this is one big electric smoker. When you look inside the Cajun Injector electric smoker you can see that it has as much space as you can possibly imagine.

It has 2.5 cooking grids, 2  jerky racks, 1 sausage rib rack, and casters.  All that fist in 5.05 cubic feet cooking space which shows how big this smoker really is.

The entire smoker is made of steel with black powder coat finish and the walls are double insulated. The cabinet is made of two doors and double tempered glass so that the heat stays inside and you can see what is happening.

Above the doors, you can see the digital controls for setting temperature between 100-275°F and time ideal for smoking meat or vegetables. This smoker has also an auto shut-off option which is a great feature because it prevents your meal from over-drying.

This Cajun Injector electric smoker is big for an average family so I wouldn’t recommend it to people who are only smoking for a small number of people.

You will buy a product you won’t be able to use completely and for this amount of money, you can buy smaller smoker which will be better for your family.

Its made for people who plan to prepare meals for big groups or just making jerky and if you find yourself in those profiles than it might be good for you.

The quality of the smoker is great but people have had problems with shipped items. The smoker is not so durable and some parts of the smoker broke during the shipping which makes the entire Cajun Injector look bad.

This Cajun Injector electric smoker also comes in without the glassed doors but I would recommend buying the Cajun Injector XL electric smoker with windows on the doors because the smoker is just too big.

You can easily adjust the temperature or the timer when you can see the entire space in the smoker.

This smoker is not regular sized which means that you probably have to adjust your recipes and the best way to adjust them is to see what is happening in the smoker.


  • Large
  • Double insulated walls
  • Double tempered glass


  • Quality
  • Large
  • Price

Cajun Injector Accessory And Replacement Parts:

Cajun Injector Accessory And Replacement Parts


Cajun Injector is more focused on making special marinades for smoking and barbecue than making replacement parts or accessories for their electric smokers, which is not the best move they could make but there is not much we can do. That means they don’t produce anything extra for any Cajun electric smoker model.

But, there are many universal parts made by other electric smoker manufacturers which can fit on their models so if you want to improve your Cajun Injector electric smoker, you can do that.

If you are interested in learning more about replacement parts and accessories that can improve your smoking experience I suggest you take a look at my post about Electric smoker accessory.


Cajun Injector is an OK brand when it comes to electric smokers, but I must admit their quality and their price don’t match.

The quality is not bad, don’t get me wrong, but there are other models which are more user-friendly with the same price or even lower.

The biggest disadvantage of Cajun electric smoker models is the fact that they don’t have any replacement part.

They are more focused on making food for barbecues and smokers than making the actual smokers, which tells me that they aren’t the best pick for a person who wants to make a great meal for the family.

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