Char-Broil American Gourmet offset smoker Review

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Looking for an affordable, budget-friendly charbroil best offset smoker this winter? Here is what you need to know.

Charbroil brand is a top quality brand that has served a lot of people over the
years. It represents quality. Charbroil American Gourmet does not need any introduction
to seasoned smoker users.

But if you are not really sure what features the product has, we will help you out. This is a comprehensive review of one of the best offset smokers in the market right now. We shall explain its features, benefits, and tips for using the smoker effectively. In the end, you will understand why the offset smoker has such a big reputation.

Key Features of Charbroil Gourmet
offset smoker

Better mobility

unit comes with wheels, allowing you to move it easily. The wheels are designed
with a combination of metal and strong plastic. It makes them durable enough to
withstand heavy load. The mobility makes it portable.

Durably coated grates

smoker’s grates are properly coated for a long-lasting
use. Apart from this benefit, you will find it easy when cleaning the smoker
too. It is always great to have a well coated
grate because repeated exposure to smoke can damage it easily. But this
smoker’s grate is designed with strong material for long-lasting use and rust resistant coating.

A side shelf, storage rack, and
adjustable damper

like side
shelf and storage racks
may not be the most important features in an
offset smoker. But they make things easier for you. Charbroil American Gourmet
comes with side shelf to keep your smoking tools. This will prevent constantly
making a trip to your kitchen. You can have all you need on your smoker, which
makes it more user-friendly.

The adjustable built-in damper provides more
convenience for you. It is intended to allow users
to have perfect control over the temperature level of their smoker.

temperature gauge

This feature is a priority for most
top quality offset smokers. The Charbroil offset smoker comes with a lid-mounted gauge which gives you the allowance
to control the temperature of the food. With the gauge, you can easily tell
when your food is ready. It is 98.7% accurate, which is most likely the best
percentage you can get in the industry.

and affordable

Charbroil is designed with premium
quality heavy duty steel. But the wheels are designed with both iron and wheels
to provide free movement. The aluminum construction makes it solid. It can last
for many years, even under heavy use. The company also offers a warranty for the product. So, there is a sense
of assurance coming from the manufacturer.

cooking area

With this offset smoker, you don’t
have to worry about space. Its 290 square inch cooking surface is surely enough
to prepare a smoked meal for a family or a small party. You can cook whatever
you need at a go in the large cooking space. Although it may not be the largest
in terms of cooking space, there is enough space in the chamber to prepare


of use is one of the most important things to consider when buying the right
type of offset smoker. The design of the smoker makes it a breeze to assemble.
Moreover, its user manual provides simple setup instructions anyone can read
and follow. It is the perfect offset smoker a new user can buy.

Cool Touch handle

Unlike some other offset smokers, this unit has a smoker and door handle that stays cool even when the high temperatures of the chamber is to the highest level. The systematic heat control design of the smoker handle makes it safe to hold when the smoker is still in use.

Cleaning and Maintenance
of charbroil offset smoker

Just like every other thing, the Charbroil offset smoker needs regular cleaning and maintenance if you want to enjoy its benefits for many years. Fortunately, the design of the smoker has made it a lot easier to clean. Below are some maintenance tips you can apply on your Charbroil Offset Smoker.

  • If you are a new user, it’s important to read the instructional manual before using it. It will offer you an opportunity to know exactly how to use the smoker.
  • You need to clean the smoker after every use. Do not allow debris and food particles to pile up before you clean. Cleaning regularly will prevent the buildup of rust at the metal areas.
  • After using the smoker, remove the cooking grate and clean thoroughly, wiping off any food particles or wood debris. Of course, you don’t need to do this immediately after cooking as the grate will still be hot. Wait for some minutes to allow the smoker cool off.
  • Use a grill brush when cleaning. Don’t use abrasives, degreasers, or other strong cleaning materials. It helps to use the recommended cleaning tools to prevent damage to the surface of the cooking grate.
  • The plastic section of the smoker should be cleaned with soapy water. Then wipe off thoroughly dry before replacing.
  • The grill has a porcelain surface, which shares similar characteristics as glass. It will be easier to clean this section with mild soapy water and glass cleaner. In case you are trying to scrub off tough debris, a scouring powder will do a great job.

Perks of this offset smoker

  • The offset smoker is very easy for a newbie
    to use
  • It is an affordable option
  • Comes with extra storage spaces for easy access and for
    keeping your cooking tools near by
  • Can be used as charcoal, BBQ grill smoker, or
    offset smoker


  • Surface area is not the biggest

FAQ’s for charbroil Gourmet Offset Smoker

The following are answers to some of the most common questions users are asking about this product.

How do I clean this offset smoker and what is the ideal way to take out charcoal dust?
It does not take much to clean this smoker. The easiest way to clean charcoal dust is to lime the cooking space with aluminum foil. You can easily remove it after the smoking task. This reduces the cleaning work.
How often should I clean the Charbroil smoker?
Clean the smoker as often as you are using it. You need to wipe off the cooking grates and empty the ashtray after each cooking task. But thorough cleaning should be done once or twice within 60 days, depending on how often you a smoker.
Is there anything I need to do as a first time offset smoker user?
Yes, there are preparations to make before the smoker is ready for use. You need to clean out the industrial chemicals from the cooking chamber by heating it up in the fire. You can do this for about an hour to get rid of toxins and chemicals.
Will the smoker rust when used for long-term?
Seasoned offset smoker users who have been making use of this smoker for a long time have not reported any rust problem. The porcelain coated surface keeps rust away. But it is important to regularly clean the smoker to prevent any trace of rust in the future.
Is there a warranty for the charbroil offset smoker?
Yes. Charbroil comes with a 1-year warranty from the purchase date

Tips for Using Charbroil Gourmet Offset Smoker

  • Read the instructional manual carefully before you begin. This will help you get clarifications on certain features and usability.
  • Try out different woods types to know which one suit you best
  • Before you begin with the smoking process with the meat, you need to test-run the smoker. Light up the fire and allow the cooking chamber to heap up.
  • Adjust the temperature to about 2750 F and keep it that way for about 1 hour. This will clear out any toxin or chemicals in the chamber.
  • Try replacing the woodchips every 1 hour to create your ideal aroma
  • If you are using the smoker using woodchips, try to use a combination of woodchips that compliments the type of food you are cooking. For instance, hickory or Oak add strong aroma to the meal. They are the best options when you are preparing foods such as ribs or pork shoulder. On the other pecan nuts, fruit woods, and alder are softwoods. They are best used to smoke light foods such as chicken and fish.
  • As a newbie, you may not have a complete idea of the type of wood you need to use for different meals you cook. But as you get more experience along the line, you will get better with your choice of woods.


It is one thing to know how to prepare smoked food with an offset smoker, and it’s another to use the right tool for a perfect result. A good offset smoker can easily turn a novice offset smoker user into a professional in little time. With all the features outlined above, this charbroil model is certainly up there as one of the best offset smokers in the market right now. It is, therefore, highly recommended and is surely the cheapest offset smoker available for the beginners.

Char-Broil American Gourmet offset smoker Review