Char-Broil Electric Smokers Reviews: All Models On The Market

Char Broil logo Char-Broil is one of the most popular American companies when it comes to barbecue. They have been on the market since 1948, when they showed to America one of the first charcoal grills. Since then they are constantly improving and expanding their products because they want to make every grilling and smoking enthusiast satisfied.

One of the things they are particularly proud of is the fact that they have a product for everyone. You don’t have to be a professional or beginner to enjoy their electric smokers and that is something they don’t want you to forget.

The owners of the company want to make sure every customer is satisfied and they plan to do that by improving the performance of each product. They aren’t just focused on electric smokers or charcoal grills. They take the time and effort to make sure every single product is perfected and made with quality.

Char-Broil is mostly focused on producing grills and bbqs but that doesn’t mean they don’t have good quality electric smokers. Their smokers are affordable and come in a wide range of sizes. Not only are they durable but most of them are portable as well.

Here are the most popular electric smokers made by Char-Broil at the moment. All models come with the basic nesecities to get you started so you can get cooking right away. The primary difference between the models is size, heat range, and extra features. You can all specifications below and compare to find the one that will fit your needs.

Since that can be confusing, I have made one main review of the basic Char-Broil smoker model and below that review, you can find its versions and what makes them different. That way you can see everything you need to know about the smoker in the main review and everything you can change is located below the Char-Broil digital smoker reviews.


Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker Review

char broil deluxe electric smoker This Char-Broil digital electric smoker comes in two sizes and I will focus more on the smaller one because it is more suitable for the family. The smaller one has 725 square inches of cooking space spread over 4 adjustable grids in the smoker which is why people are also calling it Char-Broil electric smoker 725.

You can smoke any type of meat with this Char-Broil Deluxe electric smoker because it is equipped with 800 watts Char-Broil electric smoker heating element which produces temperature from 100°F to 250°F.  You can be sure that the temperature will stay under control because this electric smoker has built-in temperature probe which monitors the heat in the smoker. You can also maintain the desired temperature in the smoker so that the meat ends up perfect.

char broil deluxe smoker If you set everything right and you notice that the smoking process is working perfectly you can leave the smoker to do its job while you are busy doing other things. Yes, that means that you can leave the smoker unsupervised for a couple of hours and it will do its job. I am not talking about 2 hours, I am talking about the period up to 7 hours and that is pretty impressive.

char broil electric smoker The digital controls on top of the smoker make sure that the process ends up great and what is more important, the controls are easy to use, but you will need some time to adjust. You can turn the smoker on/off, set the timer, the temperature and turn the light inside the smoker so you can see the inside of the smoker.

The entire cabinet is made from well insulating materials which hold heat and smoke where they have to be – inside the smoker. The doors have tempered glass so you can see what is happening inside the Char-Broil Deluxe smoker which is always a good feature.

char broil electric smoker reviews Wood chip trays are always an important part of the smokers and this one has a pretty good tray, big enough so you don’t have to refill in the middle of the smoking process.

If you aren’t sure where you can put the Char-Broil digital electric smoker you can move it around until you find the best place for it because it has wheels on the back for easier transportation with the handle at the top of the back side.

char broil deluxe electric smoker reviews There are problems with maintaining a certain temperature and if you are able to find that one point where the temperature is almost perfect you won’t have any problems with the smoker. The Char-Broil Deluxe smoker is a great smoker for families who love to smoke food from time to time.


  • LED display
  • Removable food thermometer
  • Tempered glass on the doors


  • Hard to maintain temperature sometimes
  • Price and quality ratio

All versions of Char-Broil Deluxe Electric Smoker

This Char-Broil digital electric smoker comes in two other versions which are different depending on the size and the design and now I will show you those differences. The main specifications are the same as the basic model above which is my main review of this model. Those are small Char-Broil electric smoker reviews which will help you choose better smoker for you.

Char-Broil Deluxe Electric Smoker

This is the basic model which has the 800-watt heating element and 725 square inches of cooking space spread on 4 grids. You can achieve the temperature 100°F -250°F and this smoker is one of the most convenient Char-Broil electric smokers for families.

Char-Broil Deluxe XL Digital Electric Smoker

This Char-Broil digital electric smoker is bigger than the basic model and it has 1,000 square inches of cooking space in the smoker, distributed on also 4 grids. Even though it doesn’t have more grids is offers more cooking space for your meal which makes it great for people who love to throw parties for a large group of people. But, if you are a family man who loves to cook for his family then this smoker may be too big for you. This Char-Broil 1000 electric smoker is the smoker for large groups and not an ordinary family.

Char-Broil Standard Digital Electric Smoker

The standardized version of the Char-Broil digital electric smoker is the second version and the only thing that is different are the doors. The Char-Broil Deluxe smoker has tempered glass on the doors so you can see what is happening inside and this version doesn’t have glass on the doors. The glassed doors are a better option especially if you are a beginner and you aren’t sure how the entire process has to go you can easily see what is happening to your meal. The size of the smoker is the same as the basic model which makes it suitable for families.

Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker

char broil electric smoker 725 buyelectricsmoker

Deluxe XL Digital Electric Smoker

Char-Broil Deluxe XL Digital Electric Smoker buyelectricsmoker

Standard Digital Electric Smoker

Char-Broil Standard Digital Electric Smoker buyelectricsmoker

Simple Char-Broil electric smoker with SmartChef®  Technology Review

char broil wifi smoker This electric smoker is not an ordinary smoker because it has a feature that allows the Char-Broil smart smoker to contact you on your smartphone when your meal is ready which makes it the Char-Broil wifi smoker. I know that it sounds strange so let’s talk about other specifications and we will get back to that.

This Char-Broil wifi smoker is circular while most other electric smokers are rectangular. Don’t get me wrong, there are circulars smokers, just fewer models than rectangular ones. The smoker is made from well insulating materials which make the smoking process a breeze.

Simple Char-Broil electric smoker But, there are differences in this Char-Broil SmartChef smoker which may suit you or not. For example, due to the shape of the smoker, there are different grids in the smoker. You will get 2 cooking grids and one basket in the smoker. That basket is big enough to fit a 16-lb turkey inside, which is a good idea.

Char-Broil electric smoker with SmartChef You have to open the top of the smoker to put the meal inside. There are doors on the side of the smoker but those doors are made for adding the wood chip in the smoker. The disadvantage of this Char-Broil wifi smoker is the fact that it has small wood chip tray.

electric smoker with SmartChef Most Char-Broil smokers can produce 4-7 hours of the smoker in one go, but this one has an amount big enough for only an hour.

The interface on the Char-Broil SmartChef smoker is not complicated at all. You can turn the smoker on/off, put the meat probe and set the cooking system. But, you won’t use it much because of your smartphone.

Simple Char-Broil electric smoker with SmartChef Now, let’s get back to the SmartChef technology. When you buy this smoker you can download a Char-Broil application on your smartphone and link it to your smoker. When you put the meat in the smoker you choose the food in the application and the smoker will notify you when the meal is done.

I am pretty impressed with this application but I am a little skeptical. I mean, it sounds great but I would definitely stay near the smoker first few times to make sure that the application really works. This application is its main selling feature and you have to have a smartphone or the entire smoker becomes too expensive.


  • SmartChef technology
  • 2 cooking grids and 1 basket
  • Easy to use


  • A small wood chip tray
  • Too expensive if you don’t use application
  • Problems with Wifi connections sometimes

Char-Broil 30″ Vertical Electric Smoker Review

char broil vertical electric smoker This Char-Broil vertical electric smoker is one of the simplest smokers from their offer and it is one of the best smokers in that category. Most smokers which are made like this one are not durable and they can’t provide a certain temperature. If you aren’t sure how to use a Char-Broil smoker then I would definitely recommend this one because it is as simple as it can be.

This is as basic as an electric smoker can be. It doesn’t have digital control, sensitive meat probes, wheels or something even more uncommon like the Wifi connection. If you are interested in smoking meat without all those special features than this might be the smoker for you.

This simple electric smoker has 504 square inches of cooking space separated on 3 adjustable cooking grids which means you can smoke any type of food you like. That is the reason why it is called the Char-Broil electric smoker 505. The 1500 watt heating element makes sure that everything inside the smoker is done properly. But, there is one problem. The smoker is great for high temperatures but it can have problems when you try the low-temperature slow smoking process.

char broil vertical electric smoker 505 The built-in temperature gauge shows you the temperature inside the Char-Broil electric smoker 505 through the entire process. That means you can react in time when the temperature drops or rises too much.

The entire Char-Broil vertical electric smoker 505 is made from steel with double insulation from the inside which makes sure that the heat and the smoke stay where they have to be.

The doors on the Char-Broil smoker have a closing system, but they don’t work properly and they will open without any problem.

char broil electric vertical smoker 30 inch reviews Also, the Char-Broil vertical electric smoker has few other issues like the size of the wood chip tray and the size of the grease catcher. Both are too small which means you have to open the doors to fill them up or empty them which causes heat and smoke loss.

Even though this Char-Broil electric smoker 505 is not the best smoker in the world I would recommend it for beginners. The Char-Broil electric smoker is good because you don’t have too many options. You just put the food inside and set the temperature which is more than enough for beginners. Also, the price to quality ratio is pretty good because the price of the smoker is low. For that price, you can only get lower quality smokers, not better ones.


  • Simple
  • Low price
  • Good quality


  • Small wood and grease trays
  • Hard to maintain low temperatures
  • Problem with the locking mechanism

Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker Review

Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker Review This Char-Broil smoker is a newer version of the Vertical electric smoker I have reviewed above, so they are pretty similar, but with few differences. For example, this smoker is bigger in size as it can fit 544 square inches of cooking space separated on 3 adjustable cooking grids. All that can provide you a great smoking experience with the 1200 watt heating element in the analog smoker.

The smoker is made from double insulation which means that the heat and the smoke are safe in the smoker as long as you don’t open the doors because you can’t see what is happening inside. Just like the vertical smoker above, this one doesn’t have glassed doors.

Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker But, the doors have a built-in temperature gauge so you can tell the temperature in the smoker all the time which can help you determine the state of your meal. The problem with the size of the wood ship trays is improved, but they could be slightly bigger.

The water pan is made from aluminum which makes sure that the meat stays nice and juicy through the entire process. The drip tray is removable which makes the entire cleaning process a breeze and that is something very important to a family man like you.

Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker heating element The smoker may not have wheels so you can’t push it around, but it doesn’t have handles. If you really need to move it to another room just gran the handles and carry it to its next destination.

This Char-Broil smoker is the same price as the vertical smoker above and they are both the same quality and similar construction. I would recommend both smokers to beginners because when you have too many options you end up confused and you have no idea what to do. This smoker doesn’t provide many options which makes it great for beginners but the only problem is that it doesn’t have glass on the doors.


  • Price
  • 1200 watt heating element
  • Simple


  • No wheels
  • Better locking system but not perfect
  • No window

Char-Broil H2O Electric Smoker Review

char broil h2o electric smoker Char-Broil H2O electric smoker is a smoker which uses water in the smoking process. Basically, that means that the biggest pan in the smoker is the water pan. This Char-Broil H2O smoker had 380 square inches of cooking space which was enough for an average family, but not more. This smoker has the smallest capacity in of all models mentioned in this post about Char-Broil smoker reviews. 

The heat and smoke were produced by the 1650 watt heating element and 2 cooking grids make sure that you can fit any type of meat inside. The smoker didn’t have wheels but it did have comfortable handles so you could move it around easily if you had to. Just make sure that the smoker is empty before you do that.

The Char-Broil electric water smoker is not on the market anymore so if you are interested in buying a water electric smokers you have to look for another brand. To help you find your best water smoker I have made a post about it with the list of best water electric smokers.

Accessory and replacement parts for Char-Broil electric smoker

char broil electric smoker parts Like I have mentioned, people in Char-Broil love to see their customers satisfied and due to that, they offer a large number of Char-Broil electric smoker replacement parts and accessories. Since I have told you everything you need to know about smokers in the Char-Broil electric smoker reviews, here is everything you need to know about their parts.

If your smoker suddenly stops working you don’t have to buy another one because you can check out spare Char-Broil smoker parts and simply replace the broken one. They have different things you can replace the Char-Broil smoker temperature gauge, Char-Broil electric smoker heating element or even Char-Broil smoker box. But, if any of those parts works then there might be an issue with the controller of the smoker. All those replacement parts you can check out on their website or you can take a look at some universal parts which may fit your Char-Broil smoker.

Char-Broil electric smoker cover Char-Broil electric smoker accessories will make sure that your smoking experience is better than before. Those Char-Broil electric accessories are improving your smoker or even protecting it from the dirt and debris. One of the most common accessories is the Char-Broil electric smoker cover which you can put on your smoker, but make sure you have chosen the good cover. The Char-Broil vertical smoker cover suits only vertical electric smokers because its shape is different than other smokers.

Char-Broil smoker cover is one of the most important accessories you can get for your smoker and besides that one, you can also get a Char-Broil remote digital meat thermometer, Char-Broil electric smoker stand, Char-Broil smoker racks or even Char-Broil wood chips for a special flavor.

BONUS TIPS: Char-Broil has a huge variety of replacement parts and accessories and I have only mentioned the ones that are most popular. If you are interested in finding out what else you can get to improve your electric smoker’s performance and your experience, take a look at my post about Electric smoker accessories.


Conclusion: Char-Broil Electric Smoker models review

The Char-Broil is a great company which produces all kinds of electric smokers which you can easily see from my Char-Broil reviews above. I really do believe that their smokers are made for everyone from beginners to professionals. They even have a wide range of sizes for their smokers which is great. I like the fact that their smokers are made from good quality materials, but they aren’t perfect. Their price is not too high which is good and their products have room for improvement.

Even though the Char-Broil smokers are pretty good, there is a chance they might not fit your needs. If that is correct, I suggest you take a look at my special Electric smoker guide which will help you find the smoker that will suit your needs. There is a list of best electric smokers on the market distributed in a special category so you will have no problem picking the best smoker.