5 Best Char-Broil Electric Smokers Review in 2022: A Buyer’s Guide

Seasoned BBQ makers know the brands of electric smokers and the popular smoker brands that always deliver the best.

They are more efficient, portable for outdoor cooking, and designed with the best materials. Most of us have heard a lot about the char broil electric smoker available today.

There is no doubt that Charbroil is certainly one of those top-quality brands in the market right now.

Char-Broil Electric Smoker Features:

We will provide you the overall features which almost all the electric smokers of the char-broil commonly have.

These features are:

  • Most of these are designed with a glass door with which we can easily view the food being cooked. We can monitor the cooking process easily through this door.
  • They have a removable food thermometer.
  • Almost all electric smokers have the very best temperature maintenance.
  • They also have an insulated double-walled construction which makes them much more durable.
  • They commonly have a stainless steel locking latch.
  • Most of these have an integrated handle and wheels. These wheels ensure better mobility. You can take them wherever you want easily.
  • They also have an integrated meat probe.
  • Most of these have a SmartChef technology which increases the efficiency of temperature monitoring.
  • They also come with at least a one-year product warranty. So they are extremely safe to buy.

If you require an efficient electric smoking grill, the products reviewed here are among the best you can find.

We have reviewed the top-quality models of electric smokers from the charbroil brand.

Find out which one is the right model for you from their features below:


Electric Smoker Heating ElementElectric Smoker Heating Element
  • Universal Heating Elements
  • Fits most common electric smokers
Electric Smoker Wood Chip TrayElectric Smoker Wood Chip Tray
  • Easy to lift hinged lid
  • Holds a large amount of wood chips
Smoker Drip PanSmoker Drip Pan
  • Makes cleaning easy
  • Wide variety of sizes
Smoker Water PanSmoker Water Pan
  • Enhances flavor
  • Dishwasher safe
Smoker RacksSmoker Racks
  • Easy to replace
  • Recommended replacing every once in a while
Electric Smoker Door SealElectric Smoker Door Seal
  • Air tight
  • Keeps smoke in
Smoker Temperature Control SystemSmoker Temperature Control System
  • Digital tempature readings
  • Accurate readings
Cold Smoker AttachmentCold Smoker Attachment
  • Fits most Masterbuilt
  • The best cold smoke generator

1- Char-Broil 1000 Square Inch Deluxe Digital Smoker

1- Char-Broil 1000 Square Inch Deluxe Digital Smoker

Our Rating: 3.3 stars.

If quality is a big turn-on for you when looking for an ideal electric smoker, you may be interested in this model.

The premium electric Charbroil smoker is designed with quality in mind.

It has a double-wall construction that keeps food properly insulated for a very long time. If you are having a party on your patio during cold weather, you will need an electric smoker, which maintains a hot temperature for some time.

Thankfully, this properly designed electric smoker has all it takes to keep your food very warm.

Along with its double-walled construction, Charbroil Deluxe electric smoker has a locking latch that properly seals the cover for maximum temperature impact and temperature control.

You will not be bothered about any escape of heat from the smoker as this model is properly sealed during grilling.

The large smoker box gives you approximately 6 hours of non-stop barbecue time with the continuous smoke infusion.

All these features make Charbroil Deluxe digital smoker a top-notch electric grilling machine in the market today.

The smoker has four adjustable cooking racks with an enormous 1000 sq. inch cooking space. That is certainly big enough for any type of meal you are grilling.


  • Designed with a glass door for viewing food easily.
  • Removable food thermometer.
  • Advanced control panel.
  • Insulated, double-wall construction.
  • Better temperature maintenance.

The advanced control panel is another very important talking point of the smoker.

You have the liberty to set the right temperature depending on the types of meals you are preparing.

So many customers have complimented the glass door that makes it hassle-free to view your food when they are steaming.

This lets you easily monitor the food to know when it is ready. If you are a novice BBQuer, the simplicity of this smoker makes it a perfect choice for you.

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2- Char-Broil Vertical Electric Smoker

2- Char-Broil Vertical Electric Smoker

Our Rating: 4.1 stars.

When it comes to BBQ grilling, one of the most important things to consider is the level of temperature your meat receives.

That is what makes a perfect smoked meal.

Fortunately, the Charbroil Vertical Electric Smoker has a temperature gauge that keeps your food under the right temperature.

If you are still learning how to grill effectively, this smoker will help you achieve a lot.

The model is one of the most portable ones in the market today. This means that it is possible to take it out for picnics and other outdoor BBQ parties.

Even with its portability, you can still prepare large portions of a meal at a go.

The cooking space of 505 sq. inches with three different cooking grates give you enough space for different meat cuts.

The smoker is also very easy to assemble and use. You will see clear instructions on the manual on different types of woodchips you can use for different meals.

Besides, the charbroil vertical smoker has a 1,500watts heating element for heating woodchips to the right temperature levels.

Just like its sister model above, the smoker comes with double-walled construction for keeping the temperature at the right levels throughout any grilling task.


  • Lid-mounted temperature gauge
  • Chrome-plated handle
  • Cooker comes with water pan and woodchips
  • Insulated double-walled construction
  • Three adjustable smoking racks and a large capacity of cooking space

If you are looking for an affordable but high-quality electric smoker, you will not be disappointed with this model.

The vertical electric smoker has all the qualities you will need in a grilling machine. It is portable, affordable, efficient, and quite durable.

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3- Char-Broil 725 Square Inch Deluxe Digital Smoker

3- Char-Broil 725 Square Inch Deluxe Digital Smoker

Our Rating: 4.1 stars.

This is the smaller version of the Deluxe model reviewed above.

It is more portable and specifically designed for those who are looking for an outdoor electric smoker. The wheels make it easy to move the deluxe smoker to any grilling area you want.

But, one of the most important features of this model of Charbroil smoker is the advanced control panel.

With this feature, you can easily control the temperature level of your meals. This allows you to maintain an even temperature throughout the grilling process.

You will not overcook or undercook your favorite briskets because of the advanced control panel and a removable food thermometer.

The electric smoker comes with 725 sq. inches of cooking space for smoking different types of meals.

Whether you are smoking a whole chicken or making your favorite seafood, there is enough cooking space to use.

This saves you a lot of time when preparing meals for a party, picnic, or large family.


  • Comes with a stainless-steel locking latch
  • Stainless steel and glass door finish for better visibility
  • Advanced control panel
  • Insulated double-walled construction
  • Removable food thermometer
  • Integrated handle and wheels for better mobility

Also, the locking latch keeps your food well insulated for a very long period without allowing smoke to escape.

You will also love its glass door finish, which allows you to have better visibility through the door without opening the chamber.

Overall, charbroil Deluxe is the right model for those looking for a durable, portable, and premium quality smoker.

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4- Char-Broil Electric Smoker and Integrated Meat Probe

4- Char-Broil Electric Smoker and Integrated Meat Probe

Our Rating: 3.2 stars.

Charbroil decided to step up their game here by manufacturing an innovative electric smoker with SmartChef Technology.

The innovation has even made BBQ grilling a more enjoyable experience.

You can easily sit on your sofa and monitor the food as long as your Smartphone is connected to the Wi-Fi’s enabling technology.

This is what you may not see with many other types of electric smokers in the market. It offers you more convenience to make your favorite BBQ meals

The external smoke box gives you the option to decide how much or how little you want the smoky flavor.

You can add as many or as little woodchips as you want, depending on the type of meal you are smoking.

Charbroil SmartChef electric smoker has an inbuilt meat probe that lets you determine when your meat is ready.

This, along with the SmartChef technology, provides you with different options to check your meals when grilling.


  • SmartChef technology for more temperature monitoring efficiency
  • It comes with an external smoke box for ease of woodchip addition
  • Designed with an integrated meat probe
  • Portable and durable construction

If you will love to have a complete focus on your party without worrying about your meal on the grill, having this type of electric smoker will help you achieve just that.

You are free to move around and do other things while the smoker takes care of the job for you.

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5- Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker

5- Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker

Our Rating: 4.3 stars.

Charbroil analog electric smoker is one of the latest additions to the ever-impressive models of the Charbroil brand of smokers.

This product is properly designed with all the features to give you a perfect grilling experience.

Whether you are new to grilling or a seasoned griller, the smoker will serve you well.

As a very portable electric smoker, you will be able to take this superior quality product to your patio or outdoors for picnics.

It comes with a 544 sq. inches of cooking chamber for preparing different meat cuts.

With this space, you can prepare your turkey, pork butt, briskets, and seafood in different cuts of your choice.

Just like other models above, this smoker also has double-walled insulation construction.

It means that you can prepare the smoked meal outdoors in a cold-weather while maintaining the right temperature levels.

The construction keeps your meat very warm for a long time.


  • Comes with a woodchip tray, grease cup, as well as a front-access water tray
  • It has a door-mounted temperature gauge
  • Double-walled insulated construction
  • Chrome-plated cooking grates
  • 544 sq. inches of the cooking chamber
  • One year product warranty

When it comes to durability, the smoker is up there as one of the best you can have.

You can use this model for many years without any problem from any of its parts. Overall, Charbroil analog electric smoker is one of the best smokers you can have for the money.

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The above is the best charbroil electric smokers you can find on the market right now.

Although they are similar in their construction material, they have their unique features. Some are more portable while some others have a larger cooking space.

We hope you have seen the perfect one that will help you make your meat smoking task less stressful and more enjoyable.

Before concluding, we will also give you tips on how to use these electric smokers.

How to Use Char-Broil Electric Smokers? Tips:

How to Use Char-Broil Electric Smokers

If you have bought a Char-Broil electric smoker and you are a beginner, then we will also provide you tips on how to use your Char-Broil electric smoker.

These electric smokers make your smoking meat easy without compromising the tender and tasty smoked chicken.

These are the tips that you must follow to smoke chicken that you will be proud to share.

1. Pick the Best Smoke:

Before smoking the chicken, you must choose the best wood chips. All the famous about wood chips are:

Hickory: This is a hardwood having a sweet taste that burns hot and slow. It gives you one the best taste and flavor if you have a smaller chicken.

It can also be combined with cherry wood to give you an even better and pleasant taste.

Maple: It provides a milder flavor than hickory. It is one of the sweetest among the heavy words and is a subtle wood.

Apple: This is a fruity would that is an ideal option for cooking the birds and the chicken.

Peach: It also adds a sweet flavor to the smoked chicken.

Cherry: This wood has a mild and sweet flavor but it requires a long time to burn.

So you must choose the wood chips according to your requirements and likings

2. Spatchcock the Chicken:

If you are cooking a bird, then you must remove its backbone by using a sharp knife. You must cut about half an inch from the side of the backbone.

It should go all the way from the neck to the tail. Repeat this process to the other side of the backbone.

When the backbone is removed you have to spread the chicken out.

Then carefully cut and remove the diamond-shaped breast bone by using a paring knife gently.

You increase the surface area that can absorb the smoke by cutting your chicken in half and you can manage more chickens on the grate. So it is advised to cut your chicken into small pieces.

3. Brine the Chicken:

Then you have to soak your chicken in water and add 1 cup of kosher salt to it.

The salt will increase the absorption of the moisture to the meat and also helps to break down the muscles.

Then you can also add fruit juices, spices, and wines to the brine so that the meat absorbs the flavors.

This is an important step before you put your chicken in an electric smoker.

4. Dry the Chicken:

Before you put your chicken into your char-broil electric smoker you have to let it dry for about 1 hour after you brine it.

If your chicken is dry then the smoke will adhere better to your chicken.

5. Get the Temperature Right:

Then you have to insert the prob into your chicken. Make sure that you insert it into the thickest part of the chicken.

Then all you have to do is to set your digital thermometer of the electric smoker to 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

The electric smoker will automatically stop cooking and turn to the warm mode when your chicken reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

The cook time vary based upon the size of your chicken.

It is estimated that if you cook 1 pound of your chicken then you must heat it for almost 30 to 45 minutes.

6. Add the Right Seasoning:

Now is the time to apply your sauce to add even more taste. If you add a spice rub to your chicken before you smoke it then it can add a deep flavor to your meat.

But if my sweet and spicy barbecue sauce please applied after the smoking process then it will surely develop a blasting flavor.

About Char-Broil:

Char-Broil is a brand that is famous for bringing one of the best charcoal grills for you. It brought its first charcoal grills to the market in 1948.

Since then it has been giving us many innovations when the charcoal grills that we can easily compare among the modern grills.

Its evolutions continue even today with the products like TRU infrared Cooking system and oil-less Turkey fryer.

So it has been providing you the best cookouts for many decades.

Innovating Since Day One:

Its first charcoal grill was introduced in America and at that time there was no concept of outdoor cooking.

With the introduction of its charcoal grill, the concept of backyard cooking became famous, adding more leisure to your cookouts.

From that moment, char-broil continued to provide you the grills of more standard and options which include electric grilling the gas grilling, and many other portable grillings.

“World’s Best BBQ Grill”

In 1984 when we were busy sticking our noses to the grilling grindstone, Char-Broil’s CB940 was considered the world’s best bbq grill in the Book of the Bests.

So the collective efforts of the char broil were able to produce a grill that was best in the eyes of the world.

From that moment onward, this achievement encouraged char-broil to look for even more ways to make the grilling experience much better and standardized.

Performance. Performance. Performance.

As we know that performance means everything and undoubtedly char-broil provides you with the best performance.

Whether you are having the grilling experience every day or you do it occasionally, you always expect your grill to cook the food in the way you like.

And for that performance is everything you need. It is because the char-broil aims to make you the hero of every cookout that happens in your backyard.

Fried Perfection:

Char-broil then introduces the Big Easy which delivered the most delicious food from Turkey fryer without any cost or mess which comes from a bubbling pot of oil.

After 60 years from the first charcoal grill, the char-broil was successful in introducing another innovation that was the TRU infrared cooking system.

This cooking system gives you higher temperatures, zero flare-ups, juicier food, even heat distribution, and restaurant-quality results.

This is the latest innovation of the char-broil but doesn’t consider it the last one.

Anyone who believes that grilling is a reason to live it up, then, believe me, char-broil is the brand which you must look for.

Their products have special features, which make meat smoking an easy experience.


Char-broil undoubtedly gives us the most innovative technologies and the best products.

In this article, we have tried our best to give you a complete guide on the char-broil. I hope that I have covered all the aspects. Dolby information

So if you are going to buy an electric smoker for yourself then you must surely buy the Char-Broil’s.