13 Awesome Electric Smoker Accessories You Must Have

Electric smoker accessories are items that enhance the smoking experience by producing a better quality product or making it easier to smoke meats.

Electric smoker accessories aren’t mandatory so you don’t have to buy them, but I highly recommend buying most of them to make the process more fun and at easy.

Since there are so many smoker accessories it would be a shame not to help yourself and take a look at these.

It would be like you are using the oven without the oven mitt (which can also come in handy when you are taking the meat out of the electric smoker).

Generally, an average smoker/ griller only has bare necessities tools such as a grill brush and bbq gloves.

So, due to that, I want to show you the most interesting meat smoker accessories that can fit your analog, digital, vertical, or bullet electric smoker.

Those accessories are universal and you will realize why are they so convenient.

Most of these tools don’t just apply to a smoker, they will work with a bbq grill, charcoal grill, pellet grill, and a gas grill.

Best Meat Smoker Accessories:

Accessories I am about to show you are made for the smoker,  to enhance its performance or to help you handle the meat.

There is an accessory for every step in the smoking process which means that they can really help you with it.

I will start with the most important one and later  I will show them without any special order.

The reason why I want to start with this important one is that I feel it should be mandatory equipment for every electric smoker and that is the standalone thermometer.


1. Thermoworks Smoke BBQ Alarm Thermometer


Most Electric smokers come with a thermometer that measures the ambient temperature inside of your pit.  This standalone thermometer allows you to watch the temperature of the meat to know exactly when to pull the meat from the pit. If you’ve ever heard the phrases “Wrap the brisket in butcher paper after the stall” or “Brisket should be probe tender at 204F” then you’ll need a standalone thermometer to know when the stall ends and when to pull your brisket from your pit. This turns BBQ to an exact science instead of guessing when the meat is done. There are more expensive ones with WiFi and apps if you plan on leaving your home while the meat is in the smoker such as the Thermoworks Signal. For me, the basic Thermoworks Smoke was affordable and filled my needs.  I’ve used mine going on 8 years now with no problems.  I also have a Thermoworks Signal but tend to use that less often as it needs to be plugged in or the battery dies on my long brisket cooks.

2.  Pellet Smoke Tube


The biggest complaint about Electric Smokers is that they don’t produce enough smoke.  If you don’t have one of the high end smokers that can use wood chunks like the Cookshack series of smokers, Smokin-It or Smoking Tex series then you’re left using wood chips which need to be refilled a few times to have an adequate smokey flavor. With an added pellet smoke tube for under $20, you can light some pellets and put it in the bottom of your smoker and get up to 5 hours of smoke. I’m also a fan of the cleaner burning pellets over wood chips.  There are also maze type pellet smoke trays but for me they tend to stop burning randomly vs the smoke tube style ones.  Added bonus is that you can now cold smoke in your electric smoker with just the smoke tube and a tray of ice to keep the temperature down!

3.  Thermoworks One Instant Read Thermometer


Handheld Instant Read Thermometers are amazing. This is what most professional chefs use as well as most BBQ competitors.  Unlike the one’s sold on Amazon, Thermoworks handheld Thermapens are not only super durable but read temperatures accurately within 1-2 seconds. Imagine you are taking off two briskets in your electric smoker, you have a probe in each.  The top one is not cooking as fast as the bottom one is because the bottom one is closer to the heat source.  You can use the instant read thermometer to probe the flat and point to adjust the placement of the brisket.  Maybe the top one is smaller than the bottom one and they are cooking evenly so you don’t need to switch them. You really won’t know this without being able to probe the briskets in multiple spots during the cook.

4. Electric Smoker Cover

Esinkin 30-Inch Electric Smoker

Electric smoker cover is one of those elements that I would put in the smoker parts and accessories category because they will make your smoker work better and longer.

It is a must-have accessory for every smoker, especially the electric smoker.

Any smoker cover that has a protective purpose (which is everyone on the market) is a good investment because it protects your electric smoker from dirt and bad weather since you are doing outdoor cooking.

The great thing about a smoker cover is that you can find it for any smoker design.

There are vertical smoker covers, small smoker covers, big ones, long ones, or even universal ones.

I think that the smoker cover is the only accessory that has so many versions because it has to fit every smoker on the market.

Grill covers are a must for on top of your electric smoker.

This is because you are now preventing the dirt and moisture to enter the smoker. Most cookers have a small vent on top or the side which is used to control the amount of smoke or heat in the chamber.

If you have too many smokes, just open the vent. That is the most vulnerable part of the smoker because people often forget to close it and this is where the dirt enters the smoker.

Also, we all know that electric smokers and water aren’t a good match, actually, electricity and water aren’t a good match so by buying the smoker cover you are preventing any breakdowns made by the moisture and water which got in the smoker or even worse, on the power cord.

That is why I can’t emphasize to you enough how important an electric smoker cover is.

Make sure that you buy the cover for your smoker and it will last many years because it will be protected and dry.



5. Additional Racks For An Electric Smoker

Additional Racks For An Electric Smoker

If you are an experienced smoker or you want to become one you have to know how to smoke different types of meat.

By that, I don’t mean poultry and beef, I mean your own sausages, jerky, brisket, steaks, and ribs (great recipe: Chipotle BBQ Dry Rubbed Pork Ribs).

The best way to do that is to get special racks or grill grates for special types of meat. You can’t smoke sausages on the basic smoking rack, you have to have a meat hook for smokers because you have to hang the sausage. The same story is with a rib rack, jerky, or even seafood.

Adjust the interior of your smoker to your preferences and if that means that you have to fill your smoker with meat hooks for smokers, then do it.

The more racks you have in your smoker, the more meat you will be able to smoke which will eventually lead to you being a professional in smoking all kinds of meat and that is great.

Once you realize the possibilities you can do in the smoker you will only eat smoked meat.

6. Electric Smoker Stand

Vertical electric smoker stand

Electric smoker stand is one of the very important meat smoker accessories, but it can make the entire smoking process more comfortable for you.

Also, there are some models that have their own stands so if you have to have an electric smoker stand I suggest you take a look at the electric smokers with the built-in stands.

But, if that is not a dealbreaker for you and you would like to have a stand so you don’t have to squat around your smoker then this accessory is great for you.

Electric smoker stand is actually a small table which you can use to put the smoker on it which will make the smoker a higher and better choice for your back.

Don’t put the smoker on the kitchen counter or any table because it can leave a burn mark or even break your table.

That is why you have to use electric smoker stands if you really want your smoker to be higher.

The best way to buy the electric smoker stand is to look for smoker parts and accessories made by the brand that made your smoker.

That way you can be sure that the electric smoker stand is made for your smoker, but if that doesn’t exist you can go with the universal one.

The trick with a universal electric smoker stand is that you have to be sure about the model of smoker you have because that is how you pick it – it has to be compatible with the model.

7. Smoker Insulation Blanket

Smoker Insulation Blanket

A smoker insulation blanket is something very similar to the smoker cover, but with a different purpose.

The smoker insulation blanket keeps the heat of the smoker inside so the heat can be even through the entire smoking process, but it is not meant for hot weather but during winter.

The smoker blanket is a blanket that gives you the opportunity to smoke wood even when this is very cold, but you mustn’t use it above 50°F.

The most popular smokers that use this smoker blanket are the ones made by the Smokehouse products – the Little and Big Chief electric smokers, but there are other brands that produce the smoker insulation blanket as well like Masterbuilt.

You have to be sure that the smoke insulation blanket fits perfectly to your smoker, which means you have to get the one made for that particular model.

The problem with these smoker blankets is that there aren’t that many blankets on the market.

Due to that, if you can’t find the one for your smoker, I would recommend you try to wait warmer days for smoking meat.

8. Heat Resistant Gloves

Heat Resistant Gloves

Heat-resistant gloves aren’t just for electric smokers, they are for anything as long as it is hot.

They are manly enough to use during smoking so you don’t have to use your wife’s oven mitts and they are more practical than oven mitts.

Most oven mitts separate the thumb from the rest of the fingers and they aren’t useful because you can’t do much with them.

You can pick up the rack or the tray but you can’t handle meat.

Heat-resistant gloves are gloves that are more practical because you can actually do something with them.

Now, the heat-resistant gloves are more convenient for the charcoal smoker  – grill accessories category, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to use them.

You can never be too careful!

9. Bear Claws For Pulled Pork

Bear Claws For Pulled Pork

This electric smoker accessory is not that useful as it is cool. The bear claws are used to shred finished meat into pieces and you will feel incredibly manly doing it.

They aren’t just cool-looking knives, they can also be used to handle meat or transport it from the smoker to the dish or cutting board.

But, don’t get any bear claws that you see on amazon because they too have to be made from durable heavy-duty materials.

They are made to handle hot meat in a hot environment which means they mustn’t be from low-quality plastic.

Get the ones that have the ability to withstand super hot temperatures or they will break, or even worse, start to melt.

These bbq tools are a must-have to make you look like a pro.

9. Mat For Vegetables And Fish

Mat For Vegetables And Fish

The mat for vegetables and fish is used on the smoking racks and it prevents smaller parts from falling through the racks.

Since vegetables and fish are more delicate food to prepare you can use this mat for them.

If you have big pieces of meat then you don’t have to use this mat because you will have to clean both the mat and the rack.

There is a reason why they are called mats for vegetables and fish.

The nonstick, dishwasher-safe mat has silicone-coated fiberglass mesh with which makes it very durable and long-lasting, like every part and accessory of any smoker should be.

But, you have to check the dimension of the mat before you get one for your smoker because they have to be compatible with the interior dimension of your smoker.

It is not the end of the world if they are smaller, but you don’t want them to be bigger than the interior because you will have to bend them and that is not what they are for.

10. Marinade Injector

Marinade Injector

The marinade injector will help you before you start smoking by injecting herbs, sauce, or marinade into the meat you are preparing.

A good marinade injector has to be easy to use, precise and comfortable in your hand.

You can use it for any type of meat which means you can marinade poultry, beef, pork, or even wild game with it.

You don’t have to use a special marinade injector for smokers, you can use an ordinary one that you use in the kitchen, as long as it does a good job and it is easy to clean when you are done marinating.

11. Long Grilling Tongs

Long Grilling Tongs

Long grilling tongs are a must-have part of every grill or smoker enthusiast kit because you can easily handle the meat during the process with them.

Well, you can use them during grilling because during smoking you mustn’t open the doors if you don’t want to lose the smoke and heat.

But, when the process is done, they can serve you well to pull out meat on the plate without burning your hands.

The best choice for long grilling tongs is the ones made from stainless steel with a rubber handle because it will keep you safe and stainless steel is a very durable material used for kitchen appliances and utensils.

Also, only chefs can handle those so it is a universal sign for the one who is in charge of preparing meat in the smoker or on the grill so don’t give them away during smoking. 🙂

Having a ton of accessories can be messy so don’t try to use them all at once, but only when the occasion calls for them.

It is a good idea to have them all because they will help you handle the meat, control the temperature or even protect the smoker so don’t think twice about buying them.

If you pick a good-sized and quality electric smoker accessory you will be satisfied with it for a long time. that is what they are made for – to help you improve your skills and your smoker’s performance.



12. Smoke And Grill Master Apron

Smoke And Grill Master Apron

An apron is like a cape for the grill and smoke enthusiasts and this one really caught my eye because it is actually useful.

Most aprons have only one big pocket on the front and nothing else, but this one has tons of things.

First, it has that big pocket (like other aprons) but you will get oven mitts in the pocket.

I know that I said the heat-resistant gloves are better so you can easily switch the oven mitts with the gloves if you want to.

Since smoking can be messy, this apron has a small towel attached to it so you can clean things or grab a hot smoking rack.

Now, the best part – You will also get the insulated pocket for a beverage to keep it cool and you will get a bottle opener with it.

This cool apron is also a great gift idea because it is uncommon and useful. So, if you don’t want it (which I doubt) you can buy it for your smoker enthusiast friends.