Best 9 Electric Smoker Brands And Manufacturers [MUST READ]

electric smoker brands and manufacturers There are a couple of high-quality electric smoker brands that are the best, well known and trustworthy. Those brands have set the standard with their good quality electric smokers with impressive performance and affordable price.

Today I want to share with you what those brands are and what you can expect from each one. Brands that are long enough on the market have developed their recognizable type of smoker. That means you can recognize the brand by the design of the smoker and the features it is offering to the smoker. That is a sign of good brand which offers good quality materials and good quality smokers.

Best 9 Electric Smoker Brands And Manufacturers

Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Brand

masterbuilt One of the most famous electric smoker brands is the Masterbuilt brand. It is not the oldest brand on my list but it is definitely a brand with most electric smokers to choose from. Their first electric smoker was introduced to the public few years after they were established, which was in 1973.

It is a true family business because Dawson McLemore started Masterbuilt in his backyard from a hobby. He had a job n the tire production business, but he decided to leave it and focus on his hobby which was his main passion. He loved to weld so he combined his passion with most interesting food preparation appliance at that time and everything else is history.

They have every model from analog to the digital smart electric smokers which means you will probably find what you are looking for in their offer. There are even some electric smokers that could be used in restaurants even though it is not their domain.

Today, Masterbuilt electric smokers are distributed all over the world. You can find them every corner of the world and that way their main goal. They are the family-oriented company which means that they treat their customers like a family which is far better than average companies.

If you are interested to learn more about their electric smoker models or why is Masterbuilt so popular electric smoker brand, I suggest you read my full post about Masterbuilt electric smokers.


Bradley Electric smoker Brand

bradley electric smoker logo Bradley is another well-known electric smoker brand which produces smokers you can recognize the moment you see them. They are really good quality smokers and they have a unique feature which makes them extremely popular these days.

They are also established around 1970’s which means that people realized the true value of electric smokers for the future. Those years were years when ordinary people started to smoke food in electric smokers and Masterbuilt and Bradley were the electric smoker brands who recognized its potential.

Like I have already mentioned, you can recognize the Bradley electric smoker the moment you see it because it has a special design. Every Bradley electric smoker consists of two parts, the smoking/cooking chamber, and the automatic bisquette feeder. That means you can use the smoke as the oven and as the smoker.

But, the automatic feeder has one more surprise. The bisquettes you use to smoke the food in the chamber you can only buy from Bradley as they are the only producers. The automatic bisquette feeder means that you fill the box with bisquettes and the smoker adds every 20 minutes few bisquettes which provides equal smoke during the entire process.

Bradley is a special electric smoker brand which uses automation as much as it is possible and I must say, they haven’t failed in that yet. I hope it will stay like that for a long time.

The Bradley electric smoker brand started with the story about catching and smoking salmon, how two men joined their forces to share the knowledge and if you want to hear more about that, read my full Bradley electric smoker post.


Char-Broil Electric Smoker Brand

Char Broil logo Another popular electric smoker brand is the Char-Broil and it is older than the first two I have shown you. This Americal electric smoker brand was established back in 1948 when they were one of the first producers of charcoal grills in America.

Since they are on the market for more than 50 years they have developed a wide number of electric and charcoal smokers, but today, I want to focus only on electric smokers.

They have models for everybody, you can find analog, digital, smart smokers and even bullet smokers in their offer. That means they aren’t afraid to adjust their product to the trend and that is why they are on the market for such a long time.

Char-Broil smokers are made for homes which means that they have to be easy to use. That means you don’t have to be an expert to end up with great smoking lunch, all you need is a good electric smoker made by the good electric smoker brand like Char-Broil.

Char-Broil is an electric smoker brand which started as the charcoal smoker and evolved into electric smokers, which are made with the same amount of quality and attention to details as the first charcoal smoker.

If you want to see their path since 1948 until now and get to know each of their electric smokers, read my full post about Char-Broil electric smoker brand. In that post, you will read about analog smokers, digital smokers, and smart smokers. Those smokers have two things in mind, they are made with care and they are all electric.


Old Smokey Electric Smoker Brand

Old Smokey Electric Smoker logo If you are in Texas then I am sure you know a thing or two about the Old Smokey electric smoker brand. This is the most famous brand in Texas and around Texas as it is used to smoke food for almost 100 years.

Yes, the Old Smokey brand was established in 1923 and they are very popular since the first year. Of course, they didn’t produce electric smokers then, but they used their experience to create simple smoker with amazing performance and only one electronic part – the heating element.

The Old Smokey electric smoker is one of the simplest smokers on the market. It has an only heating element which you can adjust and that is it. It doesn’t have thermostats, temperature gauge or special Bluetooth features and the smoker smokes perfectly when you get to know it.

It is the only electric smoker by this electric smoker brand and they have made it in 1953, 30 years after they were established. And you know what? The smoker hasn’t changed since. It looks the same it heats and smokes the same and it is as popular as before.

If you don’t like hearing about smart smokers who have so many electronics they can turn into a computer, then this smoker is the one you were searching for.

So, if you are intrigued by this interesting, extremely simple electric smoker, I suggest you take a look at my full review in the post about Old Smokey electric smoker brand because it is the only electric smoker produced by them.


Cookshack electric smoker brand

Cookshack electric smoker logo Cookshack is an electric smoker brand which is not as popular as other brands in the residential smokers category, but it is pretty popular in commercial smokers category.

The company is also on the market for a very long time but you don’t have to be surprised if you haven’t heard about them, that doesn’t mean they aren’t good. Actually, they are pretty good because they use the same materials and experience in the residential electric smokers which they use in the commercial smokers. Basically, they are producing commercial-grade residential electric smokers.

The main reason why they aren’t so well-known, in my opinion, is because their designs aren’t attractive. Every electric smoker made by this electric smoker brand looks the same. They are all in stainless steel, without windows and with controls on top of the smokers.

That is their main disadvantage because rookies in smoking love to see inside of the smoker which is why most electric smoker brands put windows on the doors. Also, people want their appliances to look nice. They don’t have to be in most vivid colors, but they have to be more than just a silver box.

But, if you don’t mind the simple silver design and you want an electric smoker with good performance I highly recommend that you visit my post about Cookshack electric smoker brand. There you will learn more about the models and you might find the one for you.


Smokehouse Products Electric Smoker Brand

Smokehouse products logo Smokehouse products is an electric smoker brand that is not so well known by the name of the brand, but I am sure you have heard of the smokers they produce. Their most famous smoker is the Little Chief electric smoker.

The electric smokers made by Smokehouse Products are actually made for slow smoking, which means that they do an excellent job in smoking fish. That is why in 1968 their first smoker was so popular.

The Little Chief is their first model and I am sure you have heard of it because it is on the market since 1968. Since then, the overall design of the smoker hasn’t changed a lot which means that they did a great job with it.

Besides Little Chief, the Smokehouse Products electric smoker brand has Big Chief, which is basically a bigger version of the Little Chief and Mini Chief (which is smaller than Little Chief). Every model is made on the same principle which is great if you are looking for slow smokers.

If you want special smoker made for smoking fish, I would suggest you go with the Smokehouse Products. Each of those smokers knows how to smoke fish which is great, and you can choose the type of load between the front and top load. So, to learn more about those interesting models, check out my Smokehouse Products electric smoker brand full post.


Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker Brand

Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker Logo Smoke Hollow is one of the few electric smoker brands on this list that is very young. The brand itself was established in 2005, which means it has more than 10 years of experience. But, the people behind Smoke Hollow electric smoker brand say that they have more than 125 years of experience in preparing food on grills and smokers. You can believe that when you find out that this electric smoker brand is actually a part of the Outdoor Leisure Products.

But, enough about the brand, let’s focus on electric smokers. Smoke Hollow has more than 10 electric smokers in their offer, but they can all be separated into 3 main models. The analog electric smoker, the digital electric smoker, and Bluetooth electric smoker.

I prefer their analog model because it is simple, easy to use and really works wonders with the smoke. Even though they have 125 years of experience their digital electric smokers aren’t the best one on the market.

Their models experience problems with electronics, especially Bluetooth which doesn’t want to pair your smartphone with the smoker from time to time so I wouldn’t recommend them in the Bluetooth smoker category, but other categories are really good.

So, if you are looking for smokers that are good quality and affordable then I would suggest you take a look at my post about Smoke Hollow electric smoker brand. Their analog smoker is really great and if you are looking for it, read its whole review in that post.


Meco Electric Smoker Brand

meco southern country logo Meco electric smoker brand is not the best electric smoker brand on the market but they do have other features that make them interesting to the public. They are on the market for 60 years and they actually started the Metal Engineering Company – MECO.

After few decades they started producing grills and smokers under different name brands. The one brand we are interested now is the Southern Country Smokers. That brand is the main electric smoker brand for the Meco company.

Their electric smokers look pretty attractive as they can be found in different colors like the red, black and stainless steel. Their shape is the same in all the versions and they aren’t fans of vertical electric smokers that look like refrigerators, they are fans of the bullet electric smokers.

What makes their electric smokers so interesting is that they have more than one purpose. Their smokers are also grills and in one model you can change the purpose (grill & smoker) and the fuel (electricity and charcoal).

If you are eager to use grill and smoker but you don’t want to buy two different appliances then I suggest you take a look at the full post of the Meco electric smoker brand. After the brand’s introduction, you will see detailed reviews of every Meco electric smoker.


Pit Boss Electric Smoker Brand

Pit Boss Electric Smoker logo Pit Boss electric smoker brand is a brand that produces smokers that are easy to recognize because they are colorful. Yes, they aren’t afraid to use colors with their smokers so don’t get surprised when you see silver, brown, red or blue smoker.

They produce other types of smokers, not just electric ones which means that the colors depend on the type of the smoker you want to purchase. I think that the best color is reserved for the electric smoker because you can find a blue Pit Boss electric smoker on the market.

Besides color, their electric smokers have a lot to offer which makes them popular, but not as popular as Bradley or Masterbuilt electric smokers, probably because they don’t offer as many models as these two electric smoker brands.

The Pit Boss electric smokers can be divided into two categories; the analog electric smoker and the digital electric smoker. If you are interested to see what those smokers have to offer I recommend you check out my post about Pit Boss electric smokers.