Best 3 Electric Water Smoker Grill Combo – Meco vs ReadHead

There aren’t many differences between an ordinary electric smoker and an electric water smoker. When you look at any design of the smoker you can see that it has a heating element, wood chip tray, water pan and grease pan. By following that logic you can assume that every electric smoker is a water smoker, which is not completely right.

Electric water smokers are the ones which have a big water pan so you can use water in the smoking process. The water in the smoker is right between the heating element and the food which is great because it can make the meat juicy and tender. Water is never a bad idea and you know that, right?

Another trick you can do with the water electric smoker is the fact that you don’t have to put water in the water pan. There are electric water smokers you can fill with other beverages like juices and ever beer. This only means that the water in the water electric smoker has a bigger role than in the ordinary smokers.

Best electric water smokers at the moment

So, today I want to share with you best electric water smokers on the market at the moment. You have to consider that electric water smokers aren’t the same as the other electric smokers which means that they have different performance.

If you are interested in mixing different flavors in the water pan of your electric water smokers, I highly suggest you take a look at my top pick of electric smokers on the market.

Meco Stainless Steel Electric Water Smoker

Meco is the brand which has two good electric water smokers I want to share with you. They are also known as the Southern Country Smokers because this brand is owned by Meco corporation.

The first electric smoker made by Meco in this category is made from stainless steel and it looks simple and classy. It is entirely made of stainless steel and it has wooden handles. The reason why this is an electric water smoker is the big water pan in the smoker. When I mean a big water pan, I mean really big water pan because it is 5.5-quart capacity.

Meco is a company which is proud of their electric water smokers and they are known to encourage their customers to experiment with different beverages. They are known to mix apple or orange juice with their meat in the smoker which gives the meat a special taste and tenderness. The same story is with beer. I am more a fan of beer and I love when people are mixing it with their meat because it gives a special taste, almost as good as the smoked meat.

If you are interested to learn more about Meco electric smokers (also known as the Southern Country smokers) then I suggest you take a look at my full review of this Meco stainless steel electric smoker.


2 In 1 Meco Electric Smoker And Grill

southern country smokers 2 in 1 electric water smoker Another water electric smoker I want to share with you is the 2 in 1 electric smoker because it is a smoker and the grill. But, that is not what I want to share with you now, I want to focus on the water smoker part of the unit.

This electric water smoker grill is actually pretty similar to the Meco electric smoker above. The water pan is the same size as for the smoker above; 5.5-quart capacity. That means you can put so many glasses of water, juice or beer inside to get that juicy and tender meat you always wanted.

What makes this electric water smoker so interesting, even more than the model above, is the fact that you can transform it into an electric grill. Yes, the upper part is detachable and you can easily remove it. So, of the price of one, you can get 3 units with this smoker and that is pretty interesting. With this Meco unit, you will get an electric water smoker, an electric smoker, and electric grill. Do you see where I am going with it?

If I got your attention and you think that this electric water smoker may be the one you are looking for then I suggest you read the whole review about this smoker in the main Meco electric smoker post.


Redhead Electric Water Smoker

redhead electric water smoker reviews The third and the last model I am about to share with you is the Redhead electric water smoker, which is not a very popular smoker. It actually reminds me of Meco electric water smokers and when you look at the picture you can see why.

This electric water smoker has a 1650-watt heating element which is more than enough to smoke 585 square inches of cooking space. The grids and the big water pan are bot porcelain-coated which means they can handle high temperatures just right and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

This water smoker also has two openings, one on the side which are actually doors you can use as a ventilation and the second opening is the lid. The lid has a temperature gauge so you can always know the temperature in the smoker.

I don’t know much about this smoker so I can’t really say if it is a great quality smoker but I do like that it is simple. It is easy to use, it doesn’t have too many additional features and it is analog. Digital electric smokers from the unknown brands usually have problems and if you get an analog electric smoker you won’t have a problem with digital temperature control.

Conclusion: Electric water smoker models

As you can see, there are not that much electric water smokers on the market and I have picked these 3 as my top choice. If you ask me I would go with the Meco electric smoker but only because I know the brand and they can make good electric smokers. Don’t get me wrong, the Redhead electric water smoker looks like it is made to last so it is not a smoker you don’t want to buy, but eventually, it is up to you to decide. If you want to know more about Meco electric smokers I suggest you take a look at the full reviews of their smoker which will help you see if those smoker really are a good fit for you.