How To Cook a Frozen Turkey? (A Complete Guide) 

If you wake up in the morning and get to know that you have to cook the frozen turkey in the dinner.

The first question in your mind is it possible to cook the frozen turkey in this short time.

You might be wondering to know that the answer is yes. The Second thing in your mind is how to cook a frozen turkey.

Want to know the interesting part of this review?

You will get to know everything regarding how to cook a frozen turkey. We will not only tell you all the precautions you need to take but also provide you simple steps to perform the cooking process.

The information about the ingredients and equipment is also listed here to help you get hold of everything properly. 

So, let’s get started with the informative part, shall we?

Without taking any more of your time we will head straight towards the ways to know how to cook a frozen turkey perfectly. 

Procedure for How to Cook a Frozen Turkey:

Frozen Turkey

To cook the frozen turkey is a bit more tricky and time consumed than the regular one. You should be precise in each step.

You should put the turkey in the oven at 325F. The breast side of the turkey should be up on the rack of the pan.

Because the breast of turkey is thick and needs more heat to be cooked. It takes 50% more time to cook than normal.

Estimated Cooking Times for Frozen Turkeys:

When you think about how to cook a frozen turkey. The first query in your mind is how much time it takes to cook completely.

It relies on the size of the turkey. If the turkey big and heavy it takes more time than the smaller ones.

Here’s the deal, there are some estimated times according to the weight of turkey:

  • 8 to 12 pounds of turkey takes 4 to 4 and a half hours.
  • 12 to 16 pounds of turkey takes 4 and a half to 6 hours.
  • 16 to 20 pounds of turkey takes 6 to 7 hours.

When the turkeys are partially thawed, they consume less time to cook.

Food Safety When Cooking a Frozen Turkey:

The Second query in how to cook a frozen turkey is Safety. Is it secure to cook the frozen turkey? The answer is yes it is secure.

But there is only one precaution you have to follow. During the cooking of the turkey go through 40F to 140F temperature as quickly as possible.

Because during this temperature range harmful bacteria accumulated on food. If the food is left for more than two hours.

During the cooking of the frozen turkey, do not keep any part of the turkey in the danger zone.

During the process of how to cook a frozen turkey when the temperature of the whole turkey is 165F, then it is completely cooked.

Be certain about the temperature at different inner points with in the meat. However, the interior is melted at last and cooked thoroughly.

The only safe way to cook the frozen meat is roasting in the oven. Deep fry or grill is not a safe way to cook the frozen turkey.

Because the inside meat remains frozen and uncooked.

How Does It Taste?

How Does It Taste

The third and most important query in how to cook a frozen turkey is its taste. By following the instruction you can cook the frozen turkey.

But, the million-dollar question is that it is worth eating?

Does it taste good?

The answer is yes. It may be not the most delicious turkey you will ever eat. But in such a short time, you should be pleased about your efforts.

When you follow the instructions on how to cook a frozen turkey. The big and dense breast of turkey took a bit longer time to melt and cook than the thighs and drumsticks.

Since the breast of the turkey is fully cooked in the last. You should not be shocked if the upper area of the breast meat hits the 165F temperature shoots upward.

While the meat below has a low temperature and not perfectly cooked.

The meat stayed moist as a whole, even it is technically overcooked. The evaporating liquid within the meat keeps the upper layer moist and juicy.

Remove the Giblets:

The fourth step of how to cook a frozen turkey is removing the Giblets. Never try to remove the giblets of the frozen turkey before the cooking.

Because the turkey is frozen like solid. During the cooking when the frozen turkey is thawed enough.

Giblets take a longer time to remove if they are inside the cavity of the turkey.

If the giblets of the turkey are covered with plastic than make sure that plastic should not get hot. Melted plastic ruined the taste of the turkey.

You Need a Good Thermometer:

The Fifth step of how to cook a frozen turkey is to check the temperature inside of the meat.

Because the upper layer is seeming to be completely cooked but it is frozen from inside. For this purpose, you should use a good thermometer.

Put the thermometer at different positions to check the temperature of the inside meat. In my opinion, you should use the digital thermometer.

Because these are more accurate and easier to read. It measures the temperature more quickly than an ordinary thermometer.

And in the case of frozen turkey, you should measure the temperature as quickly as possible.

The Advantages of Cooking a Frozen Turkey:

The Advantages of Cooking a Frozen Turkey

The main plus point in this method of how to cook a frozen turkey is that you can make an outstanding gravy.

Secondly, when your guests came suddenly and your turkey is frozen. Now, if you know how to cook a frozen turkey you can cook the lavish meal for them. 

One downside of this method is that your oven is booked for several hours.

It takes time, but after the turkey is cooked properly, you get the best reward that you can enjoy with your family and friends without a doubt. 

How To Cook a Frozen Turkey? (Steps)

Cook a frozen turkey

Cooking a frozen turkey is not as hard as you think it can be. It is a very simple process, and you can cook a delicious Turkey if you follow the steps carefully.

We have listed down the right ingredients and pieces of equipment that you would need to cook a frozen turkey.

These instructions will make sure you can cook the best turkey for yourself. 


When it comes to cooking or roasting a frozen turkey there is mot many things you need to make it happen.

You just need butter or some oil for glazing the surface of the whole turkey and the pan.

The second thing is the normal amount of salt and pepper. You can choose it according to your taste. Spread it on the whole body of the turkey evenly to make it taste better. 

The third thing is to take some other spices that you need to add for more taste. 


As roasting a turkey is not a complex process at all you just need a few simple types of equipment to let everything go smoothly and as planned.

The first thing you need is a large baking pan or a baking tray. You will be able to put the whole turkey in it and make sure it is cooked evenly. 

Secondly, you need to have a working oven that has a roasting rack in it. This will allow you to place the whole turkey in the oven to get roasted properly. 

Step#1: Cleaning and Preparation:

The first and foremost step is to clean out the whole turkey properly. The next thing is to prepare the turkey by glazing oil or butter on it while placing it into a roasting pan.

The next thing is to evenly sprinkle the salt and pepper on the surface of the turkey so that it stays there because of the butter or oil. 

Similarly, you need ti prehead the oven to a 325F and then optimize the heat to a 100F for roasting the turkey. 

Step#2: Pre-Cook a Roasting:

Once you place the whole roasting pan of turkey on the roasting rack in the oven make sure it is placed properly.

Tuck in the wings of the turkey behind its back and carve out all the giblets before you start marinating it. 

The next step is to roast the whole thing for almost two and a half hours until it is cooked properly. Make sure the meat is cooked to a tender and juicy state. 

Step#3: Resting and Garnishing:

Bring out the toasted turkey and let it rest at room temperature. It will create a crispy layer on the roast and make it more desirable to eat.

The last step is to garnish it with different sauces as you like. You can just add lemon juice and parsley on it.

Voila!!! you have got yourself a properly cooked frozen turkey for you.


Wrapping It All Up!

From the above article on how to cook a frozen turkey, it is concluded that it is difficult to cook a frozen turkey than the regular one.

It is a bit tricky and risky. As the inner meat is not properly cooked than it is not worth eating. Each Step should be optimized.

Especially do not keep the turkey in danger zone temperature for a long time. When the temperature of the whole turkey is 165F than it is ready to serve.

However, this method is a bit technical and time-consuming. But it is applicable and efficient for the frozen turkey.