How to season a Masterbuilt propane smoker is a very confusing concept. Not specific to the Masterbuilt brand, but with any other gas smoker, the first thought that comes in mind with ‘seasoning a smoker’ is to sprinkle some pepper and salt over something. That obviously sounds ridiculous and doesn’t relate with the subject concept here in any possible manner. The concept here with seasoning a propane smoker is more with its preparedness.

Some people also think that it is required to enable it with
a smooth and non-sticky finish, but this is not the prime requirement in
seasoning. There is actually another important principle of smoking that food
shouldn’t touch the surface of the smoker and this also wraps somewhere under
the same idea. The concept of seasoning a smoker is also alternately known as
curing or pre-seasoning.

Masterbuilt smoker and the value it adds to smoking after seasoning:

A lot of smoking experts and enthusiasts are of the opinion
that there is smoked foodstuff and then there are Masterbuilt smoked items. All
this carries a lot of difference as smoked food from Masterbuilt has its class
apart and it truly differs from many other propane smokers coming from
different manufacturers. Seasoning after the brand is another crucial factor
that plays a pivotal role in developing the taste and also for making the
maintenance and cooking process quite easy and smooth.

 You may try a lot of
different things during the seasoning process, such as customizing the flavor
profile of you smoked food by alternating the water pan with the wood chip tray.                                           The temperature gauge (built-in and the chrome-coated racks inside the
Masterbuilt unit provides the much needed finishing touches in the electric
smoker. Once the entire seasoning and assembling of the Masterbuilt unit is
done in an ideal manner, then get ready for the unlimited smoked taste, lots of
smoking experiment and finally the best in the town smoked goodness.

When to season your Masterbuilt Propane Smoker?

One should remember and understand here that the key to
getting the delicious smoked taste you’re your smoker depends on the
cleanliness of your smoking unit. A properly cleaned smoker would be able to
generate the heat much more consistently or just as required and that would
eventually influence the taste. This is one critical way in which seasoning is
associated with the taste developed through a propane o any other smoker.

 Irrespective of the
manufacturer or type of the smoker, seasoning s required to be done only once
for the lifetime of the smoker. It is once done initially when you buy the
smoker and/ or setting up or assembling the unit for first use. Then there are
other seasonings or cleaning methods such as steam cleaning which could be done
either before or after the smoking session every time.

Things you will need for seasoning your Masterbuilt propane smoker:

Before we jump onto the steps involved in performing
seasoning of Masterbuilt propane smoker, let us first identify the things we
would need for the seasoning purpose. The following is how that list goes:

  • Wire Brush for cleaning the stainless steel
    material cooking racks.
  • Scrapping tool for the sake of sparring down of
    the drip pan
  • Your propane smoker from Masterbuilt in
    unassembled form

Seasoning a Masterbuilt propane smoker:

A lot of people believes that they would get everything they
need about seasoning from the Masterbuilt user manual, but this doesn’t always
happen. Actually, due to the sophisticated system, a lot of questions comes in
the mind of the user, which are not directly answered in the manual. Seasoning
for almost any propane smoker is done in the same manner. However, here we will
be precisely talking about Masterbuilt smokers when undergoing the seasoning
process. The following are the basic steps discussed at a glance that are to be

  • Initial cleaning of the racks and interior of the cooking chamber is
    required to be done, which is followed up by air drying job.
  • The cooking oil needs to be applied only to the
    doors from inside and the cooking grates.
  • 2 cups of the wood chips (soaked) should be
    added into the flame bowl and the burner should then be fired up.
  • Keep on burning the propane smoker for good 30
    minutes at a desired temperature of 400 degrees F.
  • Keeping the vent open or close is optional.
    However, the open vent is preferable in case of Masterbuilt propane smokers.
  • Shut down and let the propane smoker cool down
  • Reapply the cooking oil (just as before) and let
    the smoker burn for another 20 minutes.
  • You may look to coat most of the interior, of
    course except the burner.
  • Make sure to wipe out or dump off any ash that
    gets produced within the Masterbuilt propane smoker.

Once all the above is ensured then your smoker is all ready
to give you the best smoking taste of your recipe with far easy maintenance and
cleaning required post smoking. 

Ease with post-cleaning after smoking:

If you have done the hard work in the seasoning stage right at
the time of assembling your unit then you will be a lot at ease with the
clean-up process after each of your smoking session. This is true because, with
the use of steam cleaning process, you will not require much cleaning effort.
Once the steam cleaning is done after smoking, then it is highly recommended to
opt for a quick mist in order to wipe off any dust build-up on or around the propane
smoker and clear out any wood chunks out of the wood chip tray.

Final Note:

How to season a Masterbuilt propane smoker or how to up your smoking game is all dependent upon how good your cooker is and how well planned you are with its seasoning. Seasoning is a one time job that you will do only the first time of use and you need to ensure you do it right at the time after purchasing your Masterbuilt smoker. The above discussion and the instructions mentioned in the Masterbuilt manual could help with an easy seasoning of the Masterbuilt propane smoker. So hurry up and season your smoker so you can get to smoking a brisket or making some jerky!

How to season a Masterbuilt propane smoker