How to Use a Vertical Smoker and Fix Common Smoker Problems

I think we all are all foodies in some way.  We love to grill our food, smoke barbecue and bake different items. But we all need some kind of equipment in which we make our favorite foods easily.

Electric smokers, grills and electric ovens can make our life easier in smoking brisket, ribs or any kind of item easily and it also takes less time to cook your food. 

In this article, we will tell you how to use vertical smokers. There are also vertical smokers by which you can smoke your meat for many hours at a temperature just below 300-degree Fahrenheit and it is also a water smoker.

The upright bullet-shaped device is the Weber variant which has essentially three sections. In this segment below the charcoal burns down and attaches a couple of fist-size bits of hardwood to the core right from the outset for smoky bbq aromas.

Put the charcoal in and light it including a bowl of water, put the food on the top, close up the smoker and pause.

Isn’t that everything necessary to work as a smoker? No, in all actuality there are a lot of little subtleties, tips and strategies to utilizing a vertical smoker.

Here is all you have to think about how to utilize a vertical smoker.

Many of you don’t know that vertically smokers are also called bullet smokers, and have been used to win BBQ competitions worldwide. The heat and moisture is described by the smoker drum if you add some solid fuel to the bottom and heat pass over a bowl of water and up to food.

How To Use A Vertical Smoker?

Vertical Smoker

Before using the vertical smoker you have to make sure that the smoker is clean.  Because the heating element is on the bottom and food will be dripping grease onto the element it is important to keep vertical smokers clean.

In the first step you have to clean the vertical smoker by checking that the old food and gunk fragments that build up along the sides, joints and anywhere the grease, beef and juice will touch are cleaned.

 You don’t have to scrub and scrape,  just make sure that no grime will come into touch with the meat. Sometimes lookout for the dust and muck from the cover and metal grills which may rust over and spill on food. 

In the second step, you have to add fuel and light the vertical smoker for food. You may use very dry wood or charcoal or both.

The wood has to be dry since you want it to be burnt cleanly.

And as the hotter, the wood burns the more often you need to refill while you smoke your food. 

Using a blow torch or similar device some people light up the fire and some people use a chimney but the chimney has a hole on the bottom by which you have to put a piece of fuel under it and light a piece of paper.

The fuel should be hot enough to move into the smokers base after around 20 minutes. 

After moving the fuel to the smokers base you can add any extras like different types of wood in the smoker.

In that third step, you have to add the fluid(usually water) to the water bowl which is located in the smokers center segment. After that, you can set the temperature in the smoker by adjusting the vents.

Many people use water but others things you might want to try are apple juice, apple cider vinegar or adding herbs to the water. 

You can also keep this thing in mind that however, you will have to move the smoker midsection to the base layer so don’t spill the hot water into the fire. 

In the fourth step, you have to add the food and grill it. You can place it on for your meals in the midsection while grilling.

Seek not to let the food reach the smoker’s hand because it can suck up some debris stuck to the edges.

Sometimes you want the food to move about in hot air and smoke so seek to prevent any food item from hitting the sides in the smoker. 

You may need to add extras before you reassemble your smoker because some people have their hot charcoal with wood chips on top.

Now you have to soak up the wood chips for about an hour or half an hour if you do so.

Then you have to take them by hand and allow the water to flow through your palms, after that you have to throw the chips on the hot coals.

Too hot, and the fuel would be squeezed out.

Or if it is too hot so the wood chips are going to come bust in flames and they are going to melt away quickly.

Vertical Smoker

In step six you have to reassemble the smoker but at first, you have to wear gloves which is necessary for you because it can save your hands from the burn.

Many people have placed the smokers top on top of the foundation and then attempted to add the middle and bottom parts only when they know that they have to find that the foundation clips are burning hot or not.

If you don’t want the water to sprinkle over the bowl side so you have to be careful when reassembling the smoker.

In the seventh step, you have to monitor the heat and check the cooking time depending on the sort of fuel and food you use.

You should test if the temperature is fine when the smoker is using an external thermostat.

If you are checking your food, again and again, you have to remove the lid of the smoker to check the food.

 Wood Chips And Charcoal:

To adjust the meat’s taste you should incorporate extras. Using solid fuel like charcoal is nothing wrong because it produces tasty and healthy food.

Some people want to apply moist wood chips to the coals right before they have the smoker installed.

To generate the automatic steam you can add pre-soak chips which can slow down the wood chips burning process. And it can establish pleasant cooking and eating experience along with the aromas of the smoke and food.

Soak up the pieces of wood for about two hours and position the moist wood chips on gas grills in a smoker box adapter or you can also directly put on the charcoal bbq coals. \Then you have to close the cover and encourage the chips to start smoking and hand for smoke begins fluttering out of the bbq.

You should still use charcoal and incorporate natural wood for charcoal’s ease with wood smokers flavor.

Using them at the same time is a very effective way to transfer heat as well as flavor.

Types Of Wood:

If you are using wood alone or applying that wood chips to the charcoal you will know what kind of food can produce and what kind of smoke and flavors would be suitable for your food.

Here are the different types of woods by which you can give the best aroma or delicious taste to your food.

It can also help your food for the moist texture and wonderful smoke flavors which will love to eat by your family and friends.

The names of the different wood flavors are:


Applewood is sweet and gentle.

With the mellow test it takes a while for the taste of Apple Smoke to permit the meat so expect many hours for smoking it is best to smoke your food like a beef roast, chicken. bacon and wild foul.



If you want to give more subtle flavor to your food so Maple is the best smoking wood for your pork, poultry and game foul.

And you can also use it for mild smoking as the flavor and it also gives light and sweet flavor to your beef.


Cherry is a soft and fruity flavor and the two varieties complement each other for a spectacular outcome when combined with other hardwood like Hickory.

It can give the best Aroma to your food and can also moist your beef roast easily. You can smoke your best meat with this flavor like Turkey, Ham, chicken and beef roast.


Oak is prime to go smoking meat because if you are a newbie to smoking this is a perfect place to continue and this can also offer a strong flavor to your meat sometimes and also overpowering the heavy taste.

You can smoke your meat with the help of this wood-like brisket, beef, lamb and sausages.


Mesquite wood is recommended for smaller quantities and for grilling food because it has a hardwood packing which has an intense flavor and it is also famous for its uniquely intense and strong flavour.

You can use it for the best meat to smoke red meat and if you want to add more flavor so you can also use it while grilling.


You can use Hickory wood in many ways and it is the most versatile choice for you which can be used to smoke the wood.

However be alert since so much spice can make the meat get a bitter taste and it has a touch of savory, short, bit bacony and robust flavor.

You can use this wood to smoke the best meat like pork shoulder and a large cut of ribs as well as poultry and all red meat.


If you want to give sweet and delicate characteristics to your beef, so Alder is the best for you because it has a sweet and light flavor which gives the best aroma to your food and you can also use it for the best meat to smoke fish like Salmon and other Pacific North Western types.

With the lovely and conventional twine of cotton wrapped around the smoked beef roast cuts typically but does it serve a reason other than to be nice?

Of course, because it has the purpose to gather the meat together and also left alone the meat extensions which will cause the meat to cook and evenly through the smoking cycle if left unwrapped.


If you want nutty, rich and sweet flavor so you have to buy pecan wood flavor for your food.

It is the best wood flavor for your food and it is actually so sweet that you might want to use a combination of it with another tougher wood so it can easily balance the flavor of your food.

You can use this wood to smoke beef roast, brisket and ribs.

Wood Tips:

You should attach to your charcoal if you want to know for a good blend of taste so why not take it to the next stage.

You word love lightning your main fire with pecan pieces and incorporating tiny bits of mesquite and charcoal to produce a good smokey scent that does not taste sour.

Cooking Times:

Did you know how long your food will stay in the smoker?

It all depends on how well you do it or what kind of food you like to smoke in it.

For electric smokers, you must know how to use a thermometer for resting the minimum temperature period on various forms of meat. 

On the off chance that you are utilizing your smoker accurately at that point, you should not fear food contamination.

While the facts confirm that ruined meat may make you wiped out the smoker will execute any bacteria when it extends the exposure to heat the smoker and kill all the bacteria from it. 

The key thing to remember is that you will be fine as long as you get the meat out of the heat zone in less than four hours. It is also a risk zone which is 40 to 140 degrees. Be careful so not to take the food out too soon and you ought to be sheltered.

You have to experiment a little if you are cooking fruit and vegetables in it. Butter sweet corn can take significantly less time but things like big potatoes may take more time while cooking.

If you are making or grilling fish, brisket ribs or any kind of item like that it can take a long time because if you keep them out for one or two hours it can not cook perfectly.

The maximum time of cooking brisket ribs and other items is 4 to 5 hours approximately for making the perfect food for you.

You can also give the best aroma of smoke in and vertical electric smoker with the help of wood chips in different flavors so make sure to cook it for 4 to 5 hours to make your food more delicious and for moist texture.

Fix Common Smoker Problems:

Now we are going to guide you about the common smoker problems and can also guide you on how to solve these problems.

One of the most common problems encountered when using an electric smoker is low or no production of smoke. The smoker’s configuration as well as the smoking temperature all influence how much the wood chips burn. Masterbuilt smokers have been recorded to emit no smoke as well as some issues with smokers from Royal Oak.

Here you can find to fix the common problems in few steps:

Using chips crafted from dried wood and you may think of soaking wood chips in water will hinder the production of smoke.

Change the wood chips box location thereby bringing it closer to the electrical feature.

Before placing the meat in the smokers light the wood chips with a tiny propane torch.

Smoker runs at a higher temperature.

Many issues have been noticed while using master built smokers one of them being intermittent bursts of puffing a cloud of smoke out from the injection tube around the wood chip.

Little And Big Chief Smokers:

So you have to use a big and little chief smoker to fix the problem. 

A common misconception concerning big chief and little chief smokers in the smokehouse which should be used to cook smoke needs to their maximum capacity.

Some smokers are ideal for a smoking and jerky fish with a high temperature of 170 Fahrenheit to 180 Fahrenheit however due to the low smoke equality it is not advised that they are used for smoking meat such as beef, pork or poultry.

Big chief and little chief smokers may be used to attach the smoke taste to food and you can use them for an hour or two hours to spread the smoke in the smoker.

The beef will then be moved to an oven for bbq to finish cooking.

Wood Chip Boxes, Water Pans And Pit Smoker Fires:

When you are using an electric smoker that has an uncovered item that sits on a lava rock bed can you directly put a wood chip container on the device without doing any damage? 

There is some uncertainty as to how the water pan will be packed with water when consuming other items even while consuming ribs.

But usually, it is best to use some other liquid or water. In most cases, the smoker water pan can be used because with the dry water pan it is better to smoke your food in it.

If you want to use burning woods which can provide smoke and heat both to your food so horizontal pit smokers are one of the best smokers for you.

Maintaining the fire so that it burns correctly is a practice that must be mastered to generate healthy smoke that does not turn the food to bitter taste.

Set The Charcoal Grills And Gas To Smoke Your Food:

When you don’t have a brief smoker but you do have a Barbecue you can always smoke pork.

You can quickly set up both gas Grills and charcoal grills to give some appetising Smoky taste to seafood, poultry and meats.

You can also maintain your smoker because after many applications smokers are sort of grungy inside. Should a smoker be washed for any usage or will the smoke residue coating within the smoker and hence the smoke food flavour?

Daily washing of smoker grates should be performed if there is an appropriate method to adopt for the healthy cleaning of porcelain coating cooking grates.

Here are some basic rules to remember if you have ever can template: Creating your smokers such as the proper firebox to the cooking chamber size ratio required for the best performance.

And you will need to have a way to produce School smoke to smoked cheese or too cold smoked salmon.

The basic method involves only a new soldering iron and a clean tube. This could happen only when you’re ragging up a homemade smoker.

This is also good to get the real user manual for your individual because of no matter what sort of a smoker you get. Those provide directions to use if you are using a smoker and you can also figure out where to get new parts.

Some also provide recipes and cooking suggestions in pages so it is not too tough to know how to use a smoker.

This happens when you get the operating instructions smoker which is straight from the horse’s mouth.


Hope you will find the best way to smoke your food item in the vertical smoker and you can also know the method of fixing the common problems in the smoker.

The procedure is not very hard so you can do it at your home easily.

And with the help of an electric smoker, you must know how to make your food delicious and also know how to give the best smoke aroma to your meat and also give the moist texture to it.

So what are you waiting for? Go and get the vertical electric smokers and make the delicious food at your homes in less time.