Master Chef Electric Smoker Accessories,Parts & Cover Review

Master Chef is a brand that produces kitchen appliances and equipment.

If you are looking for anything in the range of baking cups for muffins and refrigerator, they most likely have it.

But, when it comes to smokers, they are not that interested. They have different grills and only two smokers; one is propane and the other electric smokers.

Yes, that means there is only one Master Chef electric smoker.

Due to that, I will make a detailed review of that one Master Chef smoker so you can see what this smoker is all about and if the smoker really is for you and your family.

Best Master Chef Electric Smoker Reviews:

1. Master Chef electric smoker

Master Chef electric smoker

This Master Chef smoker is a digital smoker, which means it has digital controls for temperature and timer.

But, before we start talking about technology, I want to share with you more important things, like the capacity of the smoker.

This smoker has 730 square inches capacity of cooking space with 4 cooking grids which are more than enough to feed your entire family and few friends.

The temperature range produced by the 800-watt heating element is about 100°F-275°F, which is perfect for smoking all types of food.

The sleek black design is actually made from steel, and from the inside, the smoker is well insulated, which means that the smoke stays inside the smoker.

When the smoker is working, the interior is cold, but that doesn’t mean you can put things on the smoker.

It is better to keep it alone.

The smoker’s doors don’t have glass which means you can’t see what is happening inside the smoker, but you don’t have to because the precise digital controls make sure that the temperature in the smoker is on point.

The controls are located on the top of the smoker, and they are simple to use. You can set the wanted temperature and the timer and leave the smoker to do what it has to – smoke food.

There is a problem with the screen because it doesn’t produce enough light, which makes it hard to see what the controller is actually saying, but it is not a dealbreaker.

The only bigger problem with this smoker is that sometimes the meat probe can show the wrong temperature, which can be annoying.

But you can easily improve that with accessories. I mean, it is always a good idea to have more thermometers to be sure that the smoking process is going OK.

The good thing which most smokers have is the side door for adding wood chips. This smoker also has that because it saves heat because you don’t have to open the doors to add wood chips to the tray.

Both wood chip tray and water pans are aluminum coated which means that they are easy to clean, which is always a plus.

This smoker is almost identical to the Masterbuilt 30” electric smoker, and I am unsure whether it is a copy or just a very similar product.

The main difference between those two models is in one of the most important parts of the smoker, especially in the residential category.

The price of this smoker, of a Master Chef electric smoker, is almost double the price of the same model, but made by Masterbuilt.

Now, I don’t know what you would say about that, but my money would go for the more affordable version, especially since the Masterbuild is half the price of the Master Chef.

I don’t mean that this smoker isn’t good quality, that is not a problem.

The problem is that there is the same model with the more affordable price on the market, made by well-known brands in BBQ and smokers.

If you aren’t sure that this smoker is worth its price, I suggest you take a look at my Masterbulit electric smoker review, and you will see all the similarities and differences between those two smokers.

That will help you decide if the price of Master Chef smoker is on the spot or not.

2. Accessories and parts for Master Chef electric smoker

Accessories and parts for Master Chef electric smoker

Like I have already mentioned, the Master Chef electric smoker is the only smoker we can connect with them.

That means they probably don’t have that many replacement parts (if they have any).

The good thing is that this smoker is almost identical to the Masterbuilt smoker I have mentioned in the review above.

That means you can use every replacement part for the Masterbuilt on the Master Chef smoker if something breaks.

The only question that arises now is; why would you buy this smoker when you have Masterbuilt?

Well, that question I leave completely up to you to answer.

You are getting the smoker for you and your family, and you are the only one who knows the answer to that question.

The same thing is with accessories. If you want to improve your smoker’s performance, I suggest you take a look at the Masterbuilt accessories because they can come in handy in this situation.

Just be sure that you are looking for a good model.

One of the most important accessories you absolutely to get is the protective cover for the smoker.

That cover keeps your smoker safe and dry no matter where you put it.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a Master Chef, Masterbuilt, or Smoke hollow; a protective cover is a must-have feature for every smoker.

Remember, they are electric.

The protective cover is not the only thing you can buy to improve your smoker’s performance.

I don’t want to go into details here, so if you are interested in other electric smoker accessories,

I suggest you take a look at my post about that topic. There you will find everything that interests you.


I am not sure what to think about the Master Chef electric smoker.

I mean, it is a good smoker, but the Masterbuilt has the same smoker for a better price.

Yes, the smoker has good characteristics, but I am torn because the Masterbuilt smoker is pulling me in its direction,.

I would definitely read the Masterbiult review before I decide which smoker I would get.

BONUS TIPS: If you aren’t interested in Master Chef or Masterbuilt smokers because you realized that they don’t have the thing you are looking for, I would like to recommend you one thing.
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