Meco-Southern Country Electric Smokers And Parts Reviews

Meco is a company established in 1959, and they started as the Metal Engineering Company (MECO), which was a perfect movie for people who needed a job.

A decade later, the company evolved and started producing grills, and through the years, they developed many grill brands like One Fire Southers Country Smokers.

Aussie and Americana Grills, Easy Street Electric Grills.

That is not the end because, in 1971, they started producing folding chairs and tables.

This company is evolving through the ages, which means it produces good quality materials and is satisfied with its performance.

But, today, I want to focus on electric smokers, and the only brand inside the Meco company which produces electric smokers is the Southern Country Smokers.

Those Meco Southern Country electric smokers are similar in shape, but their characteristics are not that similar.

I don’t want to confuse you, so let’s focus on the Meco smoker review so you can see everything you need to know about them.

This electric water smoker by Meco is a great quality smoker made for people who want to smoke food for their family and friends.

Inside of this stainless steel silver smoker, you will have 351 square inches of cooking space which is more than enough for you to prepare a great meal.

You can spread the food on 2 cooking grids in the smoker, and its design allows the smoke to circle in the smoker constantly.

This Meco stainless steel smoker has two openings, the lid, and the doors, so that you can use it differently.

The doors are closed perfectly, but the lid is not, and that is how it should be; if it is the other way around, it wouldn’t be smoke circulation.

The lid has a built-in temperature gauge which means you can monitor the temperature any minute, and the only downside is that you can’t see what is happening inside.

I am sure you have noticed the doors on the smoker, and those doors are a great way for you to ventilate the smoker when you have to.

That way, you can control the amount of smoke and heat for your smoker.

The reason why this electric smoker is also known as the Meco water smoker is the fact that it has a big water pan.

That means that water has a bigger role in smoking than in other regular smokers.

This water pan is 5.5-quart capacity, and you can easily call it an extra-large water pan.

That big water pan is great if you want to slow cook your food because it will produce that juicy taste.

What I like most about Meco stainless steel electric water smokers is that you don’t have to put water in the water pan.

You can use different juices like apple, or orange and if you are brave enough, you can put beer in the pan.

Every drink gives your food a special flavor.

Now, the heating element in this Meco electric smoker is no joke because it is UL-listed 1500-watts and CUL-listed, which means you can plug it in your home outlet and have a great smoking experience no matter what type of food you want to smoke.

Although the Meco smoker doesn’t have wheels, it is easy to transport because you can carry it with the wooden handles on two sides.

The third hande is on the lid so you can safely grab the hot lid without burning yourself.

The fact that it is easy to use this smoker is a great choice for families. It has a wide temperature range with the 1500 watt heating element so you can smoke any food.

The capacity is more than enough for your family, and the quality is pretty impressive.

I would recommend this Meco electric smoker to people who want to try water smokers because it really does a good job.

I want to remind you that Southern Company Smokers is a brand made by Meco. Hence, if you see this defined as the Southern Company Smokers Meco electric smoker or Meco Southern Company Smoker, it is the same smoker, just sellers defined it differently.


  • 351 square inches of space.
  • UL-listed and CUL-listed 1500-watts heating element.
  • Wooden handles to carry it around.
  • 5.5-quart water pan.


  • None that I can see.

2. 2 in 1 Meco electric smoker and grill

2 in 1 Meco electric smoker and grill

The second model I want to share with you is the Southern Country 2 in 1 electric water smoker grill.

Meco is the main brand of this smoker, but they made Southern Country Smokers as a part of Meco, which is in charge of electric smokers, so if you see Meco 2 in 1 electric water smoker grill, it is the same smoker as this one.

Actually, this Meco electric water smoker is very similar to the Meco smoker I have already reviewed to tell you their similarities first. I will focus on things that are different.

As you can see, the design is pretty much the same, only this smoker is larger and made in a different color – black.

With this Southern Country 2 in 1 electric water smoker & grill, you will get 351 square inches of cooking space spread on 2 cooking grids.

The same UL and CUL listed 1500-watt heating element is a part of this smoker which means you can smoke any type of food.

This smoker is also a water smoker, which means that the 5.5-quart water pan is the reason why food ends up so tasty and juicy,

Just make sure that you have a good temperature during the smoking process.

The best way to do that is to check out the built-in temperature gauge on the upper part of the smoker because this is a Meco electric water smoker with 2 levels of cooking.

As you can see, for now, there aren’t that many differences between those two Meco water smokers.

But, there is one thing which makes this one more interesting, and I am sure you all know what I am talking about because it says in the title.

Yes, this Meco electric water smoker is also an electric grill.

So, the principle for this Meco smoker is to remove the upper part of the smoker and use only the lower part where you put wood chips and heating element.

It has a special interlocking system on the smoker, so you can easily transform the smoker into a grill.

With this Southern County electric combo water smoker, you will get two options for prepare food – grill and smoke, and I think that it is a great idea and a very convenient product for families.

You can easily transform the smoker into a grill and vice versa.

The best part about it is that you don’t have to have two products, you can have only one.

The capacity is great for families, the quality is pretty good, and the fact that you get 2 instead of 1 is even better.

I would recommend this smoker to any smoking and grilling enthusiast who loves to do both.

The price is an even better part of the smoker because it makes it really affordable, especially since it is a smoker and a grill.


  • Smoker and a grill.
  • 351 square inches of space.
  • UL-listed and CUL-listed 1500-watts heating element.


  • Quality.
  • It could be sturdier.

3. Meco 4-in-1 Dual Fuel Smoker and Grill

Meco 4-in-1 Dual Fuel Smoker and Grill

There is one more model made by Meco, and it is the most versatile smoker in today’s article.

The technical characteristics are the same, so that I won’t go into details.

This smoker has 351 square inches of cooking space with 2 cooking grids and the same 1500-watt Meco smoker heating element.

But, that is not the only way you can use this smoker.

This smoker is easily convertible into a charcoal smoker because you can use the smoker’s bottom without the wood chip tray and heating element.

All you have to do is to remove the heating element and replace it with charcoal.

As you have noticed, the title says 4-in-1 which means that there are two more options for this smoker.

That means that you can transform this smoker into a grill, the same way you can do that into Southern Country Smokers 2 in 1 electric water smoker in the review above because this smoker also has the removable upper part.

So, there are 4 options for this smoker. It can be:

That is a great option for people who want to test every smoking and grilling option because they don’t have to get 4 different products.

The capacity is the same as the smokers above, so you can see it is made for family and friends, perfect for homes.

The only thing that worries me is the fact that it is a 4 in 1 product.

I mean, it doesn’t have to mean anything, but I am not a fan of 4 in 1 product because I always get the feeling that those products are stretched in too many directions.

The 2 in 1 option is ok because there is only are products, but the 4 in 1 is up to you to decide.


  • 351 square inches of space.
  • UL-listed and CUL-listed 1500-watts heating element.
  • Smoker and grill.
  • Charcoal and electricity.


  • Quality.

4. Accessory and replacement parts for Meco electric smokers

Accessory and replacement parts for Meco electric smokers

Every electric smoker brand has to offer you additional parts to improve or protect your electric smoker.  

Meco electric smoker parts can be separated into two categories, the Meco smoker replacement parts and the Meco accessories.

5. Meco Smoker Replacement Parts

Char Broil Performance Smoker Cover, Kettle Grill

Every electric smoker, no matter how qualified, can break. That is why good brands like Meco will have spare parts you can order and replace, so you don’t have to buy a whole unit.

One of the most important parts you have to have is the Meso smoker heating element.

You can get that heating element from Meco. You can order a universal unit, but be careful because Meco smokers are cylindrical, not rectangular like most smokers on the market.

Another pretty important part is the control probe for the smoker, and people in Meco know that.

That is why those two are the most popular Meco smoker replacement parts.

Meco accessories are part of the smoker, which can improve your experience or even protect the smoker.

You can choose the Meco smoker parts that go inside the smoker, like an extra water pan or even a cooking grid.

But, the most important part you have to get is the cover for your Meco electric smoker.

The cover protects the smoker from the rain, UV rays, dirt, leaves, and other debris. By covering your smoker, you are keeping it clean and protected all the time.

If you want to get a cover and can’t find the one you are looking for among the Meco water smoker parts, then.

I suggest you take a look at my post about Electric smoker accessories because you can find what you are looking for in universal parts of electric smokers.


Meco is a company which is around us for more than 50 years so you can easily say that they are good.

I like that their smokers are recognizable; they aren’t like every other smoker on the market.

Also, smokers’ capacity is great for families, which is very important for a family person like you.

You can easily switch from smoking to grilling and from electric to pretty impressive charcoal, and someone will find that the selling feature of this smoker.

I would recommend this smoker for beginners and family men who love to smoke and grill for their family.

BONUS TIPS: If you aren’t satisfied with the Meco smoker models, then I want to help you find that one electric smoker you are looking for.
I suggest you take a look at my Guide: How to choose the best smoker for you?
I am sure you will find the best smoker for you and your entire family.