New York Strip vs Ribeye Steak: What’s the Difference?

You might be wondering what the clear difference exists when we talk about this NY strip vs Ribeye comparison, here you can get an idea about it.

It is always a tough job when you are asked to choose and select the right kind of steak. We know that steaks come in varied and different names.

Furthermore, when we say the names of Ribeye and New York strip, then they are generally identified as one of the highly expensive and costly steak cuts.

So, let us have a look at their basic comparison and see what main factors and traits differentiate them:

Ribeye VS New York Strip Facts:

New York Strip F

Moving to the very first and primary details of this NY strip vs Ribeye comparison, you can have a look at these facts.

Most importantly, it is seen that ribeye steak is possessed and packed with more amount of internal marbling of fat.

And if you are using and want to cook a New York Strip, then you should know that it contains and infuses a thick band of fat and this fat runs down all and completely on one side.

Furthermore, if you feel like getting and enjoying the taste of tender steak, then it is recommended to have a ribeye for yourself. It provides you with a more buttery kind of smooth and flavorful texture.

It is also because of this marbling that ribeye cut turns out to be an appealing and highly flavorful cut to get cooked. No matter, you overcook it, it will still turn out to be immensely delicious.

Regarding serving of ribeye, you can note down that it is served either in the boneless form or in the bone-in form. Below you can see more of the details on this NY strip vs Ribeye comparison.

It is generally seen that a large number of New York Strip steaks come with a reasonably large amount and content of rim of fat and this gives a robust taste to this specific cut.

This one is a popular choice among a lot of people because of its definite grain as well as closer texture.

To cut ribeye, you have to access its rib section. Its cut commonly comes out to be highly marbled and gives you a smooth texture.

On the other hand, the New York Strip is generally cut down from the loin section and offers the cook with a tighter texture and comprises less marbling as compared to the Ribeye. 

If you have any questions on this NY strip vs Ribeye facts, you can ask us.

Rib Eye:

Rib Eye

For the information, the ribeye is located and present right at the upper rib cage. Or you can say that it is closely present and lies at the neck.

A large and extensive number of Ribeye steaks are cut down from this zone of the longissimus Dorsi muscle.

If you are living in the USA, then this steak cut is usually given the name of beauty steak. Or you can call it with the name of Delmonico steak.

Some like to call and mark this steak cut with the name of cowboy cut or the Spencer steak.

On the other hand, in Australia and New Zealand, this steak is called and identified as the scotch fillet.

These details of NY strip vs Ribeye tell us that ribeye is infused with deep marbling as well as rich flavor. If you are going to cook it properly, then you will see that this fatty steak will eventually and gradually melt in your mouth. 

It is in all of the supermarkets and high-end stores that this steak cut is available. You can have and grab it from the butcher stores as well.

Furthermore, if you want to specifically get this steak cut, then make sure that it should be around and about one inch thick.

How to Cook Ribeye?

The cooking methods of NY strip vs Ribeye vary. And here we are going to tell you the proper and ideal cooking methods linked to ribeye steak cut.

While cooking a ribeye, you can go for a two-zone grilling method. Most noteworthy, you have to keep on searing your ribeye right on the hot side and all to brown from its outside.

You can give it a finished look until and unless it gets to be medium cooked. The other cooking method that you can opt for is this reverse searing.

This cooking method can lock all juices of your steam cut. In this reverse sear method, you have to pre-heat your oven to around 275°F.

Then you can monitor its temperature with the help of a meat thermometer.

As soon as you see that the temperature has reached around 90-95°F, then just throw your steak cut right into the hot skillet, add some butter and start to sear each side of your ribeye steak cut.

There are lots more NY strip vs Ribeye details that you can see and read out from the below-mentioned part of this piece of writing.

New York Strip:

New York Strip

We have seen that this New York Strip is the part and main section of this longissimus dorsi.

This is basically a cut that comes from the loin and lies at the rear side of the animal. In addition, this cut is just the one side and section of a T-bone steak.

There are many interesting names that are given to this steak cut as highlighted in this NY strip vs Ribeye details. You call it Ambassador Steak or Country Club Steak.

Some people like calling it Kansas City Steak or with this appealing name of Shell Steak, Top Loin Steak, and also Hotel Cut Steak.

This cut is much tender and at the same time, it comes in the form of richly flavored steak.

You can chew it easily and conveniently. This is the kind of steak cut that is beautifully marbled.

The details of this NY strip vs Ribeye comparison have told us that one should buy those New York strip steaks that are embedded with a relatively even width right from top to bottom.

How to Cook New York Strips?

Hot and fast cooking method is usually opted to cook this steak cut. Just grill them up and retain their overall inherent tenderness.

Most importantly, your grill has to be taken to the high heat range. Then you have to take these steak strips on your grill plates and keep on turning and tossing them after every thirty seconds.

The other method is this pan fry method that can help you in cooking these steak cuts. If you feel like pan-frying your New York strips, then make sure that your pan is smoking hot.

Place your steaks on it and avoid overcooking such a kind of steak cut. Once you see that your New York strips are cooked, then toss them on the tray and let them reach room temperature for some time.

If there is any leftover juice left on your steak tray, then do collect and gather it and sprinkle it on your cooked steak.

Hence, these are the basic cooking methods and the main facts that we have collected for you. If you can think of some other simple cooking method to cook these particular steam cuts, then share that with us.

Which Steak is Healthier?

Steak is Healthier

So, what you have understood from this NY strip vs Ribeye comparison? Which steak is healthier and nutritious according to you?

It is seen that New York Strip is comparatively healthy and much more nutritious as compared to having ribeye steak cut. We are saying this because the former steak cut is less fat when compared with other steak meat cuts.

But all in all, both of these steals give you a win-win situation. If you are given two choices and options, then go with these two steak cuts.

We have seen that both of these cuts are excellent in terms of taste, texture, and quality. No doubt, they are great and ideal cuts of beef and remain to stay beautifully tender.

Furthermore, Ribeye and New York strips give you deep and immense enriching flavor.

The only main quality and trait that sets them apart are that Ribeye has this more buttery as well as smoothest texture and it contains a delicious looking rendered fat in it.

On the other hand, you can pick a choice of New York Strip if you are looking for a steak cut that has a little less fat as well as a little more chewable.

Though this steak cut is still the leaner it will stand out to be beautifully and magically tender. So, which one is your favorite? You can let us know.

And if you want to give your feedback on this NY strip vs Ribeye comparison, you can do that for sure.


Just keep tuned with us as more details on such steak cuts are coming up.

Meanwhile, you can share with us which the winner is according to you by keeping in mind all the details mentioned in this NY strip vs Ribeye comparison.