Old Smokey Electric Smoker And Parts Review

Old Smokey Electric Smoker logo The Old Smokey company is located in Houston, TX where they produce different kinds of smokers. They make the charcoal and the Old Smokey smoker as well as related products or accessories. They are on the market for a long time, since 1923 which is almost 100 years. I am sure you are aware the quality they provide because they wouldn’t last for almost 100 years if their products aren’t good.

Old Smokey is a brand mostly focused on the satisfaction of the customers. They are aware that there is always someone who is better or more expensive and that is why they are focused on making their electric smoker user-friendly. They are encouraging their customers to let them know if they have any suggestion how to make their products even better because they want to have loyal customers who will buy their products for many years. This is the most likely reason why they are on the market since 1923.

They tend to keep a person their customer for a number of years, they want their customers to come back and stay with them. Due to that, besides having a good quality Old Smokey products, they offer a big number of replacement parts, Old Smokey electric smoker recipes, and detailed Old Smokey electric smoker manual. That way they are showing that customers and their satisfaction are the most important for the company.

Old Smokey electric smoker review

old smokey electric smoker Old Smokey electric smoker is the drum-shaped smoker, which is around since 1953. It is made from the aluminized steel and comes with 2 racks and water pan. It can’t get any simpler than that.

The Old Smokey heating element has 1250 watts with the simple and budget-friendly thermostatic controller. The simple thermostat monitors cook box and regulates power to the heating element. There are no digital parts for this smoker and that is what makes it so great and durable. But, there is no Old Smokey thermometer, you have to buy it separately. 

The best way to start my Old Smokey review is to explain Old Smokey smoker is to compare it with a high and narrow tin can with a cover.  It is better for slow and low-temperature smoking because of its shape and smoking process.

old smokey smoker This electric smoker is well insulated and that compensates for the lack of the heating capacity. The water pan is been included; however, the manufacturer does not recommend filling this because it is not what it is used for. It’s intended to be used as the drip pan that will capture the excess moisture that is expelled from the meats at the airtight cooker.

The best feature of the Old Smokey electric smoker is that it comes with the sealed lid, which doesn’t allow any of meat’s juice to actually fall outside and that makes it very easy to clean. Moreover, this ensures that the steam and the heat stays inside and juices fall on meat again which gives it the juiciest and enhanced taste.

old smokey electric smoker manual You don’t need to worry about cooking this outdoor because you can use Old Smokey smoker indoors. Being totally electric, this doesn’t leave any kind of leftover ash. Also, even better, being totally electric, you just have to plug this to start it.

Adjustable heat control removes all the worries of monitoring temperature. Making use of Old Smokey smoker, you may easily adjust heat that allows you to cook all kinds of the meat those different temperatures. The Old Smokey smoker makes sure that your meat stays totally tender and juicy.

buy old smokey electric smoker If you are looking for an affordable and cheap electric smoker buy Old Smokey electric smoker because it may be the one for you. It has great quality and durability with low price. The reason for that is its simplicity.

There are no additional parts, no Bluetooth, no digital controllers, no special heat probes, nothing. With this smoker, you are simply smoking what you can.

It is simple to assemble and operate and you have to just plug this in to begin. This is made with the corrosion resistant steel that makes it very durable and its rustic design makes it very attractive.


  • Durable
  • Simple to use
  • Great price to quality ratio
  • You may use this to cook all kinds of meat.
  • 2 cooking grids
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Easy to clean


  • Doesn’t have a thermometer
  • Not so easy to carry around
  • No additional technology gadgets

Replacement Parts And Accessories
For Old Smokey Electric Smoker

old smokey electric smoker parts There is one additional advantage of Old Smokey smoker. It has many replacement parts which means that you can use it for ages. If one part of your smoker breaks you don’t have to buy a brand new smoker, you can just replace the existing broken part.

I know that the Old Smokey electric smoker is durable but nothing lasts forever and that is why this is so convenient. The Old Smokey electric smoker parts are a great way to make your electric smoker last for years.

old smokey smoker reviews You can separate the replacement parts in different categories and I will now show you what you can get for your Old Smokey smoker.

First, I want to talk about the exterior of the smoker. As you can see, it is very simple and there are few parts on the smoker from the outside. One of the most important part on the outside is the stand for the smoker and that is why people in the Old Smokey made the replacement leg band for this smoker.

Also, if you are keeping your Old Smokey outside you have to keep in mind that it has to be under the roof. But, if you want to protect it from debris, dust, wind or anything else, I suggest you get the Old Smokey smoker cover. The cover is made to withstand different weather elements including the harmful sun rays so this product is a smart purchase.

Electric Smoker Replacement Drip Pan When you look inside the smoker you can see that there are other interesting parts you can refresh from time to time. That is why I am letting you know that there are replacement drip pans because they are constantly in use and they tend to wear down no matter the material or brand.

Electric Smoker Replacement Chip Tray The same thing is with chip tray. You can easily replace it at ti can make your Old Smokey smoker work like it did the first day you turned it on.  The chip tray and the drip pans are parts which are expected to be worn down after excessive usage so it is good to know that there are replacement parts. That is what happens when you use the smoker.

Electric Smoker Replacement Heating Element You can easily use the Old Smokey electric smoker replacement heating element or the thermostat with the cord if you feel like the smoker doesn’t work as good as before. If the smoker has problems with heating this is the most efficient way to solve it, but before you rush and buy the product make sure that this is the problem and not something else.

Electric Smoker Replacement Grills Another thing you can do to refresh your Old Smokey is to replace old worn out grills with new ones. I suggest that you do that after a while because it will keep your smoker in better shape and the food you prepare will taste better, don’t you think?

BONUS TIPS: There are other accessories which can help you maintain your Old Smokey smoker in the best shape and they are mostly universal. If you are interested in finding out what accessories I am talking about, visit my post about Electric smoker accessories.


Conclusion: Old Smokey Electric Smoker Review

The Old Smokey electric smoker is great because it reminds you how you can smoke without all those technology gadgets that usually come with other models. This simple and budget-friendly smoker is made of great quality and the fact that it looks so rustic says that its design hasn’t changed much. Why change something that is good? It is a good smoker but I would recommend it to more experienced smokers because it doesn’t have windows and the thermostat isn’t made with many details.