Top 9 Best Outdoor Electric Smokers In 2023 Reviewed

Most electric smokers you can find on the market are made for the outdoors because it is safer to smoke outside than inside.

As you know during smoking the outdoor electric smoker produces a lot of heat and smoke, which can be dangerous in closed rooms.

Smokers like grills are made for outdoor activities and the best place for them is the patio in your backyard.

It doesn’t matter that they are electric, they are made for the outdoors, but to keep them in the best shape you have to use protective covers.

But, let’s get back to the outdoor electric smokers. I want to show you all the types of electric smokers that are on the market at the moment and then you will look at their best models.

So, basically, at the end of my post, you will be able to choose between a bunch of good quality smokers, hoping you will find the best one for you.

Actually, I know you will because each smoker model has special versions which are bigger, smaller, with the window or without one which means you will definitely find the best outdoor electric smoker for you and your family.

Best Outdoor Electric Smokers Review:

In this chapter, I will introduce you to different kinds of outdoor electric smokers which will help you choose one.

Right below each smoker model you will have a chance to visit the main review, which means you will learn more about the smoker and the brand which made it.

I will show you analog and digital outdoor electric smokers, as well as Bluetooth and wifi, enabled outdoor electric smokers.

All you need to do is decide!

1. Old Smokey Outdoor Electric Smoker

Old Smokey Outdoor Electric Smoker

Old Smokey is a classic among outdoor electric smokers which hasn’t changed its design since the year it was introduced and that was a long time ago.

This simple electric smoker doesn’t have any additional features and everything you get with it is a heating element.

The Old Smokey looks like a big tin pot with a lid. It doesn’t have a temperature gauge, thermometer, or any type of controls.

The only way to control this smoker is to control the power of the heating element right on the cord.

This smoker produces especially tasty meat because of its shape. The shape allows smoke to evenly circulate inside of the smoker, making every inch of interior covered in the same amount of smoke.

The  1250-watt heating element can produce temperature enough to smoke pork butts or chicken, all you need to know how to adjust it.

This outdoor electric smoker I would suggest for people who love to smoke and know what they are doing.

It is not the best pick for rookies, especially if they haven’t seen the whole smoking process in person because you can’t adjust the temperature and you can’t see inside.

But, once you get to know the smoker you won’t need any of that.

If you recognized yourself in the description, I suggest you read the whole Old Smokey review because that is how you can see if this outdoor electric smoker is your smoke or not.


  • One of the oldest and one of the reliable options on the list.
  • This smoker features a powerful heating element.
  • Due to its design, the cooking results from this smoker are rather delicious.


  • This smoker does not have any additional features.

2. Meco Outdoor Electric Smoker

2 In 1 Meco Electric Smoker And Grill

Meco is the second and the last outdoor electric smoker I will review which doesn’t have digital controls.

This outdoor electric smoker is much more than just a smoker because you can also turn it into a grill.

The black design of this smoker gives it an elegant appearance and the interior is made to smoke. It is actually a water outdoor electric smoker.

That means it uses a large amount of water in the smoker so the meat can stay fresh and tasty.

The water pan has 5.5 quarts and you can fill it up with water, juices, or even beer.

If you try some other liquid (instead of water) your meat will get a special flavor and that is why water smokers are so interesting.

But, this particular water smoker has a built-in temperature gauge on the top removable part of the outdoor electric smoker.

The bottom part can be used as the electric grill and the only thing you have to do is remove the upper part.

So, if this 2-in-1 feature got you interested, I suggest you take a look at the whole post about Meco electric smokers because this is not the only outdoor electric smoker, which can be used as something else.


  • One of the most versatile options on the list.
  • This smoker comes with an elegant and simplistic design.
  • This smoker has the ability to induce special flavor in cooking.


  • Some people faced difficulties with the delivery of this product.

3. Masterbuilt Digital Outdoor Electric Smoker

Masterbuilt Digital Outdoor Electric Smoker

The Masterbuilt outdoor electric smoker I am about to show you is the basic digital electric smoker.

Now, Masterbuilt is a well-known brand and they have other types of outdoor electric smokers but this one is the best in my opinion.

This digital outdoor electric smoker has 972 square inches of cooking space which is more than enough for your family and friends.

The digital controls on this smoker are located right on top of the smoker so you can easily set the time and the temperature of the smoking process.

The 1200-watt heating element can set the temperature high in the smoker quickly which makes it a great outdoor electric smoker for chicken, turkey, and pork butts. With this heating element, you can produce temperatures as high as 275°f.

What I like about this smoker is that people behind it are aware of its size so they incorporated a wheel at the back for easier transportation.

Yes, it is a bigger smoker and if you want to try with a smaller model you can go to my full post about Masterbuilt electric smokers because I have reviewed them all.

If you are interested in this digital electric smoker you can read more about it in the main Masterbuilt smoker post.

It is a good idea to do your homework before you decide on the smoker and the best way to do that is by reading the Masterbuilt post.


  • This smoker features spacious cooking space.
  • This smoker comes with a powerful heating element that allows it to create smoke quickly.
  • This Smoker features integrated wheels which add portability to this product.


  • Do not create smoke below 180-200 Degrees.

4. Bradley Bluetooth Outdoor Electric Smoker

Bradley Bluetooth Outdoor Electric Smoker

This Bradley outdoor electric smoker is called the Smart smoker but it is not a real smart smoker.

It means that it doesn’t use wifi for connecting to your smartphone, but it uses Bluetooth so I am calling it Bluetooth smoker to avoid confusion.

This interesting outdoor electric smoker made by Bradley has 780 square inches of cooking space and 6 cooking racks which is great.

Since the interior is relatively large this outdoor electric smoker is equipped with two temperature probes.

That means you can always know the exact temperature in every part of the smoker.

Bradley smokers are a special type of outdoor electric smokers because they don’t use the same wood chips as the rest of the smokers.

The Bradley smokers have a special self-feeding system and they use special briquettes in that feeder that are produced only by Bradley.

When it comes to the Bluetooth connection, they have a really good connection.

You can’t go too far from the smoker because Bluetooth doesn’t have the range as big as the wifi.

If you are interested to see those special briquettes and how Bluetooth works on this Bradley outdoor electric smoker.

I suggest you read my whole Bradley review because you will learn something useful about this good quality smoker brand.


  • This product comes with 6 cooking racks and a lot of cooking space.
  • This product comes with two meat probes that allow you to monitor the temperature.
  • This Smoker features a self-feeding system.


  • The Bluetooth Connection of this product has a limited range.

5. Char-Broil Smart Outdoor Electric Smoker

Char-Broil Smart Outdoor Electric Smoker

The last outdoor electric smoker I will show you today is the Char-Broil electric smoker and as you can see from its name, it is an outdoor electric smoker that uses wifi to connect to your smartphone.

This outdoor electric smoker has a similar shape as the first outdoor electric smoker I have reviewed.

Its circular shape is good because of the heating element located in the body of the smoker which heats more evenly.

This smoker has that SmartChef technology which makes the connection between the smoker and the smartphone easier.

All you need to do is download the application to your smartphone (iPhone and Android) and start the linking process.

This application acts as the remote for the outdoor electric smoker, but it is also filled with guides, instructions, and recipes which makes it easy to smoke any type of meat.

If you are looking for an outdoor electric smoker that will do the job for you and all you need to do is monitor it then this Char-Broil outdoor electric smoker could be the one.

I haven’t told you its pros and cons but if you want to learn more about it, visit my post about Char-Broil electric smokers where you will find the complete Char-Broil smart outdoor electric smoker review.


  • Allows the users to operate it through Wi-Fi.
  • This product Features SmartChef technology.
  • Comes with many guides to ensure that users understand all of its functionality.


  • Features a small wood chip tray.

6. Masterbuilt MB20071117 Digital Electric Smoker, 30 inch, Black

Masterbuilt MB20071117 Digital Electric Smoker, 30 inch, Black

If you are in search of something that is rather easy to operate, then this is the electric smoker that you should go with.

For people that are new to the world of smoking, it is imperative that they choose an electric smoker that is easy to use.

Even for the people that aren’t new, who wouldn’t like to get rid of the extra struggle that they have to do with an offset or a charcoal smoker?

The use of only enduring materials such as steel and aluminum makes this electric smoker one of the best electric smokers in terms of durability.

Due to the materials used in making this electric smoker, this electric smoker also does a very good job at retaining the heat.

As for providing the users with ease in cooking, this digital electric smoker comes with an integrated digital control panel.

This control panel allows the users to be able to set the temperature of this digital smoker to ranges between 100-275 Fahrenheit degrees.

The controls to power on and off the device have also been provided on this panel and it allows the users to be able to control the cooking time.

Considering everything, this electric smoker has been made from the best quality materials and is also easy to clean.


  • The body insulation of this electric smoker is great.
  • Comes with ample storage for cooking.
  • The wood chip tray system makes it easy to load the wood pellets.


  • This electric smoker doesn’t come with built-in probe.

7. Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker

Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker

Char-Broil is known for creating amazing electric smokers, and with this one, they have done a very good job.

This electric smoker is similar in terms of dimensions to the electric smoker mentioned above and comes with 4 cooking racks.

This electric smoker comes with a flexible setup. This allows the users to be able to fit in a lot of food.

The best thing about this electric smoker is the fact that this electric smoker comes with remote control.

This electric smoker allows the people to be able to monitor and set the temperature from afar and also allows the users to toggle the device on and off as well.

Using the integrated digital control panel that is located on the top of this outdoor electric smoker, the users will also be able to observe and change the internal temperatures and cooking times.

As for the construction of this electric smoker, the manufacturer has made sure that they have used materials that make this electric smoker a sturdy one.

The design of this electric smoker is also very well-constructed, which makes this product a very good choice as the design looks very stylish.

This well-constructed design makes it a lot easier for people to be able to clean this electric smoker easily.


  • Cleaning up this electric smoker is easy.
  • Allows the users to be able to fit in a lot of food.
  • Comes with feasible digital temperature controls.


  • The Users have to set the temperature or time when they cook.

8. Masterbuilt Bluetooth Smart Digital Electric Smoker 40 Inch

Masterbuilt Bluetooth Smart Digital Electric Smoker 40 Inch

Electric smokers are considered due to their ability to provide users a lot of ease.

Masterbuilt focused on this aspect and came up with this amazing electric smoker. This electric smoker goes a mile in terms of providing comfort to the users.

This electric smoker can be paired up with Bluetooth to your smartphone.

This allows you to be able to control the operation of the electric smoker from anywhere, as long as you stay in the range of Bluetooth.

This electric smoker allows the users to also toggle this electric smoker on or off with the help of Bluetooth technology.

Apart from the connectivity options, this electric smoker also is a good choice if you want something that is really spacious.

This electric smoker comes in 30” inches size and 40” inches size. However, we prefer to consider the 40” electric smoker for extra cooking space.

In this electric smoker, the manufacturer has decided to add four racks. These racks happen to be adjustable and give users a lot of room when they need to cook in large amounts.

To top it all off, a wood chip tray has also been added. This makes it a lot easy for the users to add the wood pellets without having to open the smoker again and again.


  • Comes with a lot of cooking space.
  • Comes with integrated wheels allowing this electric smoker to be portable.
  • Features a sturdy build.


  • A lot of people have reported issues with the Bluetooth App.

9. Smoke Hollow 30″ Electric Smoker

Smoke Hollow 30″ Electric Smoker

If you are looking for something that offers great value for money and doesn’t cost much either, then this electric smoker is a great choice!

This electric smoker comes at a lower price tag than any other option on this list.

This electric smoker is 30 inches and provides users with enough space to be able to cook.

This electric smoker comes with 3-coated adjustable grill racks.

The space inside of this electric smoker is more than enough to fit in 2 turkeys simultaneously.

As for the design, the manufacturer has paired the digital panel on the top of this electric smoker.

This digital panel has been added to allow the users to set the cooking temperatures and comes with an integrated thermostat that automatically monitors the temperatures of this electric smoker for you.

Due to this electric smoker featuring a very good design, the insulation that this electric smoker offers is very good.

This heat insulation factor plays a huge advantage and shortens the cooking time than the other electric smokers on the list.

The manufacturer has also ensured that this electric smoker features a design that makes it easy for the users to set it up.

Setting up this electric smoker is very straightforward and is not time-consuming by any means.

For the price that this electric smoker comes at, this electric smoker is a very good choice.


  • Heat insulation of this electric smoker is great.
  • Assembling this electric smoker is pretty simple.
  • Comes with a lot of cooking space.


  • In order to add more wood pellets, the users  will need to open the main door.

Best Outdoor Electric Smokers – Buyer’s Guide:

Best Outdoor Electric Smokers

When it comes to choosing the best electric smoker that there is, there are some factors that you need to consider to be able to choose the best electric smoker.

These factors are mentioned below:

Size Capacity:

This is one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing an outdoor electric smoker.

There are a lot of smokers that feature a design that will make anyone think that electric smokers come with a lot of storage.

However, that will prove as deception in a lot of cases.

If you want to know about the size of the electric smoker, then you need to consider the width of the smoker.

What good are 4 cooking racks if you will not be able to fit a full rack of ribs on them?

This problem arouses especially with the electric grills that are 30 inches.

Although there is a standard workaround; you can fold or cut the meat to fit the electric smoker but that would mean extra work.

This is why we prefer to choose an electric smoker that is at least 40 inches in height.


When considering an electric smoker, always consider the features that it has to offer.

Like the options above include features such as a side wood pellet loading tray and Bluetooth connectivity.

These features will matter a lot as one will let you control the digital smoker from afar and one will allow you to maintain the insulation of the electric smoker while it is cooking and you will be able to add wood pellets from the side.

Moreover, you should check for things such as temperatures and meat probes.

If these features are included, they will allow you to be able to keep an eye on the internal temperature as well as how well the meat is done.

One more thing that you should also consider in an electric smoker is that it should come with a digital control panel and look for the options that are provided.


This is also one of the most important factors when you are considering an outdoor electric smoker.

When it comes to creating electric smokers, a lot of manufacturers don’t really bring in portability as a viable option.

When buying an electric smoker, make sure it has features that allow it to be portable.

Look for an electric smoker that comes with wheels or features a lightweight body.

This will allow you to move the electric smoker around more easily and feasibly.

Since you may need to move this electric smoker a lot, we feel that portability in an electric outdoor smoker is a very important factor.


Budget is one of the most important things that you should look for in an electric smoker.

The reason behind a budget is an important factor is the fact that considering your budget will zone out all the options that are out of your budget.

This will allow you to choose the options that fit right in your budget.

While there are options available for even under $100, we think that the ideal budget for buying an electric smoker would be $200-$300.

Types of Outdoor Electric Smokers:

There are different types of outdoor electric smokers and I want to show you the basic ones.

Those types are by the controls and you can choose whether you want an analog outdoor electric smoker or are you more inclined to the digital outdoor electric smoker.

Analog Outdoor Electric Smoker:

Is the simplest type of smoker on the market. Electric smoker like that one has analog controls which means it has a thermometer and that is it.

Most analog outdoor electric smokers have built-in temperature gauges right at the door so you can easily read the temperature and see if you need to heat it up or cool it down.

Those smokers are made for people who don’t want to have too many gadgets on their smokers.

Those simple to use, easy to control outdoor electric smokers have only one command – smoke.

Once you figure out how they work you can turn it on and leave it to do what it is made for – smoke.

Digital Outdoor Electric Smokers:

Most newer models are digital outdoor electric smokers, which is not weird when you look that today we have smartphones, smartwatches, kitchen appliances… absolutely everything.

The basic digital electric smoker has only one digital thing and those are controls.

You can easily set the time and the temperature of the smoker with the digital controls and you can easily know the temperature in the smoker all the time.

The upgraded version of digital electric smokers is the one that connects your outdoor electric smoker with your smartphone and that can be done 2 ways; with Bluetooth and wifi.

Those are more serious digital electric smokers, but they offer you a chance to use your smartphone as the remote for your outdoor electric smoker.

As you can see I decided to separate all outdoor electric smokers into two main categories by their control panel.

That is a very important feature because each and every part of that controls the amount of heat and smoke in your outdoor electric smoker.

Without those controls, you wouldn’t be able to smoke food.

Now, the main question you should as yourself is; are you for an analog or digital outdoor electric smoker?

If you aren’t sure how to answer that question, read my top outdoor electric smokers because once you get to know those smokers you will know which one should you pick.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the best electric smokers on the market?

The electric smoker that inherits all the aspects mentioned in the buyer’s guide section is to be considered the best electric smoker on the market for purchase.

Make sure to go through the buyer’s guide section thoroughly in order to be able to choose the best electric smoker available on the market for you.

Can electric smokers be left outside?

While you can leave the electric smokers outside, make sure that you cover them up nicely.

This will prevent any kind of moisture from getting in and in case of rain, the electric smoker will remain dry.


Here go all the best outdoor electric smokers that are available on the market for purchase right now.

These electric smokers have been picked after a lot of thought and we have to make sure that they have all the qualities that are mentioned in the buyer’s guide section.

However, if any of the above electric smokers don’t feel a good choice for you, make sure to go through the buyer’s guide section.

Our criteria of choosing have been mentioned in the buyer’s guide section explicitly for you to be able to choose the best electric smoker that there is.