Pit Boss vs Traeger: Which Pellet Grill Should You Buy?

Are you fond of BBQ but found yourself confused about picking the best grill pellet? Well, don’t worry as we have come up with two of the best brands for the grill pellet.

Pellet grills are getting more attention as compared to other regular grills and why not? It’s all for a good reason that pellet grills give you the opportunity of searing, grilling, baking, and smoking all in just a pellet.

This Is crazy right! 

Both Pit Boss VS Traeger has a great presence and worth considering when you are in search of a portable grill pellet.

These brands are the true definition of high-quality grills at an affordable price with every essential you need in a BBQ grill.  

Here in this article, we will compare Pit Boss VS Traeger with everything you need to know about both the brands and how you can choose the most suitable one!

Pit Boss vs Traeger Wood Pellet Grill: In-Depth Comparison

Pit Boss vs Traeger Wood Pellet Grill

There are a few aspects that make both of the brands among the top brands for BBQ grills which includes,

  • Temperature control.
  • Temperature range.
  • Cooking area.
  • Hopper capacity.
  • Extras.
  • Warranty.

Temperature Control:

This is one of the most important aspects of a pellet grill that determines how precisely it can control the temperature.

This phenomenon is based upon two main components where we observe.

  • How exactly you can set the temperature of the food .
  • The grill has to be insulated enough to give even heat so that the food can be done perfectly.

Moreover, let’s see how Pit boss VS Traeger has worked on their temperature control component and after comparing both of them we will decide which brand gives the maximum temperature control.

Pit Boss:

Pit boss has designed its pellet grill in a very fine manner which gives maximum heat to the food.

The best part of this grill pellet is that you don’t have to worry about heat leakage or inconsistency of heat while smoking, unlike other pellet grills.

However, the temperature control of pit boss is one of the downsides of the brand as the temperature heat dials can be set in 25F and so on which is a bit high for grilling or smoking purposes as you might burn the food as many of its consumers complains about its high temperature that runs super hot.

In addition to this, the brand must focus on small temperature increments so that the user doesn’t have to worry about their food being burnt!


Traeger has designed its pellet grills very smartly which gives maximum insolation and temperature control.

The best part of this grill pellet is that they have two stainless steel layers in a cooking chamber that helps in heat retention so that you don’t have to worry about heat loss.

However, the temperature control of a Traeger is one of the key features of the brand that allows you to set the temperature at 15F increments which is exactly what a quality pellet grill should serve.


Here in the temperature control of Pit boss VS Traeger, we have a clear winner which is Traeger!

As it has smartly worked on its temperature component allowing the consumer to set the required temperature without being worried about the food being burnt unlike the consumers of Pit boss.

Temperature Range:

Temperature range is one of the popular selling strategies as it gives versatility to the pellet grills.

All thanks to its heating system and smart control that allows you to grill, heat, smoke, bake, and sear easily.

Sounds awesome right! It is necessary for a pellet grill to give the maximum temperature range of 225F-275F for smoking and 400F maximum temperature for a Steak!

However, let’s look at pit boss VS Traeger that how they have taken the term temperature range!

Pit Boss:

Pit bosses offer the maximum temperature range of 180F-500F in their pellet grills so that you can cook your food evenly and perfectly.


On the other hand, Traeger offers the traditional grilling temperature of 180F-400F while their premium girls can offer the temperature range of 160F-500F.


Here in the temperature range of Pit boss VS Traeger, the winner is Pitboss!

As their average model can easily offer the required temperature range while Traeger only offers until you reach their premium range.

Cooking Area:

The cooking area is another main aspect to look into a pellet grill as it allows you to cook easily and comfortably. The more area the better you can enjoy your grilling time!

Moreover, you can also do several other things like chopping, seasoning, etc at the same time. When it comes to Pit boss vs Traeger let’s see how they have dealt with this component.

When it comes to the cooking surface area of a pellet grill both brands offer robust ranges in their girls. You can easily find a portable grill to a commercial-sized cooker that is large enough to feed a group of people.

Moreover, both the brands offer the required size but the main thing is the cooking surface area where the best option for you among Pit boss vs Traeger is no doubt pit boss. It gives you plenty of cooking space with its product and that too at an affordable price.


Pit Boss.

Hopper Capacity:

Hopper capacity is a component that might get ignored during the comparison process but it is also one of the important things to consider.

For instance, as a rule of thumb, you should expect to burn something from 1/2 pound to 1 1/2 pound of wood pellets per hour after cooking depending on how hot the temperature is.

If your pellet supply is so limited and you use your grill a lot, it can be a hassle to regularly refill your pellet supply.


offers a full-size pellet grill that can easily cater to 18 pounds of wood pellets which is a generous size and enough volume to enable you multiple cooks and longer smoke duration.

Pit Boss:

on the other hand, offers different sizes depends upon the product you are buying but when it comes to hopper capacity then pit boss is the right choice for you!

Pit boss gives you the maximum range of hopper capacity up to 5 to 27 pounds depending upon the product you buy.

The best part of a pit boss pellet grills is that they offer 20+ hopper capacity in most of their new pellet grill lines.


The winner in the hopper capacity of Pit boss VS Traeger is pit boss as it gives you larger hopper sizes as compared to Traeger.


It is another important thing to consider when you are spending money on such products as it has to give good value to your money.

Both the brands offer maximum warranty periods in their products but as a specific component, Trager allows its consumer about 3 years of solid warranty.

On the other hand pit boss simply steals the show by giving 5 years of the maximum warranty period. Sounds satisfying!


Pit Boss.


As a consumer people always tend to buy a product that gives multiple functions.

Extra features are like a cherry on the top for any product/brand that effectively attracts the customer.

In terms of extra, some features in Pit boss vs Traeger both the brands are quite exclusive, but Trager has taken it to another level!

The brand has introduced the new WiFire technology which allows you to connect your grill to a smartphone application.

This is crazy right! It allows you to control all the measures of your cook from turning on a grill to set the temperature and so on.

The best of this new technology is that you can monitor the internal temperature of the food via a probe thermometer. This is hilarious! 

Pit boss on the other hand gives you bearable features nothin innovative like Traeger which is why they offer lower prices as compared to Traeger.



Pit Boss Brand History:

Pit Boss

This pellet grill brand was founded in 1999 by the Thiessen family and gained a good reputation within no time as they offer quality products with compact and durable compatibility. They offer a wide range of quality grills along with different types of grills. 

In addition to this, pit boss gives you the maximum range of grills from flat-top grills, the special cooker that works like a vertical pellet smoker and kamado grills, etc.

The best party of their product is that they offer a maximum range of grills at an affordable price which you may not find in other pellet grill brands.

They have smartly worked on the quality of their product allowing the consumer to enjoy the most of it. 

From the beginning, they have successfully created a solid track record in terms of high-quality grills along with good customer service.

Their prices may vary by the size of the product but still, you don’t have to worry about it as it will always be on your budget. Sounds awesome right!

Traeger Brand History:

Traeger was the very first brand that developed the term pellet grills back in the 1980s. the grills are made aesthetically similar to a traditional l grill nut with a taste of creativity which makes it different from other brands. 

Unlike traditional grills where you have to use charcoal, gas burners as fuel resource Trager designed their grill which is accompanied on wood pellets to give the maximum heat and flavor to the food and it can easily be mounted on the hopper which is placed on the side of a grill.

Traeger has smartly worked on its features and gives the best combination of durability, portability, and compatibility.

Via a turning auger, the pellets are fed into a fireplace from there, where the wood pellets are heated to taste and seasoned.

Traeger revolutionized the grilled game by developing a man-made, easy-to-use but still, authentic wood-fired flavoring product for the food it fried.

Moreover, with the period and new competitors, Trager failed its string market value in 2007.

But as a matter of fact, its pellet grills are still considered as one of the top and high-quality pellet grills along with its smoke manufacturer in the industry.

Top Pit Boss Grills:

Pit Boss Grills

Many top-quality Pit Boss grills give you a maximum range of features at an affordable price. Below we have mentioned some of its top pellet grills that are loved by its consumers!

Here in the comparison of Pit boss vs Traeger, we have presented you with the best of their pellet grill lines that are most commonly used.

1- Navigator 850 Pellet grill

Navigator 850 Pellet grill

It is one of the latest pellet grills by pit boss which is a good combination of quality features with improvements. It is one of the most selling pellet grills of a pit boss grill line that offers maximum features at an affordable price. 

It gives you the required temperature range of 180F-500F at which you can do any sort of BBQ easily.

Moreover, it gives you the maximum cooking surface area of 879sq inches along with its 27-pound hopper capacity which is one of the biggest pellet grill hoppers which means you don’t have to refill the hopper with pellets mid-cook.

 It also includes a slide plate that gives the grill direct heat, unlike other pellet grills. Navigator 850 also has a digital LED readout and a probe thermometer so that you can monitor the food easily.

2- Classic 700 pellet grill

Classic 700 pellet grill

This option is an ideal choice for beginners as the name indicates its 700 sq inches cooking surface area that gives you easy to work consistency.

It offers you the maximum temperature range of 180F-500F along with its versatile design. Pellet grills by default cook food in a convection oven-like style.

The fan then distributes the heat and smoke convection style throughout the kitchen after pellets are burnt in the fireplace. That is why pellet grills are so reliably and evenly known for cooking food.

The best part of this pellet grill is that it gives you the new built-in boiler to which you can cook over direct heat as compared to other regular grills.

This feature is an ideal choice for burger lovers! 

3- Austin XL pellet grill

Austin XL pellet grill

As the name indicates its cooking surface area compatibility which is the largest of all that gives you 1000 sq inches of the cooking area.

This is crazy right! You can easily cook at the pellet grill by doing several other things like seasoning, chopping, searing, etc at a time in a comfortable area.

Moreover, it gives you another major aspect which you look for in a pellet grill which is hopper capacity.

Austin LX has a maximum range of hopper capacity of about 31 pounds which you may not find in any other grill. Woah sounds awesome!  

It also has a built-in probe thermometer that will allow you to monitor the food easily. Just like the classic 700, Austin also offers the new flame boiler which gives you the accessibility of a direct heat system. 

3 Best Traeger Grills:

As the Traeger is the pioneer of pellet grills, it offers the top quality grill s that its consumers are in love with!

Just like the top pit boss grills, Traeger also offers a wide range of pellet grills to which we have chosen the top of the Traeger pellet grills which includes,

1- Traeger pellet grill Ironwood series 885

Traeger pellet grill Ironwood series 885

If you are in search of a product with some extras then you must check out this one!

This pellet grill from Traeger is a great combination of features whose price may be expensive but if you have a budget then we highly recommend you to buy this!

It gives you the maximum cooking surface area of 885sq inches which gives you a smooth cooking experience. Sounds interesting right!

It is one of the first grill line series that offers the new WiFire technology to which you can easily monitor every activity during grilling on a smartphone.

This Is crazy! Not just that but it also offers another innovative feature of D2 Direct Drive, an upgraded system that never jams and regulates on its own.

2- Pro series 575

Pro series 575

It is a perfect choice when you want to serve 4-10 eaters as it gives you the maximum surface area of 575 sq inches along with the new WiFire technology.

It has an 18-pound hopper capacity that gives you maximum heat.

3- Ranger Portable Pellet Grill

Ranger Portable Pellet Grill

This is another trustworthy product by Traeger which gives you the maximum surface area of 184 sq inches which you can take anywhere you want as it is designed in a go-to manner.

The best part of this grill is that its heavy-duty baffle lid is super easy to carry anywhere. Moreover, it also includes a cast iron griddle that helps in making a griddle steak or whip up for the perfect breakfast.

Other Brands To Consider:

Here arises a question: apart from these two brands what other brands are worth considering?

Don’t worry we have a solution for that too! Apart from Pit boss VS Traeger, you can consider the following brands conveniently,

Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill

Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill


  • Large capacity pellet hopper with exclusive ash cleanout system.
  • Electronic auto-start ignition for a quick and easy start every time.
  • Dual LED temperature readout shows internal cooking temps and food temps.
  • Simple temperature selection system maintains heat..

Z Grills ZPG-7002ENC 2020

Z Grills ZPG-7002ENC 2020 


  • ★ULTIMATE 8-IN-1–Barbecue wood fire pellet grill: grill, smoke, bake, roast, sear, braise, barbeque or char-grill.
  • ★2020 UPGRADE–Known Issues Fixed and More Precise Temperature Control and Pellet Feed Control System. The new upgrade digital control board auto ignites the grill and allows you to set the cooking temperature from 180°f to 450°f.


Having said that, the comparison of PIt boss VS Traeger came to an end.

We hope that the analysis we have done was beneficial for you in choosing the best alternative for you as both the brands are most popular in pellet grill lines.

For any query, you can contact us as we truly value your feedback.