Prime Rib vs Ribeye – An In-Depth Comparison

Things can be pretty confusing sometimes,  especially when you have to select meat cuts as there are many options from which we can select.

Particularly if you are buying it from a highly skilled and professional meat utter pr butcher.

Do you know where the confession arises?

Between the prime and ribeye, yes. These two pieces are highly confused beef cutbacks as people cannot differentiate whether they are cooked pieces or if they are raw.

Even though,

These two pieces come from the same area;e rib but they taste, roast, and seem different from each other.

So, is prime rib similar to ribeye?

In this article, I am going to tell you that what is the actual difference between prime rib and ribeye and what these two are.

So let us dive into it,

What’s The Difference Between A Prime Rib And A Ribeye Steak?

Difference Between A Prime Rib And A Ribeye Steak

Mainly, both a  prime rib and a ribeye come from the same area of a beef cadaver;e rib.

The prime rib is the region of the large roasting joint that acquires a large portion of animals’ rib bones.

On the other end of the spectrum,

A ribeye comes from the fond part of the rib, usually between the 6th and 12th rib of the animal.  The ribeye is the thickly streaked piece of Dorsi muscle.


It is easy to understand what is the real difference between these two if you see the butcher cutting them with your very own eyes.

Do you know that?

If you order the prime rib steak then you are more likely to serve by the cut that is coming from the rib roast.


If you order a Ribeye steak then you are served by the steak that is already cut from the beef body and cooked to your specified level.

Let’s have a look at the taste and texture of these two,  


 Both prime rib and ribeye are rich in the obvious flavor of the beef meat that comes out of the beef section.

The taste thing is a little better in prime rib because of the presence of bones, fats, and larger tissues of that section from where it comes off.

On the other hand,

When it comes to ribeye then it has also milder flavor, the marble adds a little buttery flavor to it.


As the prime rib is the roast a rib eye is a steak so that is why there is a significant difference between the texture of both of them.

You have got a heavy lump of meat in the case of prime rib. Because comes along, it looks soft and moist than the rib eye.

In comparison with prime rib,

The ribeye has a thick and dense texture. The prime rib is generally cooked at a lower temperature for quite a long period.


A ribeye is smoked on the smoker for a medium interval.


Now, let us have an eye on the price of these two. Generally, the cost is not as important as the flavor and quality of meat for some folks who love to eat steak.

These two prime ribs and ribeye are the juiciest and full of flavor meats that a steak lover can get.


They both come from the same section of the rib but can differ in the cost. When it comes to a single steak then the price of prime rib that comes from the higher section of the rib is comparatively higher than the ribeye.


The price depends upon that from where you are buying your meet. You can get a ribeye in $8 to $11.

Side by side,

You can get yourself a prime rib that ranges from $12 to $15. But these are not the fixed prices you can also get these in cheaper at some places and expensive at the other.


If you are thinking to cook them at home then you will find out that the prime rib is typically hard to find.

You cannot find it at any random retail stores. Retail stores generally have got the small ribeye steaks and not the prime rib.


You can a nice cut of prime rib if you visit your nearest butcher store.

What Is A Prime Rib?

Prime Rib

Prime rib or sometimes called standing rib roast and also stated as holiday cut is one of the most wanted cuts of beef meat.

The demand for this in the market is relatively high. Although it comes from the same area as the ribeye.

When the prime rib is cooked and also called prime rib roast, it turns out in a softer look because of the presence of fats, it is also moister than the rib eye.

On the same end of the spectrum,

As they are cooked with bones so they are also rich in flavor. However, take into account that as it is larger and thicker one that is why it takes more time to cook than a ribeye.


The prime ribs are a little expensive than a ribeye.

What Is A Ribeye Steak?

Ribeye Steak

The ribeye is considering similar to the ribeye because it also comes from the same part as the prime rib.


The bones cut out of it before cooking it into steak. This one is also known as rib steak and contains lesser fat as compared to the prime rib.

The way the butcher cuts it, it turns into an oval shape. Also, it gives a tough texture for cooking.

It can be cook by cutting it into a smaller piece or you can also roast that like a prime rib. It is cooked at a medium temperature as they are not as thick as the prime rib.


Different steaks have different flavors, textures, and costs. But when it comes to ribeye and prime eye then they have the best and juiciest flavor than all the others.

If you are a steak lover then you have tried them both and hope you will find this article informative.

Happy Eating!!!!